20 Tips That Supercharge Your Smartphone Battery Backup

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If you ask smartphone users ” what is worst thing in your mobile?” Then mostly they will say the “Battery Backup.” Phone technology is improving day by day. But there is not much change in battery life of the smartphone. Today we will discuss with you how can we get most from the battery of smartphone.

These ideas will not make your battery supercharge like a basic phone battery but you will get the most of the juice of battery & phone will work until you reach home. These ideas are written for Android Battery Backup but these will apply on most of the smartphones. The difference is only in the setting steps.20 Tips That Supercharge Your Smartphone Battery Backup

20 Tips That Supercharge Your Smartphone battery Backup

1.Reduce the brightness-

The most of the battery used by touch screen of the smartphone. It uses near about 50% of the total battery consumption. Big, Bright & Hd screen means you need more battery power. If you have auto brightness controls then put it on or adjust screen brightness near about 50%. This will increase some battery backup.

2.Turn-off GPS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth-

You would hardly used GPS (Global Positioning System). But if you turn on it always it also consume lots of battery. Always turn on it when you need it. same do with Wi-fi. ( Settings>>Wireless Settings>> Wi Fi).

3.Phone Vibration-

Phone consume more battery in vibrate mode as compared to ringtone. So always use vibration mode when you really need it. Otherwise turn it off. (Settings>> Sound and Display>> Phone Vibrate)

4.Don’t use Live Wallpaper-

Don’t use live or animated wallpapers. These wallpapers looks nice but these are the enemy of the battery life. Use a dark picture instead of  animated wallpapers.

5. Reduce the Screen Timeout-

Screen timeout means if you doesn’t do anything on phone then Its screen Lights turn off automatically. It will also increase some Battery life. (Settings>> Sound & Display>>Screen timeout).

6. Camera & Video Recording-

When the battery is low don’t use Camera or Video Recording. These will want more power to run.

7.Close Applications  properly-

New users do this mistake mostly. Applications will not stop by pressing the Home button. These are running continuously in the background. To close the application press the back button until you exit from the app. Or use exit option.

8.Don’t Download Crummy Apps-

Millions of apps are available free for download that doesn’t mean you make your phone a app garbage home. Apps you don’t use remove them.

9.Find Battery Use-

Go to Phone Settings (Settings >> About Phone>>Battery Use) see how much battery is spent by an application. If an unnecessary application consuming battery then remove it or disable.

10.Check 2G-3G Mode-

So much so that you do not even have 3G mobile plan and your phone GSM / WCDMA (Auto Mode) is running on. To check phone running mode (Settings >>More Settings>>Mobile Networks>>Network Mode). If you are not using 3G then turn it to GSM Only.

11. Get rid of widgets -

Widgets are the Big icons that occupy much space on the screen of your phone. Such as weather prediction , or widgets for Facebook and Twitter. The widget updates automatically not

only the battery pack but also increase Internet bill. Don’t put so much Apps’ icons on the home screen of the phone. Apps that are  used sometimes, keep them Menu.

12.Use the phone’s inbuilt Power Saver-

If your phone already have power saver mode then put in on. This will reduce the screen brightness & turn off some unnecessary applications. But don’t download any power saving application from playstore. These types of apps uses more battery that they save.

13.Turn off Location Services-

Remove the all tick mark in Settings>> Locations Services.  Turn location services on when you really need it otherwise it consumes too much battery.

14.Don’t let the Auto Update Apps-

All android apps updated day to day. This will not only use the More battery also increase the internet data consuming. To turn off auto update Goto  ( Menu>> Play Store>> Settings>>Auto –update apps) and set  Do not auto update. But update all your apps in a week.

15.Reduce Apps, Sync Interval-

Ever noticed how your phone services that are constantly going on –  ie Sync happen. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Office, Mail, Google Plus … They undergo a battery and data. If you don’t want o turn it off then Goto settings & reduce the sync Interval. If possible use Browser bookmarks instead of using apps like facebook, Twitter.

20 Tips That Supercharge Your Smartphone Battery Backup

16 . Uninstall or Disable unnecessary Apps-

It is easy to remove downloaded apps But what to do with apps that come inbuilt. If you have android version 4.0 or upper you can disable them.  Go to (Settings>> Application Manager>>All) & disable the inbuilt services that you are not using. Remember don’t disable the services that you don’t know about.

17. Do Firmware Update-

Always check for latest firmware updates. If you find any, update your phone. Some phones have OTA (Over The Air) Firmware Update option. But for some phones you have to connect them with computer for update or go to service center for that. if battery consuming so fast after firmware update then format your memory card this will increase the battery life.

18. Use Black if you have AMOLED Screen-

If you have amoled screen phone then love the black color. Change the background color to black & try do use every app in black color if color option available. This will increase the battery backup of your smartphone.

19. Do not use two Antivirus–

Don’t use two antivirus at all. This will not secure your phone. This will decrease the phone performance also consume more battery.

20.Turn off Animations-

If you want your battery perform well then turn on animation of all applications. It will reduce the style but increase the battery backup. Go to (Settings>> Developer Options>> Drawing) and turn off the animation of applications or reduce the animation scale. If your phone is going to be turn off, Switch of the mobile data. This will

These are the some easy settings that will become the Extra Battery Pack for Smartphone.


  1. Twitter:
    Hi ! Gautam

    I didnt knew that vibrate mode of our smart phone also makes use of battery . Also use of GPS , And bluetooth can reduce battery life . I knew this ..
    Using two antivirus as a same time , disturbs the functioning of the smart phone as both the antiviruses clash with each other .
    nikhil recently posted..General Knowledge Questions And Answers for Competitive ExaminationMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    I would like to add one more point, one should not start charging until it’s completely discharged or discharged to 5%, and once charging is started , it should be removed only after a complete charging. This increases battery life.
    Ravi recently posted..How to use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Device?My Profile

  3. saif ullah says:

    This is a main problem for people who have a smart phone. Even Apple iPhone Smart phones have a battery issue. Battery timing can increase by implementing your mentioned tips and save. Companies should think about battery issues and should fulfill customer problems to keep their impact on the customer. Hope in future we will see better battery timing smart phone. Special thanks of your putting such important topic.

  4. These are indeed some excellent list to make any battery last longer.
    On my android, i am using an app called du battery saver and it is doing all my task perfectly.
    Thanks and do have a wonderful weekend
    Babanature recently posted..Top 5 Best SMF Mods You Should Use On Your ForumMy Profile

  5. Today I found my smartphone battery is not going longer.. Because I put my smartphone always on vibrate mode. Now I will keep in regular mode.
    You mean we never use any battery saver application..?
    Nikhil Bille recently posted..UPSC 2014 Schedule, Time Table Exam Date, CalendarMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Yeah as you said the worst thing in a smartphone is it’s battery lifetime and I have a big problem in my Samsung Galaxy S4 my phone turns off itself even if the battery is still around 80-60% and that’s suck a lot I think I’ve to get a new battery.
    thanks a lot for this awesome article I really learnt how to save some battery life big thanks!
    informative post!
    Anis recently posted..Trainingsadda – Articles about any tutorials, tips and tricksMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Great Post Gautam ,

    All tips provided by you to increase battery life are great. This tips are helpful and i will definitely try this tips with my smartphone.
    Thank you for tips

  8. Hi Gautam,

    Thanks for sharing these tips , i also found this when keep my phone brightness to low , GPS, wifi, and bluetooth.

    Thank You
    Shorya recently posted..A Step-by-step Guide to Apply for a ScholarshipMy Profile

  9. These are some really nice tips that can help one is improving his/her battery life. I will try to implement all of these on my Android device since it has been eating the battery at a crazy pace.

    Vikas Bhatt recently posted..New Year 2014 Wishes and Quotes SMS MessagesMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Overnight charging also cause battery life. I’m using iPhone and have tried many tips but non of tip works to save my battery.
    Chetan recently posted..Tenets of Buying a New House in the SuburbsMy Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Hey there,

    I would like to say that these tips would surely help one extend one’s batter life but again most of us here know about these tips, plus its nearly impossible for most of us to follow some of the tips because we tend to use our devices as a power user, multitasking, wi-fi on for internet connectivity and then again being bloggers we need to be connected to teh social media sites and hence social media applications are the once which refresh and sync at fixed intervals, if you tend to lengthen the interval you might get your hands on to some important news way later than you should have, right?

    But one cannot help it, its like to gain something we loose something, nice post, keep up the good work.
    Ravi Shankar recently posted..Motorola Touchless Control Updated To V4.1 ; Now it Doesn’t Need You To Unlock In Order To WorkMy Profile

  12. Shahin Abdulla says:

    These tips surely increase the battery backup of the Smart Phone. I found that the awaiting notification from Facebook, Gmail and similar apps also reduce the battery charge. If there is any notification found in your phone just open as soon as possible. You can also use some third party power saver apps which works better than the inbuilt one. Anyway thanks for the nice share

  13. Twitter:
    Hi Gautam i just wanna say that your post helps me to increase my battery life.As another smartphone users i also has same problem of battery problem.But now i’m going to try your tips.Hope it will work for me.Anyway great post bro.Keep it up :)
    sunil recently posted..How To Download Temple Run For Pc (Windows 7,8,Xp)My Profile

  14. Twitter:
    Hi Gautam
    You have written very nice…. I did not know that using 2 Anti viruses can also effect the battery life while effecting the Smartphone functioning. Thanks for sharing these tips
    But i want to know does change in display also effect the battery life. Because my cell display was damaged someday ago when i got it changed now i am facing the problem of battery being discharged in very less time as compare before.
    Please tell me .. waiting for the reply …
    Manoj kumar recently posted..Sony Vaio Fit 14 F14A15 Features Specs Price in India and USAMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Did u get your phone repaired from the authorised service centre, if not then there might be a chance that a duplicate screen might have been used in repair which due to its incompatibility is draining out your battery. As for the Antivirus part – there is no point in keeping even a single antivirus on your smartphone, if you don’t believe me try observing what you’ll find is that they are of no use they don’t detect viruses at all, so what’s the point in keeping them + keeping 2 of them would surely eat a lot more battery as the no of processes running in the background will increase.
      Ravi Shankar recently posted..Tight On Budget, Check Out This List Of 5 Best Android Phones Under ₹5000My Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Battery is the heart of a Smartphone. As Smartphone ( Android and is ) is always connected to the internet and some chat messenger like wechat, whatsapp, bbm all-time running it just drain your battery. So its a good tip to save power.
    Tanmoy Das recently posted..Valve Released Gamer’s OS SteamOS : Download NowMy Profile

  16. The best way to improve battery life is to use Airplane mode when you don’t use your phone.

  17. Twitter:
    These tips are really great for all smartphone users. Some of these tips may sound common sense to us but the do make a difference for longer battery life.
    Subodh recently posted..How to Buy a Smartphone – Smartphone Buying guideMy Profile

  18. Wajid Khan says:

    of course there are many things that could result to the battery to come down. In most cases applications that run on the internet, Those that enhances display and those related to media consume more power, Reducing their use you can you can greatly improve the more battery life. Luckily This post addressed most of them. Well Thanks @Gautam for This Post.

  19. Twitter:
    Awesome Tips, I will for sure follow these tips for my smartphone.

    This is usually a problem for folks who have got a smartphone. Sometimes New iphone Good handsets have got a power dilemma. Power timing might maximize by way of using a person’s brought up recommendations plus help you save. Providers will need to take into account power challenges and really should carry out shopper challenges to prevent its affect on the shopper. Anticipation around long run we will have improved power timing smartphone. Distinctive with thanks within your having these vital issue.

  20. Mr Gautham Sharma such an excellent writing. It seems that you know the right SEO and i think that you will make lots of money from your site. I think in the future everything will be online. I think its still time for new site to grow but in the future it will be hard to rank on first page no matter what you do.

  21. Twitter:
    If we close down everything, whats the use of these features and having a smartphone? I don’t understand.
    A couple of points sound valid, like using an App to have a look at the usage and closing all apps.
    Rest all, not much helpful.
    Anchit Shethia recently posted..How to Avoid Friend Request Ban from FacebookMy Profile

  22. hey Gautam – thank you for sharing these amazing battery charging tips with us…keep posting content like this. very helpful
    hira recently posted..Google Chrome update for Android and iOS is rolling out adds so many futuresMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    Thanks hira for your valuable comment.
    Gautam recently posted..Nokia Lumia 625 Giveaway ContestMy Profile

  24. Twitter:
    Hello Gaurav
    Really great tips. Yes WiFi, GPS are battery eaters but the most frustrating one is the location services. I know they are cool but they consume a lot of battery juice. I disabled it and my battery life increased by 50-70 %
    Alan recently posted..Boat Browser for PC Download (Windows 7/8/Mac Laptop)My Profile

  25. Twitter:
    Hey I would like to add that if we keep the frequency of charging optimal, it can further boost the battery power. For eg: Never let the battery drain to 0%, but do drain it out completely once in a week, because it is important to use all the cells while keeping the cycles lesser.
    Gaurav recently posted..Comment on Google Nexus 6 – Perfect Smartphone for all Ages by gauravMy Profile

  26. Twitter:
    Hello Gautam
    Nice tips . Battery backup is one of the most important thing fpr any smartphone. Ya getting out of the thing you mentioned when one not require them is the best way to increase battery backup of any smartphone. thanks for the nice share.
    Mahendra recently posted..Best video player Software for Windows 7,8 List 2014My Profile

  27. That’s pretty nice tips for boosting the backup of a smartphone! I own the Google Nexus 5, which I bought recently and I will make sure I use the above points to enhance my experience on the smartphone!

  28. Twitter:
    Hey Gautam,
    Nice tips and Yes, battery is the most concern topic for all smartphone users. These tips really helps us in increasing our battery backup. Turning off wifi, bluetooth really help us. I will surely gonna keep in mind these important tips.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

  29. Twitter:

    Thanks for sharing the information which would be really useful for many people. Now a days smartphone do not withstand the charge even for 5-6 hours due to our heavy usage.

    Yes using our mobile data, Wifi and GPS will also incur more battery for operation and disabling this will surely help us to save more charge in our mobile.
    Shathyan recently posted..Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S5 with Apple iPhone 5SMy Profile

  30. Jun Harefa says:

    Hi Gautam,
    These tips are very beneficial for smartphone users, because most of the features available on a smartphone nowadays very much spending power.

  31. I prefer removing useless applications and disable useless services on my device to save battery power. The steps you have mentioned in here are really good. Thanks for the writeup.
    Vikas Bhatt recently posted..Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC – Windows 8/7/XP & MacMy Profile

  32. Ehsan Shaukat says:

    Very helpful post. Can you please share some tips to improve my laptop battery timings. I am using Windows 8.

  33. Twitter:
    Simple steps that you mentioned can surely help a lot in retaining phone battery. Thanks for sharing!
    Kathy Mathis recently posted..First Look at Samsung Galaxy AlphaMy Profile

  34. Great tips bro. These will definitely decrease charging time for your phone/
    Paul recently posted..10 Best Exotic CarsMy Profile

  35. Twitter:
    @Gautam Sharma
    Thanks for sharing these nice tips. Battery backup is one of the most important thing fpr any smartphone. Ya getting out of the thing you mentioned when one not require them is the best way to increase battery backup of any smartphone.
    Preet recently posted..Best Smartphone 2015My Profile

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