Untapped Tips To Write A Killer Blog Post Title

Mustafa Gaziani
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Mustafa Gaziani
Mustafa Gaziani
Mustafa Gaziani

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Mustafa Gaziani
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Are you exhausted to find how to write a killer blog post title?

You’re at right place.

Here, you’ll promptly find out amazing tips to write a killer blog post titles that will attract visitors and grab them to your site. Blog post title is a crucial factor for getting visitors to read your blog post and search engine to rank your content.

how to write a blog post title

Boring and un-optimized blog title only drives the visitor away to your competitor sites.

If you invested a lot of time and money in to your blog, then every visitor counts. So, learn how to write blog post titles correctly.

Important Tips to Write Attractive Blog Post Titles:

Here, I am going to tell you few important tips to write attractive blog post title:

  1.  Think Title Before Writing Content:

First step; must think title before starting writing content. Many bloggers start writing content without having any title in their mind and in this way their all efforts of writing go in vain at the end of completing post writing.

Think before writing

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. – Benjamin Franklin

You must have a fine-tune and suitable title to write a relevant content on it.

  1. Choose An Attractive Blog Post Title:

No doubt, choosing an attractive title for a post is much more difficult than writing content on any topic. But, there are some techniques to make an attractive title that have catchy wording.

Always write catchy words at the beginning or ending of title that attracts your targeted visitors and grabbed it on your site.

Here are some live examples of creating an attractive good blog title. Let suppose, I choose a keyword “Blog Post Title”, so the relevant titles related to this keyword would be;

  • Want To Step Up Your Blog Post Title?
  • The Hidden Mystery behind Blog Post Title.
  • The Ultimate Secret of Blog Post Title.
  • Make A Blog Post Title Anyone Would Be Proud Of.
  • 7 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Post Title.
  • How to Make Your Post Title Look Amazing In 7 Days.
  • Wondering How to Make Your Post Title Rock? Read This!

Choose titles that are motivational, questionable, secrets, problems etc to make it attractive.

  1. Must Use Keyword In Title Of Post:

Make sure to use targeted keyword in the title of post. As, these keywords increase your post search visibility and increase page rank in search engine. These keywords decide to rank a page on search engine so you must have to pay high attention on it.

Use Google keyword tool to find targeted keywords and must use them in title of your post. Use keyword/phrase in the beginning of title if possible or use it in the middle of title.

  1. Keep Your titles short and interesting:

Using keyword/phrase in title doesn’t mean to stuff your title with lots of keywords. Place one keyword/phrase in your title to make it on-topic with your content.

Title must be short, maximum 60-70 characters, don’t create large-scale titles as it creates a problem for search engines and sometimes search engine doesn’t rank these kinds of pages on top.

I recommend you to pick a keyword phrase of 2 to 3 words as it will help you to get quick rank in search engine.

  1. You’ve done! Use Your Keyword Title In Your Post:

Hurrah! You’ve done, now you have successfully created a catchy title to grab visitors from search engine or from social media to your site.

Use this targeted keyword/phrase with synonyms or with little variation in your content to increase your on page SEO.

You must read my related article to improve your on page SEO step by step guide for Beginners.


You can’t oblige people to visit your site or post that you have written. You just persuade people with attracted title so that they visit your site. People decide in seconds how your article is worthy just after reading the title of your post.

Search Engine also love catchy titles that are interesting for its users. Search Engine also pays high attention on Post title to find it relevant.

Hope! This article will help you in writing excellent blog post title that grab visitor’s eye on your post.


  1. Something that i was searching for a long time. After reading this article, I would certainly use Google Keyword tool to boost up my page page view. Thanks for sharing such information.
    Rajinder Sanwal recently posted…World’s Cheapest Android Kit Kat 4.4 SmartphoneMy Profile

  2. I think you’re certainly right, if you’re not sure about your article title how would you write a relevant content. So do decide your title first and then start research to write an useful content.
    Pankaj recently posted…Mobile Recharge Software : IT FreelancingMy Profile

  3. Hi,

    Very interesting, yet, insightful post. Yes, I think everyone should come up and focus on the title before they begin writing a post and focus on a specific keyword that will optimize your site’s SEO. I think we can learn from other’s as well. We can see what articles have the most reads and most shares, and use a similar title, but put in our own words. The title is the first thing that a person reads, so when we come up with a title, we should ask ourselves “Would I read this if someone else had written this?” Insightful post!

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: 7 Ways To Help You Become Financially DisciplinedMy Profile

    • Hi Lawrence,

      Thanks for reading this insightful article. Glad you found this article helpful.
      Definitely, before writing a post you should have focus on the title of post. Many people just write article and doesn’t pay any attention on title. Title is one of the best way to attract and grab visitors without having an eye catching and focusing title your all effort of writing a content go in vain.

      Thanks for sharing feedback.

      Keep it up :)
      Mustafa Gaziani recently posted…SEO Link Building Techniques-Guide For BeginnersMy Profile

  4. These are pretty good tips for great, attention seeking titles. Increasing the on page SEO by proper use of keywords is surely an effective way as well.
    Kathy Mathis recently posted…5 Useful Dictionary Apps for Android deviceMy Profile

  5. Hi Mustafa,
    Wonderful tips you have shared with us here. It is important to know the skill to write killer post. About deciding which is first : title or body text, I’d prefer body text first then title. I think it is easier that way because you know exactly the whole story before deciding the main point and make it as title

    Thanks. Wish you enjoy the week
    Okto recently posted…How to Make $50 Daily Online Easily on Autopilot?My Profile

  6. Mrityunjay says:

    Aha.! I am used to do keyword research for more than 3 hrs and I generally use long tail keywords within my title and that helped me a lot. My most of the organic traffic comes from Google itself. Really awesome tips to find the best title for attracting as many visitors possible easily, I appreciate it.

  7. Well Mustafa, a good title plays a very important role in CTR when we see from the search engine point of view, this is what I have noticed a lot. You have some really nice tips mentioned in here.

    Vikas Bhatt recently posted…Happy Teachers Day 2014 Wishes, Messages, SMS, GreetingsMy Profile

  8. Hello Gaziani,

    Writing excellent titles improves click through rates as well as overall blog/website traffic (perhaps) more than anything else. You’ll be pleasantly amazed that no matter how great an article is, the chances of actually clicking it and maybe reading is quite slim (if it has got a non appealing title).

    Your tips have nicely summarized all what is needed to ensure such magical rewards/benefits.

    Make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…HOW YOUR BLOG MAKES YOU POORER (AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT)My Profile

  9. Firstly thanks for great lists, writing eye catching headliner is good if your put all your point together.
    Olayinka recently posted…Free Targeted Places to Get Converting TrafficMy Profile

  10. Hi Mustafa. You make a lot of great points here, but I am not sure that I totally agree about the title coming before the content. Sure, have an idea about it – but I think that often the real title emerges while you write , so I would only ever put a working title first.
    Kostas Chiotis recently posted…Generating Leads through InfographicsMy Profile

  11. I think the title of the blogpost should tell clearly what the post is about. So that visitors will know if they want to read the post.
    Jupitor Chakma recently posted…Beware of “Shadow Diseases”My Profile

  12. Well, Right. All the the tips are perfect ones for writing quality Killer blog post titles. It certainly newbies drive targeted traffic writing eye catchy post titles.
    Atinder recently posted…How to Show different post title to Search engines and HumansMy Profile

  13. Hey Mustafa,
    Nice tips and Yes, Good title really plays an important role. Title should be attractive because it is the first thing which reader sees. These tips really gonna help many newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted…htc Phones Under 20000My Profile

  14. Very useful post for newbies and it covers all the important points. Google keyword tool is really very important tool and every blogger using it. It really helps in choosing keywords.
    Lalita Bisht recently posted…Anniversary SMS, Messages, QuotesMy Profile

  15. Writing killer blog post titles is definitely an overlooked thing. Most people write killer articles and then follow that up with a sub-par title for their article. That extra time spent crafting a good title can cause you to receive much more traffic to your post. Thanks for the read!
    John recently posted…Teens Make Money Online!My Profile

  16. Well, I never thought about the length of the title. I do think I remember seeing posts with long titles outrank. Especially articles about SEO and backlinks. In any event, thanks for the tip, didn’t now that one.
    Jakarri Demery recently posted…List of 13 Powerful Internet-Based Website Content Creation ToolsMy Profile

  17. You’re right on every point. When it comes to blogging – writing a killer article is the utmost important. No point posting 4 or 5 article per day if none of it is worth reading.
    Ismail N recently posted…Simply The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  18. I think the Post Title is most Important factor now a days.. With out a Attractive Heading no one can read the post!!

  19. I was just thinking about how content with a good title gets shared a million times more than content with a crappy title. Even if it is the exact same content.

    While I agree the keyword in the title is important, it doesn’t seem to be as important as a title that draws attention. I’ve seen a lot of people rank high for no keyword in title, but with a title that you can’t resist clicking on. Still, I would use the keyword.
    Bellaisa recently posted…6 Ways To Completely Sabotage Your Success With WomenMy Profile

  20. Hi Mustafa,
    Excellent Post. So artistically you have put forward your thoughts in front of us. All the points which you mentioned in your article regarding untapped tips to write a killer blog post Title are great. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.
    Muhammad Mairaj recently posted…Get Yahoo And Bing Ads – Media.Net Account Instantly With In A WeekMy Profile

  21. Writing killer blog post titles is definitely an overlooked thing. Most people write killer articles and then follow that up with a sub-par title for their article. That extra time spent crafting a good title can cause you to receive much more traffic to your post…!!!
    lalina recently posted…Showbox for PC Free DownloadMy Profile

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