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affiliate marketing malaysia - bring traffic to your website

You probably have heard of multiple sources of income but are you aware of the concept of multiple source of traffic to bring traffic to your website?

As the name implies, it is getting traffic from multiple sources.

The question is, how many sources of traffic are you using to bring traffic to your website?

Guest Blogging

Personally, guest blogging and commenting is excellent to build your brand. Because you are not supposed to do the selling there, it is a platform to showcase how much you know about the topic and that somehow your readers can follow you to tap on your knowledge.

And to develop your brand, the best way is to follow the blog owner guideline.

Do remember that first person you want to impress during guest blogging is not your readers. Guess who?

Well, you probably guess it.

It is the admin or the blog owner…

He or she is the one who will acknowledge whether you are the one or not after all you are riding on their platform and certainly they don’t want you to screw them over.

Never look at these guidelines as restriction and get frustrated over them. Instead, look at them as directions to help you streamline your post so that you can provide value to your readers.

After all, a person will only give you loyalty when you provide something in value to their life…


As much fun as optimizing content, building a search engine friendly website and getting familiar with the search engines guidelines, SEO do takes time to bring traffic to your website. But once you are there and as long s you continue your SEO effort, you will always be there.

If you are new with SEO, one of the things you can do is to submit your URL to AddMe. It is free and is able to submit your website to 20 search engines and directories like Google, Bigfinder, InfoTiger and more.

After you submit your URL, the directories will email you to ask you to confirm your email and you are

to do that. After that, the directories will ask you whether you want to utilise them to submit your URL to more directories. It is entirely up to you whether to do it because some will require minimal service fee, some are free and of course, you will receive more emails asking you to subscribe to their other services and so on.

Paid Advertising

If you have marketing budget, paid advertising can provide faster way to bring traffic to you website. You just to beware that if you don’t pay attention to your campaign, it ll burn a hole in your pocket.

If you are an affiliate marketing beginner and want to start with paid advertising, a safer method is to try banner advertising with BuySellAds. They usually charge an affordable monthly flat fee.

Video Marketing

You probably know the power of video marketing and that many have launched their stardom with video marketing but some might think video marketing will require higher investment which can be a misconception. As the affiliate marketer trying to bring traffic to your website, you can ask the merchant for a short video presentation to be published on the video sharing sites.

Even if they don’t have it, you can still make a simple video yourself defining the product benefit through platforms like animoto and the web movie maker.

By the way, video marketing is not just limited to Youtube and is alright you don’t know where to submit your video to aside Youtube because you can go to Fiverr to hire someone to submit the video for you to other video sharing websites.

Social Marketing

If you are thinking to bring traffic to your website, you certainly have to pay attention to social marketing and social bookmarking because search engines are paying more attention to traffic from social platforms nowadays. If you haven’t already, please start sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and etc.

A quick tip for affiliate marketing beginner, search engines still consider MySpace as one of the popular social platforms. So, you know what to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now that you have seen these multiple sources to bring traffic to your website, the question again is,

How many traffic sources are you actively pursuing?