How you can Boost your Traffic up-to 300% with Easy Steps

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Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi is a Passionate Blogger from Haryana, India who write at Blogging Cage. He loves to write about Blogging, SEO, WordPress, HostGator Coupons and Social Media. Before coming into Blogging he was working ASIC Verification Engineer.
Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi
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Boost your Traffic

Getting Traffic and tons of traffic is the final aim of every blogger. There is no need to write lengthy posts and informative articles if you don’t  have good number of readers at your blog.

People keep taking about Alexa Rank, Goolge PageRank and many other ranks but from my point of view you cannot survive in online world until you have traffic on your blog.

If you are reading this post than there might be reason that you are also struggling to boost your traffic or you are looking the ways to increase your traffic. If you are in any one of the mentioned category then this post is going to help you to drive more loyal and targeted readers at your blog.

I was having very decent traffic at my blog and people loved my articles. Suddenly I joined one job and you know that a person having job cannot devote much time on extra activities. I was stunned when one day opened my analytics account and traffic was too much dropped and I was getting only 20% of the traffic. For sure something was wrong.

Then I discovered out these methods which helped to increase my traffic up to 300% of the original traffic.

Here are the Easy Steps to Boost your Traffic

1. Start Commenting

Start commenting doesn’t mean just commenting. I know that this is the easiest method to drive traffic as well as get some quality backlinks. But why anyone would come at your blog if you have commented like “wow what a wonderful post and I am very happy to read this.” Or “The points you mentioned are very valid points and I would love to implement them on my blog.” Such comments clearly mentioned that you are still a newbie and don’t know how to comment.

Commenting itself is a art and people are driving huge traffic from the comments only. So you will have to be very informative and very creative which commenting at any post. Your aim should be adding value in the article and mentioning the points which the author

might have missed.

2. Start Helping

Start helping doesn’t meant here going to every people and ask problems. There are many internet marketing forums and groups on Facebook where you will find too many people asking many question about blogging, wordpress, social media and other different questions. You should always keep eyes in such groups and forums so that you can reply very accurate and up-to the point solution for any problem. If you will be able to do so then not only the person who is looking for the solution would like to visit your blog but there would be many other people also who will land on your blog.

This will make a long term bonding with your visitor and they will start visiting your blog again and again. Because this is a big truth in blogging that you need personal bonding with the visitors. Becasuse there are numerous blogs on the same niche so why people would visit your blog only?

3. Write Quality Post

You might have heard many times that “Content is King”. If this is so then who is going to make it king? The Answer is YOU. It is only you who will write your article in such an informative manner that your content will become king automatically. So always write on the topic about which you have complete knowledge because people don’t like to read fake articles. Keep personal touch in the article so that people would love to read your personal experience.

4. Start Sharing on Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking is becoming popular day by day. The reason behind this is no one would like to go and open each and every blog to see which new article they have published. Rather than going there he/she would love to open social bookmarking site where there will be number of categories to select the niche and read the article. Bookmarking sites are good way to interact with other blogger also.

So start bookmarking your article on famous bookmarking sites.

These were some of the techniques which I applied and still applying to boost my traffic. You need patience to get result from these techniques as I haven’t shared any magic here which will boost your traffic in one night only.

Now your Turn !!

If you have any other good methods which can help the readers to boost traffic then do share your ways. I would love to reply each and every comment so don’t shy to comment here and express your views.