How to Throw the Best Summer Party

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Throwing a pool party is much harder than it seems. If something goes wrong, the consequences may be severe and that’s why this job must not be taken lightly because if you’re responsible for the organization, you’ll be the one to blame if anything bad happens with the party or to any of the guests.


The fun part is easier if you’re creative. The best parties are always themed ones, so you’ll need a cartoon, book story a movie or an epoch for a start. Here are some ideas.

  • Cruise Party
  • Valentine’s Day Celebration Party
  • Circus Party
  • Greek Gods Theme
  • Nerd Gathering
  • Lingerie Party
  • Playboy Party
  • Comedy Party
  • Cowboys VS Indians
  • Hat Party
  • Dating Games Party
  • Cabaret Party
  • Horror Halloween Party
  • Graffiti Hip-Hop Party
  • Karaoke Competition
  • Angels VS Devils Party
  • Cocktails Party

While you picking out one of these great ideas, consider the costume. Not all costumes are easy to find as they are not easy to wear. You wouldn’t want to wear some heavy, huge costume at a pool party – imagine you get thrown into the water. It will be hard to get out and the costume is destined to be ruined.


So, when you have finally chosen, you should get to the next step – invitations. Now, you mustn’t make the pool crowded because everybody will just be nervous all the time and they will be “living in fear” of accidentally falling into the pool. But, if you invite just a couple of people, there’s not going to be a party – just a few people who are dressed weird.


The next step is decorating the exterior. Try to pay attention to the smallest details, so that the atmosphere would be almost tangible and real. For example, if you decide to throw a cocktail party, which is very simple for decorating, just place around something that resembles chair-sized martini-shaped glasses and put some glowing lights in (this will also solve the major part of lighting). Other than that, you can throw around some giant colorful paper umbrellas that you can make on your own, if your budget is limited. You are free to stop there if you lose your inspiration. If you have a garden you can focus on arranging it in an interesting way to boost the stylish look of your home even more.

Balloons and invitations should be taken care of a couple of weeks before the party. If you order the invitations on time, they will arrive at the right moment for you to send them. Regarding the balloons, you just need to arrange the exact time of the delivery, but before that, be sure that you’ve got the dates right, so that you don’t end up with a house full of balloons and nothing to do with them.

Pool preparation

The harder part is connected the pool itself. No one wants to be at the pool party where the pool is muddy and filled with plants and dirt that the wind brought. If the pool is dirty, your guests will undoubtedly question your personal hygiene, and therefore, the drinking glasses and plates. To avoid this kind of humiliation, be prepared and don’t let

anything to be an accident.

First, make sure that your pump and filter are fully functional and that they’re doing the job well. The power of the pump must be proportional to the size of the pool. If the pump is too small, it’ll take forever to clean it. Then, be sure to add a chemical that you use. If you’ve not already decided what will be your cleaning medium, do not panic, it’s never too late. Look for a:

  • Balancer
  • Oxidizer
  • Sanitizer
  • Pool Bleaches
  • Algaecides
  • Or any other alternative cleaning chemicals.

Use the manual to find out about the amounts you need. Do not go overboard because if you do, the chemicals may react with each other and create stains on the pool walls or, eventually, on your clothes.

If you decided to throw a party in the early summer night, you might consider throwing in some heaters, just in case it gets windy. Look for:

  • Electric Pump Heater
  • Gas Pool Heater
  • Pool Heat Pumps
  • Solar Accessories
  • Solar Controllers

The choice in front of you is easy, if your budget is not limited. Gas Pool Heater are the fastest and the most efficient and you’ll be swimming in the desirable water temperature in no time. If you decide to be an owner of a Gas Pool Heater, you’ll be obligated to have a special gas line that will bring gas or propane to the heater. Electric pumps are longer-lasting than the gas ones, but they take longer to heat the whole pool. Also, they cost less to maintain than gas pumps, even though both of their purchasing prices move from one to a couple of thousand dollars. You’ll need to take care of your home after the party as well, so make sure you consider some cleaning hacks so you can avoid losing an entire day.


If you want your party to really be remembered, why not make a sensation? Pool lights are great idea for the exterior design, and an even better one for parties. You can go classical and put just clear lenses, but don’t leave them just anywhere – organize and imagine the final appearance before you place them. If you’re into more “modern” colors, you can use colored lenses and fit them with your existing exterior first and then to the theme of the party you’ve already chosen. The lights will probably do more than just glow – they will be one of the factors that will dictate the overall mood. Swimming goggles can also be one of the party’s props in the water, and out on the “dry land” – playing with colors is always funny and crazy.

All the hard work you are ready to invest will surely pay off, but a couple more tips won’t do any harm. Even if you want to throw a crazy party you can still save money through coupons. There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve your budget! Do not go overboard with the decorations – there’s a thin line between just enough and too much stuff – where your pool will look like a storage facility (I am exaggerating). Also, be sure to dress tastefully. No one wants to see too much cleavage or a half of your behind that just happened to fall out. If you exaggerate with lights, you’ll end up with a bunch of half-blind blinking people that are constantly bumping into each other. Hygiene is the one thing that you can’t have enough of. Nothing is too clean and there’s always a place for some extra effort.