Anti-aging Creams that Work, Do They Exist?

Dima Al Mahsiri
I am Dima Al Mahsiri. I love blogging. Like any ordinary woman, I would like to have the perfect smooth, shiny, and young looking skin. I tried every possible solution you may think of, and finally got the golden rule that: THE MORE NATURAL THE BETTER. This is what  Tips for Natural Beauty Blog is all about: teaching you Tips to keep your skin NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL . Read about my trip to the  Dead Sea.
Dima Al Mahsiri
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Dima Al Mahsiri
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Anti-aging creams

Source:Mr. Flibble,

Do you use anti-aging creams? Have you ever wondered if your anti-aging cream is safe to be used on the long term? Does it have any side effects?

Do you know that the FDA classifies creams and lotions as cosmetics, which are defined as having no medical value?!

The facts (which I will state below) that I found made me stop buying over-the-counter anti-aging creams. And I am sure that you too will do the same after reading my post. If you are looking for a face- lift in a bottle, you may be disappointed with the results you get.

According to Mayo clinic, there are six main ingredients in anti-aging creams that work, they are:

  • Retinol: an antioxidant that is widely used in nonprescription wrinkle creams.
  • Hydroxy acids: these acids are used for exfoliating your skin, but you should be aware of the fact that “Because hydroxy acids increase your susceptibility to sun damage, always wears sunscreen during use and for at least one week afterward.”
  • Coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient that helps regulate energy production in cells.
  • Copper peptides: helps in the production of collagen.
  • Kinetin: this ingredient may improve the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Tea extracts: are widely used in anti-aging creams.

Although most anti-aging creams contain those ingredients, they are in less concentration than recommended, so, if effective, you need to wait long to get the desired results, and when you stop using them, there is a possibility that wrinkles will appear again.

I was very disappointed when I read that the FDA classifies creams as cosmetics. Cosmetics only undergo tests for safety and not for effectiveness. Therefore, every cream we buy is safe to be used on a human being, but does it reduce the appearance of wrinkles? There is no guarantee!


Do you still think that there are anti-aging creams that work perfectly to reduce wrinkles?

Ok, if you insist, but you need to keep the following in mind:

  1. The anti-aging cream cost: there is no proof that there is a relation between the cost of the cream and its effectiveness. So a 100$ anti-aging cream may give you the same results as a 10$ one.
  2. There is no objective research to prove that the over-the-counter creams improve the appearance of wrinkles.
  3. Anti-aging creams that work well in reducing wrinkles should have certain concentrations, but those available have less concentration of the active ingredients than prescription creams. So if they work, results are limited and work only for a short time!
  4. Results are limited to long use and will relapse when you stop using it.And once you discontinue using the product, your skin is likely to return to its original appearance.Can you imagine that?!
  5. You may encounter side effects, so you need to test the anti-aging creams before using it.
  6. There is no guarantee that the product will cause the same results on different skin types.

These facts made me think a million times before buying anti-aging creams, I even tossed away anti-aging creams I have in my closet. I switched to more natural ways to reduce my wrinkles and prevent future wrinkles from appearing.

A woman from the Middle East gave me a special green tea mask remedy, which I have been using for 2 months now. My skin is more flexible now, moisturized, and age spots started to fade. All are natural ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. I will write a post about that in the near future. I also started a natural anti-aging regimen

A last advice by Mayo clinic states that If you are concerned about your skin, ask your dermatologist. He or she can evaluate your skin’s condition, and recommend the best products for your skin condition.
So, do you still think that anti-aging creams that work do exist?

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  1. Hey nice article!..Although i don’t believe in anti aging cremes one bit..Going natural is the best way to go..
    Suraj recently posted…Xbox 720 will need permanent internet connection?My Profile

  2. Thanks Suraj !
    Natural treatments are always the best choice.
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Homemade Hair Mask Recipes from Around the WorldMy Profile

  3. Its important to eat natural anti aging food such as soya instead of using creams. Nature has provided all kinds of food to cater for the body.

  4. the best cream and medicine to get rid of skin problem is to eat natural food, all of the creams are just to make you good for some time, but these creams stop working after some time.,
    Issaq recently posted…Mike Doyle Creates a World with 200,000 LEGO PiecesMy Profile

  5. You are right about that. There has been recently the so-called ” miracle cream”in the market, I don’t know how could a miracle cream turn back the time for a 60 years-old woman !
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Dead Sea Mud Spa at your Own HomeMy Profile

  6. Thank you for really awesome tips. It is helpful to mentataion the body and fitness.
    Googma Sansar recently posted…The Effective Ways to Web OptimizationMy Profile

  7. You are welcome Googma.
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Yogurt, Best Yogurt Face Mask RecipesMy Profile

  8. I’ve barely dealt with anti aging creames. But I’ve always wondered if they really work. Thanks for this article.

  9. If the cream work by activate cells to regenerate, I’m sure they will work as anti-aging. If else, am not.
    Nice post, Dima. Thank you.
    I like it.
    Ilmu Kimia recently posted…Kimia OrganikMy Profile

  10. Nilbaboon says:

    I think there is really no anti aging cream at all.But I strongly believe that some herbal/natural treatments help to hide age.There are some diet selection that can be said anti aging diet. Thank you Dima for sharing it appropriately.

  11. OR…..

    you can accept the fact you have wrinkles… :p
    Leslie Edwards recently posted…The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Learning How To Produce Electronic Music: Part 1My Profile

  12. The creams may or may not work. There are only two ways to diminish your wrinkles and ageing signs. 1)The first one is to eat healthy and apply natural stuff. This process takes time and you will be required to have patience for positive results.
    2) The second one is to go for spa treatments or skin clinics. They use surgical methods, spa therapies and laser treatments to remove ageing signs from your skin.

  13. Hello Dear

    i have read your post and according to me don’t use chemical product on your fact, and use only nature product, and chemical product are creating many problem on your fact so pls avoid that product, thanks for sharing me

  14. Well, of course I’m not into all these new creams especially antiages, but the info is quite shocking even for me. Thanks for sharing, will try to avoid such things in future.

  15. Hi Evan,
    Yes it was really shocking for me too!
    I read Mayo clinic’s report two times to make sure I understood it well. You can find details of how to have a natural skin regime in the link below. This way you won’t need thinking of those anti-aging creams!
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Wrinkles-10 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles on Face NaturallyMy Profile

  16. Santosh Kumar says:

    I read this post carefully and i would like to say that chemical products are defiantly harmful for our skin and health so please don’t use harmful chemical product i prefer only herbal or natural product for skin.
    Skin Treatment with natural way is best way ever, so please chose the right product for your skin.

  17. Thank you for really awesome tips. It is helpful. They can reset “the skin’s aging clock by converting resting stem cells. … concerns over some claims made by companies selling anti-aging creams.

  18. Hey Dima,
    Nice post and I really enjoyed this post while reading. I think using chemical product in our face is not a good idea and we have to remain in our natural way. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Love Stories Of All TimeMy Profile

  19. Hi good article although my take is leading a healthy lifestyle and taking exercise is better then any cream
    kevin redman recently posted…Article Writing ServicesMy Profile

  20. Hi Dima,

    This is a very helpful post! My girlfriend is using an anti-aging cream and I must tell her about this! I guess most women nowadays are spending a lot of money for anti-aging creams which, as you said, not proven effective or working…

    What’s horrible is the side effect. In fact, I have seen older women that had suffered some side effects on their facial skin because of these kind of products!

    Thank you for the education Ma’am.

    Best regards,
    Prime Aque recently posted…Free Custom Optin Form for Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact and MoreMy Profile

    • Thanks Prime,
      Most women really do that,too. Taking care of her skin could be much simpler than that; avoid exposure to direct sun rays in the middle of the day, NO tanning, clean, moisturize and exfoliate her skin. In addition, if you notice any signs of fine wrinkles, do NOT tell her, tension always make thing worse!
      Besides, women in Asia are lucky for 3 factors:
      1. genes make aging slower ( scientific fact).
      2. Asian cuisine is full of Omega 3 and fresh vegetables which are full of anti-oxidant.
      3. darker skin tones are less affected by sun-rays.
      Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Yogurt, Best Yogurt Face Mask RecipesMy Profile

  21. Hmmm Dima,
    My GF using Kaya aging cream from long time and she is pretty much satisfied with it. Anyways good to hear about Mayo cream, I will definitely suggest her to try it once. :)
    Chetan recently posted…Top 3 Tips When Buying Technology for KidsMy Profile

  22. I sell a skincare product which is composed from natural herbs. It\’s a medical product actually but made from plants and fruits, so it’s safe to use and effectively proven for years to reduce wrinkles. But the best to avoid wrinkles is a healthy lifestyle and taking exercise (which is better then any cream).
    rich amor recently posted…Cara menghilangkan kerutan dibawah mataMy Profile

  23. Jessi Larson says:

    The best anti aging cream is sunscreen. Protect your skin early in life and you wont need anti-aging creams. But if you do need to use one Retinol works well but you need to stay out of the sun when using so again use sunscreen.

  24. nice article dima,
    in my opinion the beauty products made of harmful chemicals always harms the skin. they may give you the transient beauty but it never lasts for long..,
    theirfore in my opinion one should try for the natural beauty products…
    great share.. thanks :)
    Rohit recently posted…5 best budget Smartphones in 10K price range | 2013My Profile

  25. great tips as ever these are really usefull tips for the people who are always feeling about their skin care health care and aging problems
    Rajkumar Jonnala recently posted…How to Choose a Medicare Supplement Insurance PolicyMy Profile

  26. Jennifer Brown says:

    It would be best to ask experts’ opinion first before using these kinds anti-aging creams. Or read reviews or tips about using such products like this article.

  27. Deepak Mehra says:


    i like your article. It is so important for me. I think it attract more visitor in your site.


  28. Anti-aging Creams are not good, Natural products are always best.

  29. hey dima,
    nice article i am not even use anti aging cream but these are not good for our skin…
    thanks!!! :-)
    santosh recently posted…Google X smart phone with powerful featuresMy Profile

  30. I think the more natural products we use its best for our skins as well as we start aging they seem to be kinder to the skin, thank you for a great article

  31. very nice and helpful post for all Thanks so much for the suggestions and will try to get samples of these asap. Hoping for the best

  32. nothing is better than natural things so best policy to follow is “go for natural” instead of these so called anti aging creams which are made to empty your pockets.
    Jessie B recently posted…Selena Gomez New Album Songs 2013 – Top10 Selena Gomez Songs ListMy Profile

  33. From what I heard the only creams that work are retinoids which are available over the counter. But like you I’m going more natural these days and stay away from harsh chemicals. I can’t wait for your post on the green tea mask remedy. Since I already drink it in copious amounts lol, I figured it must be great for the outside as well!
    Daisy recently posted…How to Get Big Hair in Easy StepsMy Profile

  34. Isnt it time people gracefully begin to acknowledge the fact that they are aging and stop spending such huge ridiculously high amounts of money on anti-aging creams and other beauty treatments?
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…100 High Page Rank Dofollow Blogs List For CommentingMy Profile

  35. There are so many over the counter anti-wrinkle cream in the the market today many of which are not really what they claim to be. To be frank, I personally believe that there are good ones. Getting the good ones in the mist of many fake ones is the problem.

  36. Well, not all. But yes, some do really work. It’s best to consult a dermatologists, as they can better evaluate the skin and recommend products accordingly.
    Anchal Bhatia recently posted…Five Hair And Skin Beauty Tips For Menopausal WomenMy Profile

  37. Proper diet and exercise also help our skin o be rejuvenated. When I was in Korea, several creams were accordingly to control aging, never tried them, though, as they are quite expensive.
    Ria Dancel recently posted…Chateau Royale – NasugbuMy Profile

  38. Anti-aging creams effect depend on how long we use it and how careful are we to protect it naturally too. If people are suffering very badly with these wrinkles ,or aging they can opt for good surgical or non-surgical plastic surgery procedures from well known-well experienced plastic surgeons.
    Lizbeth Zac recently posted…Non SurgicalMy Profile

    • Any skin care product effects are mainly determined by its effective components, using it more or less frequently and the condition of skin at the beginning of the treatment, that is if we assume that this CREAM is approved by the FDA for its effectiveness.
      I believe that at some point we should stop counting the number of wrinkles on our face, time has its power , we shouldn’t forget that!
      Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…The Beauty of Food ReviewMy Profile

  39. I always prefer Natural products over these, Btw thanks for the wonderful post Dima :)
    Jassie recently posted…Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After PhotoMy Profile

  40. Thanks for this great article Dima! I am with you and I always prefer natural solutions. There are really great natural ingredients for skin such as coconut oil or honey or tea extracts as you have mentioned. I will look forward to reading more articles from you on natural skin remedies.
    Oge recently posted…Healthiest Foods to Keep in Your KitchenMy Profile

  41. Mary Johnson says:

    Yes, I really think that there exist anti-aging creams that work. Only disadvantage is that those, which really works are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. I have seen anti-aging creams that costs $300 and even more for one jar, you must agree that this is pretty lots of money. And you can never know will it actually work for you as well.

  42. Good for you harish!
    Keep on using natural products for the sake of your health :)
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Dead Sea Mud Spa at your Own HomeMy Profile

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