How to Create More Sales With Enhanced Special Offers

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Karen Maskall
Karen is Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Pledging for ChangePaying it Forward to Green Schools for the Future. She believes that all business should be ethical business and is now joint venturing with several ethical businesses to get kids parents and educators back in touch with nature. Did you see the SWOOPS?
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Karen Maskall
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is there a catch to your special offer

Have you ever  bought or subscribed to something on the spur of the moment, (even though you might not have thought you may not have  needed it at the time) all because of that amazing special offer which was really to hard to refuse?

A brief look at how your special offers can increase your sales including 4 easy tips to follow

Make your special offers irresistible

A few months ago I received a flyer through the post from a leading charity. It was completely focused on an extra special offer of a fabulous rucksack which for me, and I’m sure countless hundreds, was a little gem. You see at that time I was already thinking about buying a new rucksack for outdoor walking anyway so maybe it was pure coincidence that this special offer came my way just at the right time. They do say timing is crucial but to be honest with you the offer could have come at any time and I would still have fallen for it “hook line and sinker”

Catch the initial attention.. then ENHANCE and IMPROVE your special offer

So now they got my attention with the offer a free rucksack. Looked good to me ….but was there going to be a catch?

We are now so used to seeing all these special offers only to know that somewhere along the line there was going to be either more expenditure or some sort of committment attached to the whole thing.  In a way that is to be totally expected. Business can’t give things away for FREE just for the fun of the exercise. I’m sure they would soon get into some sort of financial difficulties without having the special offer work for them in one way or another.

But this extra special offer of a free rucksack was enhanced upon and greatly improved.

Being open and honest about this special offer being available when I subscribed to their organizations magazine, with a monthly donation that I could actually choose according to my own ability to afford, they mentioned that I could actually un-subscribe at any time without giving any reason. That was it. That was the deciding factor. The special offer was enhanced with the full knowledge that I could receive it without fear of commitment.  I could receive  the special gift offer and still un-subscribe if I thought I wasn’t continuing to get value for money. And nobody would be asking me any questions. Of course, on this occasion,  it was great value for my ongoing monthly subscription because I knew that this charity was doing great work and I love to this day receiving their quarterly magazine packed with useful information and more great products to buy directly from them. I also know where and how my donation is being put to best use so they have me as a loyal subscriber for many years to come.

It could have been a very different story

Had this special offer been sent my way, complete with a need to commit to buying only 4 more bags from them throughout the year which more than likely would be at highly inflated prices and possibly even of designs that I just might not like,  then it might have been an entirely different matter. Rather than an enhancement to the special offer, this would be a great reason to run a mile!   Been there got the tee-shirt trust me. :-)

Include your special
offers in all of your advertising.

Every time you write something to your blog, every time you send out news to your subscribers, and every time you invest in quality advertising on the web, including a directory listing it really does pay to include a special offer that is irresistible to your target market. I invested into Andy Bailey’s WP Coupon Plugin  which I highly recommend you invest in too, and which I now know is a fabulous addition to my own blog posts and of course that extra special BONUS  now made available to all of my members on Pledging for Change inviting them to add their own special offers into every post too.  If you have a membership site then just get the plugin and let your members make use of it.  They will love it! There’s now an even greater incentive for my members to write great posts knowing that the visitors might take immediate action on their special offers too.

Irresistible offers are the number one reason why people buy something

Dramatic improvements to your offer will give you dramatic response to your advertising. Excluding your special offers in business advertising can be a costly mistake because you might not be providing a good enough reason for you potential clients or customers to respond. When you make a special offer that your clients really cannot refuse then you will get a much better response and see higher returns on your advertising investment.

Think about what you want to achieve with your advertising offer.

Your initial offer doesn’t have to generate sales. It can generate leads or traffic to your business or website.  But a  special offer  to generate leads or traffic requires you to develop another special offer further down the line to convert those leads into customers. This is obviously a lot more work initially but it may prove invaluable to you producing the maximum number of sales at the lowest cost per sale ratio.

Developing your special offer in 4 easy steps

Even for someone without any social skills, talent or previous experience you can use these simple steps to creating powerful offers

1. Select only ONE of your products. If you select a whole range of your products then your prospect will be overwhelmed and your task will be made all that more difficult to define.

2. Determine what action you want your prospects to take. Do you want them to contact you for more information? Do you want them to visit your website or to call in to your store? There needs to be something very specific that you want them to do.

3. Make that fantastic special offer. Make it as attractive as you can afford then combine it with your BONUS (enhancement) to get the response from your prospect. Quite often a money back guarantee can serve well as your enhancement and ensure a greater amount of response.

4. Analyze and work out the profitability of your offer. Include all the costs of your advertising and promotions. Even a very small profit might be acceptable if you are certain that you will generate repeat business. Revise your offer if you are making losses or not achieving the results that you required.

Have you had good experiences with your special offers? I’m sure everyone would love to hear about them

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