Importance of Choosing the Right Web Hosting for Better Rankings

Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi is a Passionate Blogger from Haryana, India who write at Blogging Cage. He loves to write about Blogging, SEO, WordPress, HostGator Coupons and Social Media. Before coming into Blogging he was working ASIC Verification Engineer.
Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi
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Once you have written your website and posted it online, you need to get it indexed on Google. No doubt you have considered the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your site as you wrote it, but now you need to consider other factors, such as how your host server is going to affect your Google rank.

The web host consideration is often overlooked by webmasters, because finding a right web hosting is so difficult that it seems irrelevant. It is like finding the perfect car to pull the weight of your trailer without using too much fuel, only to be told that you should have looked for one that has flexible steel axles to take bumps and corners better.

In many cases, it is not how much your hosting company is going to push you up the search engine results. It is more about how much damage they can do to your ranking, including but not limited to, getting your website banned from the Google index.


IP Addresses

Many people think that having your own personalized IP address will help improve your Google rank. Whether this is true or not is unknown, but with a shared host you have to share your IP address with hundreds of other people. There are companies that you can often pay to give you your own IP address. Any decisive proof that private and personalized IP addresses helps your search engine rankings has been quickly denied by the bigger search engines, even though tracking the positive and negative actions from a personalized IP address would be easier for search engine bots.



hosts and their shared IP addresses matter not to the nasty spammer. As you know, spammers are often kicked off a search engine’s index because spamming is naughty. Another website may be spamming away whilst using the same IP address as everyone else on that server. When they get banned they take everybody else with them. Your website’s visibility could be seriously damaged and there is nothing you can do about it.

Banned Servers

Your entire server may be banned from a search engine. If you have VPS then nobody is to blame but yourself. On the other hand, if you have shared hosting then you could end up taking the fall (rankings wise) because of the actions of some other jerk on your server.


Your server should have a very high percentage of Up-time. If it does not, then your website is going to have portions of the day, month, week, when it does not operate. Your rank on Google will not matter at all if your traffic is getting a “can’t find html” screen when they click on it.


If your host is not playing by Google’s rules, then the sites held within may be due for a serious knock to their Google Ranking. If the server has hundreds of URLs on it that are making it harder for Google to index, then Google may penalize the server, and therefore penalize your website along with it.

Final Words.

As I said hosting is very crucial for any business, because a bad hosting can encourage search engines to give low priority to your blog while giving SERP. So do proper research and read reviews about hosting before spending money. 


  1. Hi Kulwant
    To add to the points you have greatly laid, your server response time is very crucial in determining your loading speed which is another ranking factor. If your server takes 1 second and above to respond, it’s already a big issue.
    Server response time is generally not considered but I think it plays a great role
    Enstine Muki recently posted…When is the right time to start monetizing a new blog?My Profile

  2. Nice and Interesting post Kuldeep !
    I agree with all the points you’ve mentioned . Its always important to choose the right URL structure for our blog as it will be good not only for SEO but also for readability. Thanks for sharing these points with us .

    Pramod recently posted…Best Android Phones in India with Quad Core Processor,3GMy Profile

  3. Choosing hosting wisely has become one of the most crucial aspects of starting an online business. Given the number of “naughty” people is increasing everyday, anyone can easily put your website at risk, knowingly or unknowingly.

    And our websites and businesses do not deserve that kind of treatment. Think about it – getting banned by search engines and losing rankings just because a random guy is on the game is pathetic! Thanks for sharing Kulwant!
    Jane recently posted…3 Important Things To Ensure Your Complete Well-BeingMy Profile

  4. Hi Kulwant,
    You mentioned some really great points to take care of in choosing the right host.
    The most important thing however would be to check the IP addresses so that we can know what other sites does our site shares the IP with. This can affect a lot.

  5. Find a good shared hosting is always a challenge. I haven’t had any problems with bad IP’s. Sometimes site uptime is a problem. I run site monitors 24/7 to ensure the uptime. Also, the location of web hosting companies do play a role in regional listing.
    chang recently posted…Webassign loginMy Profile

  6. Hello Kulwant,
    Thank for this study. What are hosting can you recommend? Do you have some official results of what you said about hosting,shared Ip, banned servers, etc? or it’s just the result of your experience?
    marc.donovan recently posted…WeChat for PC Download – Windows, Computer, Android, iPhoneMy Profile

  7. Hello sir, I am new in this field and gaining some experience after reading the posts. You points are valid and will apply it soon. thanks
    Sandeep Sihmar recently posted…Blackberry Z30 coming to IndiaMy Profile

  8. I never realized that hosting could effect my ranking ability. The extent I ever thought about it was whether or not my site would stay up or not.
    Al Green recently posted…Five Vanilla Shakeology Recipes Under 200 CaloriesMy Profile

  9. souk khasa says:

    Loading time of the website is become most important factor now, If the hosting is good It will certainly loads the website quickly help to get good rankings. All other factors mentioned above are also important and appreciable. Thanks!!!!

  10. Hi Kulwant,
    Very interesting point in “Banned Server”. How to check “banned server” from internet? I’m using shred hosting but I don’t know whether the hosting is banned or not
    ithauphy recently posted…How to Sell Products Online using eBayMy Profile

  11. Thank for this study. What are hosting can you recommend?

  12. Very True Kulwant and Thanks for the post. It can be very disappointing applying all the SEO knowledge you have on a site that will take forever to rank. But my question is, if I a site is not ranking and it has been worked on [seo, sem,smm] should I consider changing the hosting company or can they change anything on their server? ~ Anetta
    anetta.b recently posted…TrueCaller for PC – Free DownloadMy Profile

  13. I do not think the hosting affect the ranking of a web page. I am using many different suppliers for many of my sites, but have not seen affecting rankings, blog some of my friends use the same hosting provider but have very high rankings.
    Danny recently posted…Online money making sites from Cash Funnels MachineMy Profile

  14. Wow, I honestly never thought about how a host server could rupture your rankings! Thanks for the informative post, Kulwant!

    Here at, we focus on helping our clients improve their search results in a good way. I guess now we should definitely consider our clients’ hosting as part of this process.
    James H. recently posted…Hotel Reputation Management TipsMy Profile

  15. Nowadays better hosting providers want some big money and it approaches as a complicated matter for new bloggers as their websites unable to return good money and it takes month after month even year to generate good traffic and revenue. So how a new blogger can survive in this profession?
    somon recently posted…Whatsapp for pc – download & install on Computer (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP)My Profile

  16. I completely agree with that choosing the wrong web host can have serious consequences on a website or business, especially if the owner is not a tech-savvy person.

    To make things worse, a lot of “web hosting recommendation services” or articles out there are written or programmed solely based on the affiliate commissions that web hosting companies are offering them.

  17. Thanks Kulwant, awesome share from you, I am agree with you As a business, one of your most important priorities is maximizing profits. If you think choosing the wrong web hosting can’t have a negative impact on your income, think again. Nice share
    anastris recently posted…4 cara menurunkan berat badan dengan cepatMy Profile

  18. I was aware of the fact that Server Response time affects our Blog’s search engine rankings but some of these points are completely new to me. Newbie bloggers can only afford shared hosting but it has some serious disadvantages. I am using shared hosting by Hostgator and have faced no such problem till now.
    Ankur Upadhyay recently posted…5 Awesome Web Analytics and Traffic Statistics plugins for WordPressMy Profile

  19. nice advices Kulwant. I will think again about web hosting first i was thinking to start and use my brother’s hosting and i heard that host gator is not doing well in this field. It’s just advertising it self. How ever i am still thinking about hosting company because i am now starting a site soon using wordpress platform.
    anis rehman recently posted…nature wallpapers series 3My Profile

  20. I understand all the points you mentioned above and really think they are points to consider when choosing a hosting company. What I will like to know is how can you know that your server has been banned on search engines ?
    Ngah Benoit recently posted…Interview with Adamu Melo: The first time he fell in LoveMy Profile

  21. You made some excellent points in your article. The other consideration when choosing a hosting company is site speed. Speed helps with rankings and also ensures visitors are not clicking away from your site due to slow loading. I was having problems on a well known host with slow loading times and it was making it hard to use the WordPress admin panel. I switched to WPEngine and I couldn’t be happier.
    Bill recently posted…Eastport Photography Website RedesignMy Profile

  22. Too much troubles online – spamming, hacking, fraud, cyber attacks, etc. Before hosting your site, you need to really investigate properly and be sure you are going to use a hosting company that has reputation and is able to meet up the various challenges out there.

    Unfortunately, one has to pay for the sins of others sometimes. A good host company should be up and doing, and help to ensure that sites sharing the same server are all clean and that one does not rub mud on others. Spamming, fraud, hacking and other issues must be treated with the seriousness they deserve so as to keep the confidence of the blogs hosted under them.

    I think the best thing to do is to get your own VPS if you can afford it and go to sleep with both eyes closed. If you are using your own VPS, you wouldn’t be over bothered by the activities of others around you as you know that you alone have the power to bring your blog down.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted…Social Media Suicide: 7 Ways You Are Driving Your Followers AwayMy Profile

  23. hi Kulwant,
    basically all the sites mention that they will provide a 100% up time.
    But, this is something that is practically not possible.
    Thus, it will be very helpful to have a little chat session before choosing the hosting.
    yogesh recently posted…Why should we have a cyber-security system?My Profile

  24. Things to consider:
    1. Uptime
    2. Support
    3. Availability of support 24×7
    4. Server type / Hosting type (shared is not good if your site is high traffic)

  25. According to Google, more than 200 factors are responsible for the determination of the ranking, and the speed is one of those actors, i.e. depends on the hosting you choose from.
    Chetan recently posted…Valuable Tips to Buy Flats in KandivaliMy Profile

  26. Thanx so much for sharing this! I have been trying to learn a little bit more about website hosting lately… I found this really helpful!
    Kuldeep recently posted…Shazam for PC – Download Shazam for Windows 7/8/Vista/XPMy Profile

  27. I use Hostgator for all my websites because its the best and the most reliable hosting provider of the internet….
    SAJID recently posted…Google Zero GravityMy Profile

  28. hello
    basically all the sites mention that they will provide a 100% up time.
    But, this is something that is practically not possible.
    Thus, it will be very helpful to have a little chat session before choosing the hosting.thnx for this nice info will share it with my friends too.
    rajat recently posted…free heidi cortez wallpapers for pc downloadMy Profile

  29. Indian IM giant Soumya also gives same advic, to choose a nicer hosting for a better SEO ranks .. !! Having zero p.rn and scam sites helps to make our ip whitelisted at Google, and make more money!!
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Y Price in IndiaMy Profile

  30. Jafar, Soumya has already warned bloggers in India.

    So Hope this guide would help other people also.
    Kulwant Nagi recently posted…How I Survived My First 7 Months in Blogging? And You Can Do It Too…My Profile

  31. So how do I find out if my webhost is blacklisted by Google? I am getting pretty good customer support from the host I am currently with and its a cloud server.
    Anchit Shethia recently posted…Micromax Bolt A61: Specs, Features and PriceMy Profile

  32. Hello Kulwant, nice article. I would like to add that webpage loading speed is also important for seo. So server response time of web hosting provider is also crucial part.
    Veer Modi recently posted…InMotion Hosting Coupon Code-50% Off Discount-Promo CodeMy Profile

  33. I thinke before that web hosting affect ranking through its up time and load time. But history of web hosting is also important for ranking , This is new thing for me,. I never understand that much of importance of ip add. Thanks for the nice post Kulwant.
    Mahendra recently posted…Best free Antivirus for Android 2014 list & DownloadMy Profile

  34. Hey kulwant,
    Great content and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Spammers point is very important as in shared hosting, if many comment goes to spam it may cause bad result for all sharing user. We have to choose good hosting. this post really gonna help all the users.
    Sudipto recently posted…Temple Run for PC Download, Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/Vista, MACMy Profile

  35. Hosting certainly plays a major role in getting success online. A good host will increase lading speed of a website which means high rankings and also the Up time as you said will have good effects.
    Atinder recently posted…Hostgator 25% Off Coupon Code (Limited Time Offer) 2014My Profile

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