Yahoo changed its policy for emails using services like Mandrill

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Keep Your Email Delivery Reputation

Yahoo changed its DMARC policy for emails sent via third-party services. If you send customer’s emails via third-party services like Mandrill, then this affects you. Let’s start by looking at transactional emails. What Are Transactional Emails A transactional email is a one-to-one email of some kind. You can contrast them with one-to-many emails such as […]

20 Tips That Supercharge Your Smartphone Battery Backup

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20 Tips That Supercharge Your Smartphone Battery Back up

If you ask smartphone users ” what is worst thing in your mobile?” Then mostly they will say the “Battery Backup.” Phone technology is improving day by day. But there is not much change in battery life of the smartphone. Today we will discuss with you how can we get most from the battery of […]

How to Set Up Google Page Speed Service for Your WordPress Blog

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For making a faster web google has launched many guidelines and many tools also that allows you to optimize your website.Many users find out that after doing a lot of work like using cdn(Content Delivery Network),minifying css,JavaScript but you are still not getting as much page speed as you may have wanted.Then it is best […]

How to Install MacOsX in Windows Machine

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Mac After installation

MacosX is one of the widely used and very user friendly operating system comes up with the apple devices like iMac, MacBook only. But how about Normal user? Can’t they use MacOs. Yes they can after reading this post. In this Post I am going to show you how to install MacOsX in the Normal Configuration […]