Understanding Website Traffic Statistics And Using Them to Your Advantage

Mitz Pantic
My name is Milica Pantic (aka Mitz) and I am a serial full-time blogger. I started out with one website many years ago and it went so well, I sold my businesses and began living the internet dream. Since then I have been perfecting the system of blogging and building Wordpress websites to earn money online. This is an ever changing business and I love the challenge. Please feel free to download my favorite FREE REPORTS if you are interested in improving your blogging business or starting one from scratch.
Mitz Pantic
Mitz Pantic
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Understanding Website Traffic Statistics

Understanding website traffic statistics is generally hard for the average person as it seems to be such a technical topic. Lets try and simplify it all. Only three things really matter in website traffic statistics: visitors, goals, and referrals. Let’s look at each one separately.

Website Traffic Stats: Visitors

Visitors are the people (or humans) who view your page. Typically they’re unique visitors per day. That means each person who visits your website from a particular Web browser on a particular computer is only counted once per day.

Visitors per month is usually the number of unique visitors per day times the number of days in the month. That means a loyal audience of 1,000 visitors which visits your site every day will look like 30,000 visitors in your monthly website traffic stats.

Visitors are the most quoted stats, but they’re not the most important stats. I always say that more traffic can sometimes mean less money. So what matters most is how many of the right type of visitors you get. For that, you need to track goals.

Website Traffic Statistics: Goals

Google Analytics and some other website traffic stats software lets you track user activity on your site to find out which visitors perform specific actions on your website. It calls these actions, “goals”.

If you run an advertisement-based website, you goal is to get visitors to click your ads. If you run an affiliate or product-based website, your goal is to get visitors to buy products. If you run a mailing list-based website, your goal is to get visitors to subscribe to your list.

All of these goals can be tracked so you can see not

just how many raw visitors you have, but how many of them perform the desired action. Even more important, you can use another part of your website traffic stats to see where these visitors came from—that is, who referred them.

Website Traffic Stats: Referrals

On most sites, most visitors are a bust. They don’t earn you any money. They don’t click ads, buy products, or subscribe to lists. But there are a few exceptions—a few visitors who do meet your goals, visitors we call customers.

Your job is to find the difference between customers and non-customers. Often the major difference is who sent the customers to your site.

Every time you click a link on the Web using a non-private browser, your Web browser sends the location of the last page you visited to the page you’re currently loading. This is called a referral. For example, if you search for “example” on Google, you’ll be on a page with a URL like “google.com/search?q=example”. When you click on a link to example.com, your browser will tell example.com that you came from the page “google.com/search?q=example”.

Your website traffic stats collects all of the referral information from the people who visit your site and adds it up. More importantly, it also lets you filter the results by only the visitors who completed the goal action—your customers.

You may receive 50% of your traffic from Google—but you may also discover that 90% of you customers come from blog referrals. If that’s the case and you continue trying to improve your Google rank, you’ll be wasting 90% of your effort. That is one way of fighting the 80/20 rule of internet marketing, cut out the work that does not produce results and stick to the stuff that does.

There are other sections in your statistics, but you’ll get the most benefit from visitor, goal, and referral website traffic stats.


  1. So, “goals” only apply to paid traffic?
    Dash Eva recently posted…3 Tips to Start Exercising in the Morning With EaseMy Profile

  2. Understanding website traffic is really important in blogging and can go a long way to determine the future of your blog. I put in a lot of attention to this and make sure that my traffic keeps rising. Most of my traffic comes from facebook and I have very little coming from other referrals. Thanks for sharing the post, it’s really helpful
    Ngah Benoit recently posted…How important is an apology to your relationshipMy Profile

  3. Mitz, I am glad to see this type of write up at a time when I am almost confused about the best tool to track my site visitors. I am currently trying to track my site stat using Jetpack plugin, Google Analytics and my host cPanel tracking. But all of these give different results, making it increasingly confusing as to who to really depend on for accurate results.

    Like you rightly said, it is not the amount of traffic we get that is important, but the relevance of the traffic. It is better to get 500 unique and targeted traffic daily than to get 5000 useless traffic that would never buy your product, click on your ads or follow your affiliate links to buy the products you promote.

    The traffic you get depends to an extent on the type of anchor texts you use to get them from other sites, and whether your site is a single-niche or multi-niche site. If you run a single niche site, it is easier to get targeted traffic than when one cannot easily define your niche.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted…How to Start Real Estate Investing and Retire Early and RichMy Profile

    • If you have installed Google Analytics code then this should be accurate data. Jet pack seems to report less but still has valuable information. Sometimes people get confused with impressions, unique visits, page views, etc… I just look at unique visits and hope that each unique visitor is viewing a few pages on average before they take another action.
      Mitz Pantic recently posted…5 Awesome Ways To Get People To Retweet Your TweetsMy Profile

  4. Hey Metz,
    Good to sometimes return to the basics and clear the dust. I know many Internet users mix up these terms. Thanks for bringing some clarity

    Do have a wonderful week
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Free WordPress Ad Management Plugin ~ Manage our Ads with Ease!My Profile

  5. Short but informative post. Understanding website traffic help us to make more money online. Thanks for the great share. Learn lot from it.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted…Top 5 Tips to Get Your Comments Approved FastMy Profile

  6. Hi Mitz !
    This is a very useful post for me as you have cleared some of my doubts on features of Google analytics . Thanks for sharing the information .

    Pramod recently posted…ZTE Blade Q Mini,Q and Q Maxi Dual Core Phone DetailsMy Profile

  7. Hey Miltz,

    This post is actually very timely and I guess I would have to put my mind at rest now. Thanks for sharign it here with this great community.

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…7 Easy Steps to Break or Make a HabitMy Profile

  8. Hi Mits, You are right and thanks for updating this. Without traffic statistics there is no way you will end up being successful. It is important to understand it. ~ Anetta
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…TrueCaller for PC – Free DownloadMy Profile

  9. I think man new bloggers do get confused over the stats for their websites, heck, I think even seasoned bloggers get a little mixed up with them at times as well.

    I use my stats quite a lot, they certainly help to see what has been very popular and how you can use that in future posts to take advantage of the time/day etc when to post that sort of article again.
    Karen Woodham recently posted…HOW TO Find Out Your Twitter StatsMy Profile

  10. Hey hi Mitz, Thanks for your effort you have put in making this article. I have a query regarding sharing of blog links to get referal traffic. Could you please tell me which is the better way to share links ? Direct blog post link or link after using Url shortening service?
    Nitin recently posted…Windows 8 Freeze Problem – Reasons and Solutions to Fix it !My Profile

  11. Hello Mitz,
    This is indeed a great post and i must admit that i loved it indeed. I do use my analytic tool to track and strengthen my traffic generation. Your method are great…
    Thanks and have a great week ahead…
    Babanature recently posted…Tips And Tricks To Recover Deleted Photos From Android PhoneMy Profile

  12. The type of traffic shows us how our blog is going to do in future, if its organic, we should worry about rankings, and conversions, if it is referral or direct, the fear of losing is less and conversion rate is also way more high. This is my personal experience. Thanks for the mindful guide.
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…HTC One Price in IndiaMy Profile

  13. Mitz, thanks a lot for sharing these tips!!! The only stats I look at are those for visitor behaviour on my site, like how many page views per session etc…
    josh trenser recently posted…3 Easy Steps To Download And Install WhatsApp For PCMy Profile

  14. I wish i get tons of organic traffic but most of my friends say that you need to be social to get more traffic as organic traffic is really hard to gain these days…
    SAJID recently posted…Gmail Login – http://www.Gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  15. I engaged with Google Webmaster tools and Analytics for last 6 years. I must say Google Analytics is the best tool to check website statistics which is also a free tool. Using GA I can really observe which keywords I should focus on and which not and helps me to take a decision about next content creation. Thanks for your nice article.
    somon recently posted…Clash of clans for PC Download: How to install on Computer (Windows 7 / 8 / XP / Vista)My Profile

  16. I track my visitors with goggle analytics for me they are most relevant source for tracking visitors and also they have many tolls that help you to analyze your visitors on different segments. Most of my traffic unfortunately still is not from search engines usually from other referral sites but my blog is new and i hope in 6 month i will have more traffic from search engines.
    Thanks for the great post.
    Tamara recently posted…10 Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online | Without Downloading AnythingMy Profile

  17. Hey Mitz,
    Great article and understanding website traffic is very important in blogging as it helps in understanding our readers and google Analytics is great way for understanding it. Organic and referal traffic, both are very important and Yes, its very hard these daus to get organic traffic and if we have referal traffic then we have to focus on it.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 5000My Profile

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