The Magic Formula: How a Pencil in Your Hand Can Put Money in the Bank

Prime Aque
Prime Aque is a Blogger, SEO enthusiast, Freelance Writer and Self-taught Web-designer. He blogs about making money online from the comfort of your living room. Learn how he got PageRank 3 in his 3-month old blog.
Prime Aque
Prime Aque
Prime Aque
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Forget the proverbial pencil. All you really need if you have great writing skills is a computer, a word processing program, and internet access. These tools will get you well on your way to starting a blog, which can earn you a decent living if you follow the formula.

Clever Content

What to write about comes first, and while some have words bursting forth, they have to be great words to get readers. Pictures of your family or commentary on your trip to Europe are not going to gain readers. Instead, consider the following:

  • Flaunt your exceptional wisdom and let the world know what they need to be doing, using, reading or watching. You know what works, so get the word out in the form of reviews. Review movies, books, or any type of product you are passionate about.
  • Use your wit and flair for sarcasm to voice your opinion on virtually anything. Tell the world what you think about celebrities, politicians, and current events, but do it with sass and brass. Anything less that spectacular and you’ll just be another everyday Joe complaining about everything.
  • Did you spend time as a dog walker for Britney Spears? Did you discover the neighbor you babysat for in high school was a secret agent and end up on various misadventures because of it? Probably not, but if you do have anything along these lines in your life, tell your story. We all love gossip and a good adventure!
  • Inspire others with your wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to raising children, saving money, decorating, making money online, fixing cars, or whatever it is you love and are good at. There are thousands that want to know what you know, so tell them.

Whatever you say, it almost certainly has been said before. You have to say it different and better. Don’t just show them how to scrapbook, show them how to scrapbook and make them laugh at the same time. Don’t just type the steps required to change the oil in the car. Make a high

quality video to go along with is and play some catchy music in the background. You have to give readers a reason to believe you are hot and everyone else is not.


Pick something that will keep you interested, because the next killer of many a blog is inconsistency. You must write, and you must write often. Not only that, but you must write consistently. Writing three days in a row, then not writing for two days, then writing again one day, then skipping a week may be often, but it is not consistent. Writing once a week, or twice a month is consistent but probably not often enough. There must be new and fresh content available on a consistent basis. If every day doesn’t work, every other day usually does.


Ready everything you can about SEO and internet marketing. Learn the difference between keyword stuffing and spam and how to avoid each, then get to work. Incorporate good SEO practices into your content and share, tweet, and +1 links every chance you get. Join groups and follow other blogs on the topic, and get genuinely involved. If you do this, the traffic with come.


Content and marketing bring traffic, and traffic is where the money comes from. Join affiliate groups, write sponsored posts, and sell ad space to make all your dreams come true. If you write reviews and have a decent following, you may eventually be offered free products to try and be paid to write an honest review. Affiliate marketing can be a huge money maker, but it takes a lot of time. Help yourself out by only placing ads relating to your topic, as those are the things your readers will be interested in.

This is the quick and dirty formula for how to put your writing skills to work for you. It is easy to get started, but much harder to keep going long enough to make the dough. It can be done, it is hard, it takes real work, but it is real work you can do from the comfort of your home. You can’t beat that. 


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
    Consistency is my big problem. When having lots of responsibilities along with blogging, how can I keep blogging in a consistence way ? I mean how often it would be good and fair ?
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Wrinkles-10 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles on Face NaturallyMy Profile

    • Hi, first thank you for taking some time to read and comment on my blog posts :) That’s an honor. Second, I guess all of us here face the same problem. I was from a bible study a while ago, and I learned something that can solve this problem… We can be consistent with the things important to us when we reexamine our everyday activities… are we doing complex things that make our life this complicated and busy? If yes, we must reevaluate the things we do – and set aside the non-important tasks… let’s separate the “must” from “should” and keep this “must” on the go!

      How often, well, I cannot really give a definite answer – but if you are posting twice a week, and if you can maintain that, it’s pretty good. Yet, take this other formula I have here (this is not mine though, I stumbled upon from one of the great posts I read in the past):

      Good Content + Traffic = Money
      More Good Content + More Traffic = More Money

      Prime Aque recently posted…How To Make Money Online If You Are A BeginnerMy Profile

      • You are welcome!
        Well, my “musts” may take decades to be accomplished ! But I will try to reevaluate my tasks and order them according to proroirty .
        Two posts per week looks good for me, I can handle that, thanks :)
        I once read an article, the author said that there should be a new post everyday, that is soooo much, and needs a full time blogger to do that !
        Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Yogurt, Best Yogurt Face Mask RecipesMy Profile

        • Great to hear that Dima – when your “musts” are for long term – try breaking them down into pieces (short term plans)!

          The truth about posting, when we can afford to post everyday, so we can go for it – but if not – posting twice a week is good… the essence of blog post is quality, if we can’t assure to write awesome contents everyday. then it’s safer to make drafts first. In other words, if we just compromise the quality of our posts for the sake of quantity then it’s useless :(

          Prime Aque recently posted…How To Make Money Online If You Are A BeginnerMy Profile

  2. Hey ! Prime
    Thank you for your Magic Formula. You have explored here an interesting topics. It is most important to think that, as a blogger, must be professional to salea an ides to the world.
    You have an excellent ideas to shout the world world and collect the money.
    Googma Sansar recently posted…The Effective Ways to Web OptimizationMy Profile

    • Thank you! As a blogger we should learn more and more… we should read a lot of useful information from successful bloggers, they know a lot, and they have gone exactly the same challenges new bloggers have experienced today! Experiment, if you are into affiliate marketing, make some experiments on your sales later and optin forms – learn how your audience respond to your offers.

      Best regards,
      Prime Aque recently posted…How To Make Money Online If You Are A BeginnerMy Profile

  3. Blogging can make this possible that if you have pencil in your hand then you can create money from it. Your writing style must be good.
    Prakash recently posted…Download Kik Messenger for Android Smartphones | TabletsMy Profile

  4. Good blogs must have good contents and “right content”. Don’t try to cheat viewers with fake contents. I agree with you that you must focus on what you familiar. It will keep you write often

    • Bingo – that awesome realization! You can still right something you are not familiar with – something new to you which important for your readers, but make sure you spend time to research. If it’s already everywhere, make your own version! In writing, you cannot always claim to be the guru – so if you know there are articles somewhere, you can collect some to support yours with trustworthy sources :)
      Prime Aque recently posted…How To Make Money Online If You Are A BeginnerMy Profile

  5. Informative article for the newbies. when i started writing on my own blog and as a freelancer then i recognized that this is the biggest addiction one can ever have and i am in love with writing and giving away information <3

    • Thank you Tayyab! That is the secret to thrive, right? If we love and enjoy what we do then there’s no reason that we cannot succeed… blogging needs patience and determination, if we are writing and posting for the sake of money, then I guess 1 year is long enough before we will see ourselves that tired because we are disappointed….

      Prime Aque recently posted…How To Make Money Online If You Are A BeginnerMy Profile

  6. Eric Pangburn says:

    The Magic Formula I really liked that title and it made me want to click and check out this post. You make some very valid points and really enjoyed reading this article. I really liked how you shared it takes clever content and how much we all love to not only hear, but we also like to comment on gossip information.

    Lastly, I enjoyed that link to Matt Cutts keyword stuffing that’s great information and advice! It’s always good to learn from someone like Matt Cutts!

    Enjoyed reading this one,


  7. yes every one wants to know how to sniper the good content form the article and attract the visitor . And write very good helpful article
    mohammed kalimulla recently posted…what is dagling pointerMy Profile

  8. Rushikesh says:

    Thanks for all your thoughts….I have been blogging from an year..but i find it very hard to put clever content. When you speak about clever content …do you think i should my ideas and thoughts into a post…….or just follow the professional way?? Frankly, its really hard to choose.

    • Clever content does not necessarily mean that you are writing it the way professionals do – you are not writing for a national news paper anyway – you are blogging – you need to express your opinion and ideas. Be yourself and write it in your tone! People love to know who you are… add you post with personal touch… :)
      Prime Aque recently posted…Do Business Online vs Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  9. Dear Author,

    Sponsored posts are simple way to sell links on your website. And Google TOS clearly saying that selling links on your website will lead to the penalty or even remove from the search engines too. Dont you think we should avoid it?
    Tushar Thakur recently posted…8 Things to consider while designing ecommerce websiteMy Profile

    • Exactly Tushar
      I am Having the Same Doubt here
      Blog might Face Many Consequences from Google because of it
      Ravi recently posted…Top 6 Stickam Alternatives to use After Stickam Shut DownMy Profile

      • Hi There,You have a valid point here… but carefully look at Matt Cutts post: Paid posts should not affect search engines (just copy that title on Google search :) )He stated that sponsored posts should not affect search engines – how? Disclose to readers and to the search engines that a certain post is a paid one.I stumbled upon some blogs that discloses and add disclaimers for certain parts of their blogs or websites – and that includes letting your readers know you are writing for clients – in a form of review.How can you tell search engines about a sponsored post on your blog? Make use of the nofollow attribute…Aside from that, with enough disclosures – if you will provide high value review for your audience, I guess Google is just enough to consider yours.What do you think?Regards,Prime

  10. Cammi Pham says:

    Agree with you being consistant is very important. You need to train your reader and help them form a habit that will make you money. It is easier for people to follow a pattern

  11. Great ideas for creating good content. Thanks for the post.
    Robert Koenig recently posted…Instant Soup Company Sued for Injuring ChildMy Profile

  12. content is matters every thing for your blog it gets traffic and google do not blacklist that.
    ashish recently posted…5 Affordable Portable Chargers To Fulfill Your Battery Needs On The GoMy Profile

  13. deepak mehra says:


    I just wanted to let you know that I just found your blog and enjoyed your article.

    Thanks for share with me!!!

  14. deepak mehra says:


    These info really awesome. .I have been blogging from an year..but i find it very hard to put clever content. When you speak about clever content

    Thanks for share with me!!

  15. deepak mehra says:


    it really a nice article all the tips are really helpful for me, thanks for sharing…!

  16. Hi Prime,

    The phrase that caught my attention is – “Say different”. People go through blogs to know the perspective of the blogger and certain people who are new to blog reading may feel what you are saying is new.

    COD is awesome and wishing you all success throughout your blogging journey.


    • Hi Rafi,

      Yes. The web is loaded with information – but we can always spice it up and say it differently… adding our on voice! And one good thing, we can always add and improve what is present somewhere, that’s the beauty of it.

      Thank you so much for visiting COD – I enjoyed your awesome comment! I wish for your success :)

      Prime Aque recently posted…Do Business Online vs Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  17. I am getting more knowledge ,information hear and enjoyed your post. My opinion is content is very important for getting more traffic our site and blog so you have write original and unique content ..

    Thanks for sharing your valuable post .

  18. Consistency is hard if you don’t have a collection of content to write about. But you can solve a consistency problem by slowing down I think. Like instead of writing everyday, write every week. You’ll stay consistent but you won’t have to worry about the workload. You do have to worry though whether if it’s enough or not
    Leslie Edwards recently posted…The Basics On How To Make Electronic Music: Drum LoopsMy Profile

  19. Damn it….. all this time we have been using pens, not pencils. Thanks for sharing though.

  20. Very much true. For me it is not the pencil but my Chat Program. I try to do better business development whenever I can and that all revolves around the presentation.
    Keral Patel recently posted…The Best Server Options For ColocationMy Profile

    • Great to know that Keral, keep up the good work! Can you tell us more about your chat program?

      • Normally it would have been like thousands of blog posts but rather then blog posts I am doing consultancy on the internet and I do it through chat. Those clients only need proper answers for their web development queries and I have to provide them. That is why I mentioned that I wish I was also able to write a little bit of content side by side, as most of the things that I write whole day is of no use as a blog post.

        Keral Patel recently posted…The Best Server Options For ColocationMy Profile

        • That’s not a problem Keral, it’s not late to start writing an actual blog posts about those conversations! Get the key points and draft posts! 400 to 500 words are enough! Make use of it, when you can publish your ideas and answers to peoples’ questions – it can be more helpful for a wider audience! Go for it pal :)
          Prime Aque recently posted…Do Business Online vs Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  21. Some really good information you have presented here.

    The main thing I focus on is targeting certain keywords and consistently creating content around those keywords. This is the best way I think to get more search engine traffic.
    Corey Will recently posted…Make Money Blogging in 2013My Profile

  22. Sanjit Chohan says:

    Hey Prime,
    The point of using sarcasm –

    “Use your wit and flair for sarcasm to voice your opinion on virtually anything. Tell the world what you think about celebrities, politicians, and current events, but do it with sass and brass. Anything less that spectacular and you’ll just be another everyday Joe complaining about everything.”

    Is well said and works quite Good,
    :) Will implement your other ways of writing.

  23. I think one has to come up with original and quality content to rank well in Google. Yes, writing skills will go a long way in getting repeat users to the website. I agree with Corey, one tailed keywords is a great way start especially when the blog is new.
    Chang recently posted…When is The Color Run Coming to Taiwan?My Profile

  24. “Did you spend time as a dog walker for Britney Spears?” ….ahhahah. That would be an interesting read. Or “Are you Justin Bieber’s hair stylist?”

  25. monetizing your written content is a great thing which everyone should consider. it can give you $$$$ and $$$
    prabhat recently posted…Top 5 Best Rainmeter Skins 2013 Download [Windows PC]: iEatTrafficMy Profile

  26. hello prime
    great post indeed. if one can write great content he will make lot of money definitely by freelancing
    raj recently posted…Free Download Subway Surfers For PC, Android and ComputerMy Profile

  27. Hey Prime,
    Nice post and Yes, consistency is one of the important part of blogging and I we are consistence towards our blog and surely it brings lot of traffic. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted…best laptop in 40000My Profile

  28. Interesting ideas Prime :). Presented well. Thank you for sharing.
    Rehmat recently posted…Top Sites to Find Sponsored/Paid Reviews and Articles for Your BlogMy Profile

  29. That is true, content is very valuable. This is the reason because one writer can charge 0.75 $ for each 100 words and other 5 $ each 100 words.Thanks for sharing all tips, we need to keep it always in mind to create good information.

  30. You are welcome. Please come back for more :)
    Prime Aque recently posted…Do Business Online vs Make Money OnlineMy Profile

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