The Cloud for Dummies

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Nikko Marasigan

Nikko Marasigan

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Nikko Marasigan
Nikko Marasigan
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What is The Cloud?

If your only idea of a cloud is that fluffy looking mass of droplets and other particles in the sky, man, you’re way too stuck in the ancient ways. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. A lot of people have been using this technology without even knowing that there is a collective term for it. And for all we know, your idea of “cloud” might not be entirely useless.

Actually, it isn’t. Imagine putting all your files, documents and other information in a cloud in the sky. Wherever you go, you can see and access this cloud. You can store more files, use/edit documents, or delete stored info from anywhere as long as you have a computer, laptop, mobile phone or any other internet-enabled gadget.

This is how the cloud works. Storage, hosting of files (such as music, photos, applications, videos, etc.), and other services are outsourced to web-based cloud hosting service providers. The best part is: you can avail most of these services for less, if not for free. Check this out:


Facts About The Cloud

Since it is easier to use, more convenient, more flexible and more cost efficient, a lot of people and companies have been investing in cloud hosting services through the years. As of February 2011, a

rel="nofollow">NetCraft Web Server Survey found over 285 million hosts running websites around the world.

Other Cloud Services

Book Lending – This is your library in the Cloud, where people store books for other people to borrow without the fear of an old grumpy librarian and her long and hard weapon of eternal punishment (a.k.a. “Stick of Terror”). No need to stay silent and fill out forms of the ancient book loan methods. You get to borrow anytime and from anywhere, too.

Shapeways – This is your factory in the Cloud: a platform where you can create customized stuff, upload it, and have it printed or produced. Already out of gift ideas for the girl of your dreams? Try to have a walk in this cloud.

Teamviewer – This is your personal cloud remote control. With the use of the cloud technology, you can connect to any server or PC from anywhere and use or access it as if you were sitting right in front of it. Now you can stop bringing your whole PC set wherever you go.

Youview -This is your TV in the Cloud, where you can watch your favourite Freesat or Freeview channels, catch up on episodes you missed, and even request for pay TV like for sports events, films, American series, and others. Who can say you missed out on watching the football game you and your friends agreed to watch because you overindulged in peanut butter and got constipated?