Business Card: A Must-Have for Bloggers

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Nikko Marasigan

Nikko Marasigan

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Nikko Marasigan
Nikko Marasigan
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Despite how media and marketing has changed due to the advances in technology, the traditional business card remains one of the best tools for marketing oneself. Not only does it promote you and your services, but it also establishes connections with the different people that you give your cards to — the classic one-two punch. This is no exception for online marketers and bloggers as well.

As a blogger, there are different things going for you like SEO and other strategies to get more people to look at your stuff. However, there are other ways to get successful at blogging and writing online like getting picked up by other more prominent bloggers to write for them, as well as many other things that are possible.

Nikko Marasigan Business Card

The business card is not just a one-off thing since it can be passed down from person to person, and it may even get into the hands of someone who can really help you get further. Here are various reasons why you should make use of them as a blogger. If you ever get convinced, then perhaps you can add more good reasons to do this so this method gets better for you.

Cost Effectiveness

For the cost you must spend to design and print business cards, what you get in return is much more than what most would expect from other more “modern” methods of marketing. It may just be a small piece of thin cardboard with your number and contact information in it, but that is all it takes to network with people more effectively than in any part of the Internet since it would be you personally handing them your card.

That personal touch is irreplaceable and important in building relations with others in business and in any other field. With that said though, being too frugal with your business cards won’t do you any favors since having well-made cards should bring in more opportunities and useful contacts than if you play chicken with the budget on this otherwise cost effective method.

Good Exercise on Business Card Design


your own business cards lets you stretch out your designing muscles, which is actually helpful for bloggers since part of running one is doing the themes and layouts. The design of your business card can reflect how you design your blogs and how good they may be.

If you don’t really have design chops and either bought or took your current blog theme for free, then you can just use the font, color scheme, and basic layout of your blog for your business card design. Of course, you can still have someone else do it for you if you really aren’t that good of a designer. Either way, it can show off what your blog may look like.

Various Ways to Sell Yourself

Putting in your name, contact information, and the title of your blog, as well as some design, isn’t the only thing you can do with your business cards. You can put in stuff like messages, instructions, and even stuff like promos and other gimmicks on your business cards to promote you and your blog or whatever your product may be.

Creativity can take you far with your business cards, as long as it doesn’t get too tacky. There are also a lot of other ways you can make and distribute business cards, from using different shapes and materials to even making use of a personal profile page as a digital business card of sorts to pass around online. Research, experiment, and use extensively what works for you. (See my collection of ¬†Creative Business Card Resources on

It’s Just a Good Idea

Even if you don’t have a blog or some business, it is still a good idea to make business cards that you can distribute to whomever in however you please. Whatever skills you may have, it does help quite well for anyone’s benefit since you get to be known by people. As the adage goes, “It’s not about what you know, but more on who you know.”

Having something extra to help you out is just a good idea, so there really isn’t any good reason not to. If you want to boost your chances in becoming successful as a blogger, then may the business card be something that you add into your arsenal and hopefully get more opportunities along the way.