A 15 Year Old’s Journey Through Freelancing

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Raaj Trambadia
I'm an active person looking for nothing more than simple ways of enjoying my life. I do not believe in following the routine procedure of waking up, work/study, eat and sleep. I try to live the life which is hidden somewhere between these words. Currently working hard on my new project Plugins WP which is a hub of WP Plugins! I try to use a part of my brain and write on my blog called "My Blog Is My Money" where I give tips on How To Make Money Blogging. And yes, don't forget to visit my Themes Wordpress - My hub of Wordpress Themes!
Raaj Trambadia
Raaj Trambadia
Raaj Trambadia

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Raaj Trambadia
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My Life – Then and Now

Being a teenager, I had a less hectic life compared to my parents but when I saw it through my eyes, I often realised that I was really busy playing video games and watching senseless stuff on my 42 inch TV. Even staying awake to talk with friends and partying was a part of my so called busy schedule. My life remained the same until a particular day which I refer to as ‘The Day I found myself’. A somewhat exciting thing, apart from visiting a music concert, that happened to me on that particular day was that I was introduced (by a Social Networking Site) to a Freelancing site. I hardly knew the meaning of the word ‘Freelance’. Nevertheless, I had always been the person who loved to explore new stuff especially when it came to technology. Not reading the terms and conditions, because I’m a normal person, I signed up on the site and spent (I would never say the word ‘wasted’ here) a couple of┬áhours going through all the features of the site. I would thank the ‘Help’ section on that site which contained words that persuaded me to become what I am today.

First Day

I still wonder how, but the day was lucky enough for me that I was awarded the first job I ever applied to! I still laugh when I see the words I wrote while applying to that job. Phrases like “Hey dude!” and “Yo” in the proposal must have surely shocked my first client! I believe that the only thing that attracted the client to award me that job was my promise to submit the complete work by the next day, which I did! The client had a very short deadline for that amount of work, but I still thank god for that. Otherwise I would’ve surely followed the saying “First impression is last impression” and would’ve given up applying to more jobs because if I didn’t get that job, I would’ve surely taken the whole thing negatively! But that’s not me now, I’ve changed! What made the whole scene more interesting was the amount after the ‘$’ sign, which was in 3 digits!

know what I’m doing!

Just by signing up on that site, I’ve learnt the best things that I believe one should learn in life. Things like professionalism, negotiating price (which is still a big challenge!), communicative skills (as I often talk to clients on the phone) and much more. My dad, or Papa as I call him, has always appreciated and encouraged me for this.

For all those who think that I’m avoiding to live my youth life – I’m still living my life as a teenager and still doing all the crap one is supposed to do at this age! I’ve managed to divide my time equally among all my activities (thanks to my dad for advising me on that)..!


Though my family is capable enough to finance my future education, I still save from what I earn! Being a good spender, I love spending (not wasting) money for myself and my close ones. I managed to set up my self-hosted blog at Raajtram.com with my own money. My family along with others loved this step taken by me, which is what I expected :)

Apart from spending money for entertainment, I love to donate. I’m often told by people that the money I donate never reaches the needy but goes into an individual’s pocket. To be honest, I don’t really go and check what happens once I donate the money. I believe that I gave those few bucks with a positive heart and just hope that it reaches the needy, which brings a real smile to my face :)

All I’d like to say is that my journey so far has been really adventurous and I’m grateful to all the people and resources involved with it. I’m a big time dreamer and I take all my dreams as challenges which I always try to complete!

I’d like to end it with a quote which may sound somewhat stupid, but just felt like sharing it (not Googled) –

I don’t have a list with 10 dreams but I have a dream of being in the list of the top 10