10 Week Gameplan for a Top 100K Blog – A Real Review

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This book is was written after the contest of the same name where bloggers competed for $1000 in prize money. Their task was to work as a team to create a blog and within 10 weeks take it to a top 100K listing on Alexa.

The book goes in to detail to reverse engineer the methods used and were found to be beneficial to the overall winner getting an alexa ranking of 96,121 after just 10 weeks.

The Review

The book as 118 pages broken up in to a large number of chapters which each go in to great detail of each of the 10 weeks it took to complete the contest. There is an extra section for monetizing your blog.

Each week goes over the different tasks that share the winning strategies used by the top blog and reverse engineers them to drill down to the specific tasks that you could use to achieve the same results.

At the end of each section/week you are given a set of tasks to complete which will make sure that you can take your new blog or existing one along for the ride that the winners took.

The book will be good for

  • New blog owners who want to get a quick head start
  • Existing blog owners who need to reinvigorate their traffic
  • Anyone who needs a blueprint for their company blog
  • Niche bloggers who need to get seen by more people
detailed instructions

/> More than just what to do but, how to do them

As well as explaining what the winning blog did, it goes in to how they did it with detailed instructions on what to click and how to use certain apps and services. Each week introduces new applications and services that all help to market and drive traffic to the blog as well as how to arrange a posting schedule.


  • A complete roadmap from zero to hero
  • Very detailed explanations of the ‘how’ and ‘what’
  • Perfect for beginners to follow along


  •  A little geared towards team blogging (but mentions how to do it without a team)

My Opinion

When Kiesha asked me to review this book I wasn’t expecting it to be such an in depth look at all the individual weeks and then to drill down in to the actual use of applications and services like how to use twitter and the great section on how to use guest blogging effectively. It was pleasantly surprising to get a real ‘meaty’ book to read.

I think that any blogger who is looking to get their new blog noticed and wants to get a jump start on traffic and ranking should seriously consider getting this.

Another good use would be if you have an existing blog and to use each of the challenge weeks as some fabulous ‘blog fodder’ for posting on to your own site. A real mine of information.

Don’t dither, just get it. If you’re a new blogger, this is a no brainer.

Well done Kiesha, a quality book that’s well worth the money.

You can buy 10 Week Gameplan for a top 100k Blog here