BOL newsletter 51 – turning a fail in to a success and special email series by an expert

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Here’s the video and transcription of this weeks newsletter

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transcript: BOL newsletter #51

And today, welcome to a windy newsletter. God bimmie it’s just got a bit windy now, god blimmie governor.

Anyway, I have some points to make. I have a fail, then from that fail a nearer success I don’t know yet, and then something else that you could help me out with. So listen out to the end because I will be asking you to help me with something. And also a little hint, a little allusion to something that I’ve got going on with Commentluv premium or especially with new people that are coming into Commentluv premium.

First thing is a bit of a fail. Remember the last week I was talking about making a video and then doing some sort of voice impression or something like Morgan Freeman to narrate a story or something like that.

And then well I did do something about like that, and I’ve got a guy, got a voice over artiste to have a look at some lines of script and stuff and he was going to say these lines and then I was going to match him up to the video and it is going to look brilliant. Well, in my mind’s eye anyway. But I didn’t because it sounded too robotic.

It sounded exactly like Morgan Freeman, because it was all separate sentences. You know. Just say one sentence than pause, then say another sentence then pause. Now originally I thought it was a good idea to match the video up to the words or match the words to the video; to the timing of the video. But, the best videos are ever made I’ve done the opposite. I’ve got the audio sorted, and then got the video to match fully with the audio and that worked sweet.

I don’t know what I was thinking about doing this. But anyway, I spent money on it and the guy did it, he did a good job. He did as exactly what I asked him to do, but it didn’t turn out very nice. You know too robotic.
(robotic voice) Say hello to Mary. Mary is very sad. Mary is…

You know I can’t do it like that. So something good came out of it though because I actually sat down and I wrote a proper story. You know a script and it brought up 3 main pain points of people that are starting to blog or just getting established on a blog. And then the solution for to those things, and then I’ve left the demo part of it to speak for itself. You know because then I could put up flashpoints to point out particular things and those could change. You see because If I’ve got some guy narrating the whole thing, all the features, and the benefits and stuff, in the future when there’s more features, more benefits then I’ll have to pay the guy to repeat what he did, but with the new benefits and the new features. If you know what I mean, so now I’ve got a more generic script that I can use and sorted mate.

Okay now the

bit that you can help me with is also is integrated with what plans I got and what I have done is I got in contact with an expert. Because you know when the new bloggers they install Commentluv. Well. Not all new blogger, not all people that installed it, but a large majority of people; they want to know how can they now help. Not just install it and expect comments and traffic come flooding in. In the same way, you just can’t buy a diet book and then just lose weight because your buying a diet book. You actually putting on weight, the weight of the book. So you’ve got to take action, but what action do you take?

Do you listen to the people in the “Warrior Forum”? Do you listen to the people that say ‘they are blog experts’ and stuff? So I am paying thousands of dollars to a blogging expert; who is just bloody brilliant by the way. And they are going to write a series of 10 emails that will welcome in someone that has just bought the plugin and show them the first steps.

They are like mini courses if you will and written by a proper good expert. I don’t want to release the details yet because it isn’t fully committed, not all the parties have fully signed off on it. But you gonna love it! It is really brilliant. Well actually, I have to do some Shenanigans there so for existing members can get access to it, but this is a real added value thing that I’m adding to it.

I wanted to do this ages and ages ago, and then I couldn’t because sales weren’t up cause I was sick, and I was like “Poor me”. And I couldn’t make loads of sales and do promotions and stuff. Then I put the idea on the back shelf. But now that I am gearing up for another kind of mini launch and re-launch type of affair where I am able to work on few hours a day during the week you know, regardless of my condition because of the good medication that I am on.

And while I am here, I thought I would reinvent that idea and I will ask that person, “Are they willing to do it?” and they said, “Yes”, but I got to get 10 subjects to them before the end of May. So that there is enough time to write before. Apparently, babies are coming.

Hoo.. How exciting. But anyway, give me 10 subjects not even 10, give 1 subject. What 1 thing would you have liked to have known how to do or know what to do or where to start or things like that.

What 1 thing would you have liked someone that was an expert in blogging to tell you when you started blogging?

Just give me 1 subject. Whoever gives me the best subject would win a hundred dollars. I am going to commit to that, on camera. Okay. So whoever gives me the best subject, send an email, send a comment, post a comment on the youtube video, on the Facebook page, on the blog. Send me an email to get support; anything. Send me an idea of what you would like to be told when you was a beginner blogger. If you had the chance to get something told you by an expert.

What would have saved you time? What advice you would give now that you’ve been blogging for a while? What would you give to a new blogger? Something like that.

So whoever’s got the most creative or the most interesting or the most loody dah comment, okay, I would give them a hundred dollars. That’s all you have to do. Come up with what you would have liked to be told or when you are a beginning blogger. What would have helped you? So that’s the thing for today.

Send me the idea and also watch out for the video because I’ve got a feeling that the voice over guy got the story now. He is going to record it the next couple of days. I got a feeling that it is going to be brilliant. Hmm…But I felt like this before.

Anyway, it is going to be brilliant!