Two-wheeled Tourism: 4 Cities All Bike Lovers Should Visit

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If you are a bike lover and you love travelling, then you definitely have to experience two-wheeled tourism. Bike culture has been booming in the past decade, so many cities are becoming more bike-friendly. Moreover, some of the city beauties can only be seen on foot or by bike, so bike lovers will enjoy the paths without traffic.

These four cities are magnificent, and are of great historical value. Include them in your list and you won’t regret it, especially if you are an adventurous type of person.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark


The capital of Denmark, is a city of great architecture and history. Statue of the Little Mermaid is probably the most famous attraction among others such as Tivoli Gardens, Amalienborg Palace (royal family’s residence) and National Aquarium. Amsterdam lovers will certainly enjoy Christiania, the part of the city that is considered freetown, where you can buy marijuana on the streets, even though it’s technically illegal. Copenhagen has a lot of historical monuments, so don’t miss experiencing the history at first hand.

This city has over 400km of bike lanes, which makes it easier for people to quickly get from one place to another without polluting their city with exhaust fumes. It has proven to be so popular that it has now become a  full-blown trend. It’s not only the look of your bike that’s important – you also need to dress with style. Being fashionable is a must, because everyone should look good while riding a bike. This fashion trend has become a part of their culture, so dress up and visit the most beautiful places in Copenhagen.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Netherlands, the country of magnificent architecture, is one of the favorite destinations among tourists. When it comes to Amsterdam, it seems that the best way to experience the city’s sites is to take a canal boat tour. This wonderful city has much to offer, and it should be on everyone’s travel list.

/> Wherever you look at a picture of Amsterdam, you can see a bike in it. That’s because it’s the most popular means of travel, and a great alternative to cars. The locals ride their bikes to work and around the city whole day, so it’s common to see a man or a woman riding around in a suit. Rent one and see the city from the locals’ perspective.


3. Barcelona, Spain


When you mention this city to football fans, the first thing that comes to their mind is definitely the stadium Camp Nou, where you can take a behind the scenes tour. Even if you aren’t a fan, don’t miss out on seeing one of the best stadiums in the world. When in Barcelona, make sure you visit the Gothic Quarter, the old town famous for narrow cobbled streets with tall buildings. Walk along the streets Picasso walked along, and have a coffee in this historical part of the city.

The most popular street is La Rambla, which reflects Catalan culture. Because some of them are narrow, it is a lot easier to reach some parts of the city with a bike. This city is very popular for its “Bicing Program”, which includes 100 stations around the city. You can easily rent a bike anywhere you want, and enjoy in the wonders that this city has to offer.

4. Berlin, Germany


When riding a bike in Berlin, visit Mauerpark and find some good bargains at the flea market, which is quite popular among the locals. There is a lot to do in Berlin, from seeing the ruins of Berlin Wall and various museums, to dancing till sunrise in the best clubs.  

Berlin is one of the favorite cities for bike lovers, because it holds 1st Bicycle Art Gallery, which has been working since 1990. In the gallery, bikes are restored and exhibited. You can see beautiful retro bikes, also even buy some. As they restore old bikes, if you have one, make sure you show it to them.

Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Montreal, and San Francisco are also beautiful bike-friendly cities and deserve an honorable mention. Whatever city you choose, be sure that you can rent the bike everywhere, and at low price.