Untapped Tips To Write A Killer Blog Post Title

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Are you exhausted to find how to write a killer blog post title?

You’re at right place.

Here, you’ll promptly find out amazing tips to write a killer blog post titles that will attract visitors and grab them to your site. Blog post title is a crucial factor for getting visitors to read your blog post and search engine to rank your content.

how to write a blog post title

Boring and un-optimized blog title only drives the visitor away to your competitor sites.

If you invested a lot of time and money in to your blog, then every visitor counts. So, learn how to write blog post titles correctly.

Important Tips to Write Attractive Blog Post Titles:

Here, I am going to tell you few important tips to write attractive blog post title:

  1.  Think Title Before Writing Content:

First step; must think title before starting writing content. Many bloggers start writing content without having any title in their mind and in this way their all efforts of writing go in vain at the end of completing post writing.

Think before writing

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. – Benjamin Franklin

You must have a fine-tune and suitable title to write a relevant content on it.

  1. Choose An Attractive Blog Post Title:

No doubt, choosing an attractive title for a post is much more difficult than writing content on any topic. But, there are some techniques to make an attractive title that have catchy wording.

Always write catchy words at the beginning or ending of title that attracts your targeted visitors and grabbed it on your site.

Here are some live examples of creating an attractive good blog title. Let suppose, I choose a keyword “Blog Post Title”, so the relevant titles related to this keyword would be;

  • Want To Step Up Your Blog Post Title?
  • The Hidden Mystery behind Blog Post Title.
  • The Ultimate Secret of Blog Post Title.
  • Make A Blog Post Title Anyone Would Be Proud Of.
  • 7 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Post Title.
  • How to Make Your Post Title Look Amazing In 7 Days.
  • Wondering How to Make Your Post Title Rock? Read This!

Choose titles that are motivational, questionable, secrets, problems etc to make it attractive.

  1. Must Use Keyword In Title Of Post:

Make sure to use targeted keyword in the title of post. As, these keywords increase your post search visibility and increase page rank in search engine. These keywords decide to rank a page on search engine so you must have to pay high attention on it.

Use Google keyword tool to find targeted keywords and must use them in title of your post. Use keyword/phrase in the beginning of title if possible or use it in the middle of title.

  1. Keep Your titles short and interesting:

Using keyword/phrase in title doesn’t mean to stuff your title with lots of keywords. Place one keyword/phrase in your title to make it on-topic with your content.

Title must be short, maximum 60-70 characters, don’t create large-scale titles as it creates a problem for search engines and sometimes search engine doesn’t rank these kinds of pages on top.

I recommend you to pick a keyword phrase of 2 to 3 words as it will help you to get quick rank in search engine.

  1. You’ve done! Use Your Keyword Title In Your Post:

Hurrah! You’ve done, now you have successfully created a catchy title to grab visitors from search engine or from social media to your site.

Use this targeted keyword/phrase with synonyms or with little variation in your content to increase your on page SEO.

You must read my related article to improve your on page SEO step by step guide for Beginners.


You can’t oblige people to visit your site or post that you have written. You just persuade people with attracted title so that they visit your site. People decide in seconds how your article is worthy just after reading the title of your post.

Search Engine also love catchy titles that are interesting for its users. Search Engine also pays high attention on Post title to find it relevant.

Hope! This article will help you in writing excellent blog post title that grab visitor’s eye on your post.