Time to start working on a new theme

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I may have a couple of days free this week to work on the new theme. I’ve just got back from an intense 2 days of business where it was all meetings, meetings, meetings with a little bit of bug fixing (read that as hours at the monitor) and it resulted in some major changes to the project which basically means it is the same project as the one I originally got involved in. Lol! feature creep is a beach (sp)

Guest posters galore!

Well, I never expected so many people to get back to me about being a guest poster on comluv.com . Thanks so much to all 20+ of you who managed to find your way to the support ticket system and leave your request to become a contributor. I have seen your tickets and will be taking action on them as soon as I’m able which, should be, probably, maybe, in a couple of weeks. I’ll be sure to let you all know nearer the time when your accounts have been upgraded.

New banner advertiser

As part of a joint venture with 4 other blogs (Famousbloggers – How to Blog, Growmap – Internet Strategist, iBlogzone – Home

Based Business Resources and Kikolani – Social Media Strategy) I have set up a Multi Blog Ad network that allows anyone with some dollars to spare to purchase a 125×125 ad spot that gets shown on all 5 of our blogs.

Our most recent advertiser is Coupon Swapper which is a brand new site (still shiny!) by our resident Godaddy Coupon Guy, Brian Longest. Both sites are worth a visit, thanks Brian for being a repeat advertiser and all round good guy. (psst.. he’s got a special on .org domains this week)

Be an affiliate!

Our pageviews and results speak for themselves and if you’re not in the market for buying ads, why not sell them for us and get 20% kickback? wow! that’s a full 20% commission for any Multi Blog ads that you sell via your affiliate link.

All you have to do is visit the MBA affiliate signup page and enter your details. Once you’re in, just use your unique affiliate link and tell people about it.

Still time to be a guest poster

As I am so busy with external things, there’s still plenty of time to become a guest poster here at comluv.

All you have to do is submit a support ticket with a request to become a contributor and I’ll upgrade you near the time the blog will open up for your posts. (if you can’t find the support tickets, sorry, you’re not qualified to become a guest poster!) ((meany me huh?)) :-)