After 2 years of hard work, I’m finally going part time and here’s a super awesome offer and bonus for you

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It’s happening! After 2 years of working every single morning, afternoon and evening without a single day off sick, I am going part time in the family business!

Full and a half time

Over the past 2 years I’ve been a permanent fixture in the Fired Wok Chinese Takeaway in Lancaster, UK and in that time I have developed a whole new website (2 actually), a completely new order system, a custom caller id Windows application, integrated google maps for deliveries, loyalty card tracking, sms notification and opt out sms marketing. I’ve even put in Chinese translations on all the menu items so that when the receipt gets sent to the kitchen, the chefs can instantly see what’s been ordered.

It’s been a blast! it’s also been bloody hard work and all the while I’ve had to fit all my CommentLuv coding and developing in to the spare hours that I got in between going to the wholesalers for veg and answering the phone for orders and resisting the temptation to eat every frickin thing in sight! (we are, without doubt, the BEST Chinese takeaway with the darndest tootinest tastiest chilli and salt dishes in the North West)

Half the hours = half the pay

This week will be the first week that I will not need to be in the shop on a full time basis, I will still need to hang around and make sure the girl that will be doing my job on the counter can handle things and I wont be able to fully commit myself to coding the new CommentLuv plugin until next week because as well as the gently gently approach

to handing over the reigns of the counter, I’ll be preparing my PC and work area for the task of full time coding.

Less hours in the business means less money in the pocket and I’ve realised that there wont be much in the way of income being generated from my online endeavours until at least a few months ahead (if all goes well) and I’ll need a way to keep the electric bills paid!, which means that I need to sell some ads on the site and fast ready for next week when I’ll be fully charged and committed to coding the new CommentLuv.

Massive discount on ads

To encourage some buyers to help me charge up the electric ready for 24/7 pc access, I am activating a 40% off coupon for text link ads on . A 90 day text link ad normally costs 200 USD but with the coupon you could save $80! and that’s for as long as you have the ad.

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It wont last long!

The links on this site are very popular, the majority of advertisers are repeat purchasers who subscribe for months at a time. The coupon and bonus will only be available until I need to go back on the counter in the shop on Friday at 4pm GMT so that’s a little less than 4 days!

The amount of text links available are strictly limited but, the length of time you can have the 40% off will last as long as your paypal subscription does!

Here’s the coupon code you need : part-timer
Here is the purchase page