How to Install MacOsX in Windows Machine

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Mac After installation

MacosX is one of the widely used and very user friendly operating system comes up with the apple devices like iMac, MacBook only. But how about Normal user? Can’t they use MacOs. Yes they can after reading this post. In this Post I am going to show you how to install MacOsX in the Normal Configuration Personal Computer.

Things you need:

  1. Vmware Workstation 8.0
  2. MacOsx Vmware Image (Link is in the post)
  3. Vmware Unlocker (Link is in the post)

First of all install Vmware workstation 8.0 in your system. Now to download the Vmware image of MacOs. Follow this Link.

Download Vmware Image of MacOsX.

Choose the MacOs Version you like and Download it in your Computer. It May consume your time as the size of file is quite large. Once you have downloaded it just unzip it using the 7-zip extractor.

After Unzipping you will get the Directory and inside that there will be 3 Folders as shown below.

After download Image

Make Sure you have installed the Vmware 8.0. Now go to Vmware Unlocker – MacOs Guest folder and open the 8.x series folder. You will see the number of directories. Open ‘VMware

Workstation Unlocker – Windows’ 

And click on install.bat file. After sometime you it will patch your vmware. Make sure it is patched open your vmware and create a new machine. Choose ‘I will install Operating System later’ and Click next. If you are able to see the Option of MacOs as shown below in the image then your vmware is successfully patched.

Install MacOs

Now it’s time to use MacOs. Just open the Directory ‘Mac Os Lion’  or the one you have downloaded and double click on macosx lion.vmx.

This will open up the Vmware with MacOs. Now don’t start the virtual machine. We have to edit some configuration first. In Setting of Vmware select the Memory to 2Gb and assign two cores to operating system.

Size of ram in vmware

Now you are ready to go. Hit the ‘Power on this virtual machine’ and keep patience for some time. After loading the MacOSX , you will be able to see the OsX Desktop.

Mac After installation

Now if you are feeling some lag while using it, Just increase some Ram in edit hardware setting and you will be able to use it smoothly. If you face any kind of difficulty then ask in comment. I will try my best to solve your issue.