Making a Life-Changing Decision: Thinking about the Future

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Once a person reaches a certain age (let’s say, around 36-40), there is a great deal of things to be thinking about. The most important one is how your progeny will live once you are gone. Even though some might think that 40 is not the right time to be thinking about that (there are still many years on your life tab, I know), the reality is that all of that can change in a heartbeat. Fatal illnesses or injuries can leave your loved ones without anything in the world, forcing them into a very difficult situation that can prevent them from achieving their goals in life.

One of the ways to prevent this is to put your money into a life insurance policy, which will allow your progeny to enjoy most of the benefits they have enjoyed while you were still alive. However, getting insured is not all that easy. It requires a lot of thinking and you have to be sure that the policy that you are investing in is the right thing for you. Here is some advice on how to choose the right policy.

Get informed

The right choice does not lie with the first insurance agent that approaches you (as much as they would like you to believe so). Insurance selling is an industry, just like any other, and one of its main rules is competition. This means that you could get a better quote somewhere else – you just have to look for it a little. So, before making a decision, make sure to get multiple quotes from more than one source and take a look at all the options and restrictions that can influence your insurance payout.

(You can) Use a broker to get the best quotes

When you are buying a car, there is an option of going to a broker who will find the best deal that will suit your needs, and even negotiate the deal for you. The same goes with insurance policies. If you are too busy (or too lazy) to go out and do the research by yourself, you can always hire someone who is adept at those things to help you get the best insurance policy available. However, be cautious, as these services can be even

more expensive than finding the policy yourself.

Buy healthy – pay less

Life insurance premiums (what you pay each month) are calculated according to the state of your health at the time of the purchase (this is only one of the conditions, however). So, when someone who is in perfect health is being quoted for insurance, the rates will be significantly lower then being quoted once you are already seriously ill or on the verge of a chronic disease. However, you do not have to think about life insurance if you have no dependants (because it will be practically useless without someone to leave the money to).

You can completely avoid insurance salespeople now

How many times have you received a call from someone selling insurance policies? They want to arrange a meeting, tell you all about how great their company is, how great their policies are and how they will make everything work. Today, with the advancement of the Internet, you can completely avoid having any contact with these spammers. There are ways to get quotes on the Internet – quickly and efficiently. Once you have taken a look at a few quotes, you can make the decision yourself, without anyone rushing you to make a choice and telling you that their company is the best choice there is. However, be aware that these quotes may slightly differ from what an actuary might provide.

Whether or not anyone with dependants should get life insurance has only one answer: yes, you should get insured. However, choosing the right insurance policy is something that takes time and deliberation. After all, what use is an insurance policy that has lapsed? Always make sure that you get a policy with premiums that will not encumber your budget to a large extent. You have to keep paying the premiums in order for your dependants to get the payout. So, think carefully about who you give your money to, because, in the end, it is the future of your dependants that you are thinking about.