The Project Runway Guide to Rockin’ Fitness

I write to inspire others with diet and fitness.

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A fitness guide from Project Runway

Project Runway is a competition. Life is not.

There’s still lessons to learn. Don’t be a diva. It’s okay to admire others’ awesomeness. Cliques, while advantageous, leave others out.

We can’t forget that hard work and skill trump B.S. every time. And that people are people.

The judges may not drop f-bombs in the contestants, like maybe a certain U.K. chef. Don’t think for a minute though that they won’t put a designer in his/her place with some selective words.

At the same time, the judges are responsible for some gems.

“Make it work.” Tim Gunn

How many times have you gone to the gym, workout sheet in hand, and every single piece of equipment that you want to use is spoken for?

Make it work. No matter the body part, there are so many different ways to work those muscles.

“I always try to make my things happen.” Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum made Project Runway happen. No matter what’s going on, there’s always a work around. On vacation–order what you want, how you want it. Don’t be a butthead about it, or you’re not going to want to touch the food. Ewww”¦

Busy schedule–Squeeze in whatever exercise that you can, as you find the time. I wouldn’t do push-ups in a bathroom stall, but you should be able to find a quite place to do something. Go for a nice walk at lunch. Like the designers, be creative.

“South by Southwest, the optimism of an endless horizon and blue skies ahead.” Michael Kors

I don’t know what he was talking about in the first part either. The rest of it seems sound.

Life may not be a chair full of bowlies. If you make the decision that you’re going to be optimistic though, a few cherries in a bowl isn’t too much to ask for.

“Pretty can be boring.” Nina Garcia

Project Runway has a lot of models that are pretty, but not boring. At the gym, we’ve all seen Jazzercise Barbie, and No-Neck Ken at the gym. They look so perfect. Everybody wants to be like them”¦ they’re pretty.

In my experience, most of the people that fall into this category aren’t as cool as we make them out to be. No pedestal is warranted.

At the very least, don’t use them as your measuring stick.

You need a Tim Gunn

We all need a mentor. On Project Runway, that would be Tim Gunn. Somebody to look up to. A person to emulate.

A mentor can be somebody that gives you advice. They point you in a direction, based on their knowledge about a given field.

Your teacher doesn’t even need to know who you are. I know many people that look up to Tony Robbins. They read his books. Listen to his talks. Never actually meting the man.

Using these materials, they are able to get an idea in their head what Mr. Robbins would do in a given situation. Tapping into those thoughts, they adjust their direction.

A personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach, or maybe even Tim Gunn, could guide you where you want to go. 


  1. Hi Phitzone,
    It doesn’t matter how many guides or programs you have, motivation and hard discipline is the only thing you need to 100%. Of course is a perfect guide good on the top then.

  2. Love the analogy! I agree with the mentor part; it’s always great to have a cheering section ready to help you succeed, it can work miracles with your confidence.
    Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach recently posted..How To Easily Get Up To Speed In An Obscene Amount of TimeMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Oh the importance of support.
    Joe recently posted..Running For Weight LossMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    @John, I don’t disagree about needing a mentor. Mentors are great for inspiration. In the example of the runners that you gave, that sounds like a lack of motivation on their part. There is only so much, as mentors, that we can do to motivate.
    phitzone recently posted..Do You Have Any Bananas TodayMy Profile

  5. That is very true that no matter how good the mentor is if the person is not willing to listen and do what the mentor says it wont work. I have run into a lot of people where you talk and advise them till your blue in the face with no results.

  6. I agree of some post here, you can’t achieved your goal for that person if she/he won’t listen to the mentor. Your just running out of saliva for that. If the mentor is always positive then the students should be more positive and willing. That then both parties can get what they want. Great article keep it up!

  7. No matter how fitness is part of our lives and it is very important, a good fitness will always benefit the body and it depends on how we do. The presence of mentors is needed if you want to run a fitness program.

    • Twitter:
      I think it goes beyond just wanting to “run a fitness program”. Mentors, coaches, etc. should be utilized in every aspect of our lives. Why wouldn’t you want to follow the examples of anybody that has already done what you’re striving to accomplish?
      phitzone recently posted..Hold On With A Bulldog GripMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Thanks for the information, it’s true what we all need is motivation, and I would say consistency all the time. Wishing you the best.

    Annamarie Menendez
    annamarie recently posted..Broccoli Cheese SoupMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Thank you, Annamarie. I would agree about motivation and consistency. Nice blog, BTW.
    phitzone recently posted..Fitness Funnies VideoMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    In the end, each of us to “make it work” for our bodies and minds.

    I know it sounds silly, but one of my secrets to getting to the gym is keeping a nice pair of gym shoes that only goes to the gym. They were expensive and I only wear them at the gym. because of that, they always look nice and clean and never have road grime on them. I always feel good about my appearance when I’m there. I know it’s silly, but for me, it works.
    Abbie Waters recently posted..How Much Does IVF CostMy Profile

  11. Steven Bancroft says:

    This is an excellent post. I particularly liked Tim Gunn’s “How many times have you gone to the gym, workout sheet in hand, and every single piece of equipment that you want to use is spoken for?

    Make it work. No matter the body part, there are so many different ways to work those muscles.”

    This is so true. It’s easy to be inflexible about your workouts and have a set regimen in mind. But there’s so many ways to work out a muscle that rather than throw in the towel, why not be creative and do the workout anyway? It’s the working out that matters – not the fact that you couldn’t get a bench press.

  12. I would agree, we all need is motivation, additional to that, always practice to discipline your self in order to achieve your goal.

    Thank you so much for this information.
    jessiecrawford recently posted..SFFP 006 Deal Of The Day Fitness MarketingMy Profile

  13. I love Heidi Klum. She really makes things happen. She is not just another “runway blond’. And her advice is good. Sometimes there is no time for a full workout. Squeeze in a mini-workout in your busy day:)

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