Looking for a Sexy Costume this Halloween

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Looking for a Sexy Costume this Halloween?

Want to look sexy this Halloween? Then we are here to help you out. In this article, we will tell you more about sexy Halloween costume. Any Halloween costume is meant to be spooky and eerie. But at the same time, you can also look sexy if you don the right outfit. Many sexy costumes are already available in the market and many more are expected to hit the market soon for this Halloween. Halloweeney.com has discussed a few interesting sexy costumes and you can select the hottest costume for yourself.

Sexy Costume for this Halloween:

Batgirl Costume:

Based on the popular series Batman, this costume is doing rounds of the party circuits often and looks very sexy. This skintight costume will surely attract everyone’s attention and you can then sweep those criminals off their feet with just one look.

Sexy Zombie Costume:

A sexy lady in the attire of a Zombie can be a deadly thing, literally! You can use your charm to zap the brains out of hapless men. This costume is beautiful in a weird way and can accentuate your presence in the room without much effort from your side.

Big Bad Wolf  Halloween Costume:

This big bad wolf costume is really sexy. A two piece costume, it has a zip from the side. It also has a cap, a coat, a skirt and a tail. It will truly make you stand out from the crowd. It is mostly made out of fur and is very comfortable as well.

Masked Peacock Costume:

Now this is

a naughty peacock very few people would ever forget. Extremely sexy and enticing, the masked peacock costume can work wonders for your image and keep the men gaping at you long after you have turned your back on them.

Snowy Owl Costume:

The charming owl comes out only at night, and hence people would be waiting for you. You cannot but help make an entry in any party. It is spooky and sexy at the same time. This costume has feathers and sequins embellished on it. You can also pair it up with a skirt hemmed at the bottom with feathers as well. A feathered mask would certainly add a touch of elegance to your look.

Devil’s Costume:

Now this has been a favorite amongst women from a long time. But as they say, classic never goes out of fashion; the Devil’s costume is available in many sexy forms nowadays. This body hugging dress when paired with a Devil’s pitchfork would make people wonder if they really mind going to hell!

Adult Skeleton Costume:

This has been another typical costume which has come down from ages. But along the line, it has seen many changes, and now it has been overhauled and made into a tight, skinny dress. It can certainly help you flaunt your skeleton-like body and slim figure, thus grabbing the attention of the entire male populace. Many a times, such black and white costumes glow in the dark, making you the sole hope of light in the room filled with horrors!

Halloween is a day of all hallows. However, the day is typically celebrated by wearing creepy and scary costumes and calling in gobblers to have an eerie dinner, but it can have a different angle to it too. You can wear a scary but sexy costume for the party and flaunt your figure making the other fellow vampires and ghosts gaping at you.



  1. Twitter:
    wow!!!!!!!! great halloween dresses. Skeleton costume is one of the best. I will buy this for halloween.

  2. Thomas Morris says:

    Hey thanks for the costume ideas! About time to find the right one :) )

  3. Twitter:
    Er, interesting Vicky, but are you sure this blog wasn’t just a big advert for halloweeney.com?
    steverob recently posted..Headlight Restorer: it’s all here!My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    everone wants to look sexy in the Halloween and my favorite dress is Adult Skeleton Costume

  5. this dresses are awesome but mainly there are only for girls please upload some dresses for boy s also because we also want to look sexy.
    shubham recently posted..How to Download Wikipedia to read it while being Offline?My Profile

  6. Twitter:
    The post does it’s job well! It sends vibes to catch up the event with complete enthusiasm along with being sexy and Halloween like at the same time. It boosts up the approach towards observing the awaited Halloween eve.


  7. Demetrios Kehagias says:

    I know my son wants to be the phantom of the opera for Halloween. He figures it will attract all the girls.

  8. Maybe the zombie one for my ex wife?

  9. Twitter:
    I like all of your costumes, but my favorite is Masked Peacock Costume. It looks quite impressive and sexy, and I am sure no one will forget you if you show up in a costume like that for Halloween or any Masquerade.
    Elena recently posted..Incredibly Funny Church JokesMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    I do have to say that dressing up at Halloween is something that I have never done, saying that, never been to a Halloween party either. I must be the the only one ;)

  11. I’m choosing Halloween costume right now. I like Devil’s one and my daughter wants to be red witch. :)
    Hopefully going to the party…

  12. My favorite is zombie Costume. hope its not getting weird.

  13. There are many costumes for Halloween that are sexy. The nurse costume and other superhero costumes such as that of Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and so on. The batgirl costume you included here looks like a hooded jacket, so cool! Thanks for sharing!
    Felicia recently posted..PokerStars All-Star ShowdownMy Profile

  14. Devil’s costume is sooo hot :)

  15. Hi Stella,Well sweets that’s cool costume option. Happy Halloween!

  16. Hi Vicky, In Indonesia the Halloween days not popular , but I very like Halloween custom especially pretty lady with custom devil , wow it’s looks great . I know Halloween day by a movie and some photos from my friend in houston. Maybe someday I and family take vacation in Halloween day, to visit my friend in Houston , I hope
    joyo recently posted..Film Review: The Loneliest PlanetMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    This time I will wear my last year batman costume :) Most of the images are not appearing You should reupload them anyway i like the big bad wolf Costume ;) good to scare other :D
    Guppu Boss recently posted..Select multiple files easily in Windows 7 Enable Check Box Option NowMy Profile

  18. Batgirl costumes is so sexy yoo!!

    Will ask my girlfriends to wear it later.. Yeahhaaa!!
    Adam recently posted..Anak Disembelih Pada Hari Raya KorbanMy Profile

  19. paul scott says:

    very funny, looking so nice.i like big bad wolf costume and Adult Skeleton Costume.

  20. Costumes looks great…. I like the “masked peacock costume”… It looks great and fun!!!

  21. the owl one sure is sexy! ;)

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