How To Make Lasting Change

I write to inspire others with diet and fitness.

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tyle="text-align: left">Gotten tripped up by change lately? Read this.
Don't fear the change

Change happens at the speed of life.

Change is a constant. We’re always trying to change things in our lives. I think it’s always been like this.

There was probably a caveman sitting next to a fire, shortly after discovering it, thinking about how he’d look better to the ladies if he could just stand up a little straighter.

Even those of us that are creatures of habit and comfort still find ourselves making changes.

A funny thing happens when we make a decision to make big changes–friends and family can act as a road block. It’s odd how those that should be our biggest support system can turn out to be the ones that hold us back.

It’s interesting to see what happens to many people when they clean up their diet, and begin exercising.

Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for siblings, parents, extended family, and even spouses to sabotage another’s progress. It’s the whole crabs in a bucket theory.

As individuals we have to find ways to cope with changes in our lives. This includes how it will impact those around us.

Dave Navarro, stud extraordinaire and product launch guru to the stars, outlined nine points to keep yourself on the path. Two really stood out to me

Find people that will support you

Whether a coworker, family member, professional counselor or support group, you need to have somebody that you can talk to. The more the merrier. Don’t think one and done. You need to find as many as possible.

Get spiritually grounded

For the purpose of our discussion today it doesn’t matter what your religious believes are. One way or another, you need to lean on these.

Personally, I lean on my Christian morals, and the teachings of the Church to prop me up. This is especially true when coping with difficult situations in my life, such as change.

How do you feel about change? How do you cope with big change?


Photo: Dan Metcalfe

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