The Magic Formula: How a Pencil in Your Hand Can Put Money in the Bank

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Prime Aque
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Prime Aque
Prime Aque
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Forget the proverbial pencil. All you really need if you have great writing skills is a computer, a word processing program, and internet access. These tools will get you well on your way to starting a blog, which can earn you a decent living if you follow the formula.

Clever Content

What to write about comes first, and while some have words bursting forth, they have to be great words to get readers. Pictures of your family or commentary on your trip to Europe are not going to gain readers. Instead, consider the following:

  • Flaunt your exceptional wisdom and let the world know what they need to be doing, using, reading or watching. You know what works, so get the word out in the form of reviews. Review movies, books, or any type of product you are passionate about.
  • Use your wit and flair for sarcasm to voice your opinion on virtually anything. Tell the world what you think about celebrities, politicians, and current events, but do it with sass and brass. Anything less that spectacular and you’ll just be another everyday Joe complaining about everything.
  • Did you spend time as a dog walker for Britney Spears? Did you discover the neighbor you babysat for in high school was a secret agent and end up on various misadventures because of it? Probably not, but if you do have anything along these lines in your life, tell your story. We all love gossip and a good adventure!
  • Inspire others with your wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to raising children, saving money, decorating, making money online, fixing cars, or whatever it is you love and are good at. There are thousands that want to know what you know, so tell them.

Whatever you say, it almost certainly has been said before. You have to say it different and better. Don’t just show them how to scrapbook, show them how to scrapbook and make them laugh at the

same time. Don’t just type the steps required to change the oil in the car. Make a high quality video to go along with is and play some catchy music in the background. You have to give readers a reason to believe you are hot and everyone else is not.


Pick something that will keep you interested, because the next killer of many a blog is inconsistency. You must write, and you must write often. Not only that, but you must write consistently. Writing three days in a row, then not writing for two days, then writing again one day, then skipping a week may be often, but it is not consistent. Writing once a week, or twice a month is consistent but probably not often enough. There must be new and fresh content available on a consistent basis. If every day doesn’t work, every other day usually does.


Ready everything you can about SEO and internet marketing. Learn the difference between keyword stuffing and spam and how to avoid each, then get to work. Incorporate good SEO practices into your content and share, tweet, and +1 links every chance you get. Join groups and follow other blogs on the topic, and get genuinely involved. If you do this, the traffic with come.


Content and marketing bring traffic, and traffic is where the money comes from. Join affiliate groups, write sponsored posts, and sell ad space to make all your dreams come true. If you write reviews and have a decent following, you may eventually be offered free products to try and be paid to write an honest review. Affiliate marketing can be a huge money maker, but it takes a lot of time. Help yourself out by only placing ads relating to your topic, as those are the things your readers will be interested in.

This is the quick and dirty formula for how to put your writing skills to work for you. It is easy to get started, but much harder to keep going long enough to make the dough. It can be done, it is hard, it takes real work, but it is real work you can do from the comfort of your home. You can’t beat that.