BOL newsletter 49 – alert! zero work was done!

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Here’s the video and transcription of this weeks newsletter on how bloomin sick I am!

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BOL Newsletter # 49- I’ve been sick!

Welcome to another newsletter, well it’s kind of not a newsletter it’s kind of just an update.

I have not been able to do any work this week because I have been utterly pooped and it has been really horrible.


past seven days have been OU AH EE AH, but you know I’m kind of doped up to the eyeballs on medications, but forgive me.

Hopefully I will exist when the medication goes away and that the pain doesn’t exist!

Already because of the fact that I am on video telling you this tells you that yes I am getting better because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to make it at all.

So that’s good news, but unfortunately I might be a week behind schedule, but you know I take comfort in the fact that I don’t have schedules anymore so I can’t be a week behind.

Result! I think, but anyways I promise I will get back to you next week and you will find out about the chicken and mushroom thing that I am cooking tonight has no relation to anything, but I bought the stuff to make it, I’ll show you a picture next week.

And, if you’ve applied for the social media management position by sending me an email with why I need one with what you will do for me and why I should employ you and how much it will cost then I am still reading those and looking through them.

I don’t need to be to up right to read email so keep them coming and I will get back to you next week, all right 


  1. Lawrence Mills says:

    Hi Andy,

    Hope there’s no toadstools mixed in with them mushies, lol.
    Funny I wouldn’t eat a mushroom for quids until I actually worked at a mushroom farm when I was about 18 or 19.
    Then I found that all of the steps to grow them Included sterilization, from the straw, chicken manure, cow and stable droppings (being polite, lol) being mixed then allowed to cook for a couple of weeks. Then put into a sterilization oven for a day or two.
    Changed my whole outlook on the humble mushie, now I find if I buy some to use in a meal in a couple of days I have eaten most of them raw, love ‘em.

    You get well and get back into it, love your videos and the location.
    Wishing you well, mate.

  2. Twitter:
    We are all thinking of you and sending healing vibes Andy! You are carrying a rough load at the moment, but I hope that you start to feel better. I’m sure your new Social media manager will be able to carry part of the load for you when you have cr*p weeks like this, so I hope that you get somebody to help you soon x
    Debbie O’Connor recently posted..20 Ways to Improve Your Facebook ReachMy Profile

  3. Lawrence Mills says:

    Hey Andy,
    Who is that kids photo you have on your subscription page?

    Looks familiar for some reason, not really sure why!!!!!

    He looks like a bit of a rocker from a few years ago.

    Probably out having the time of his life and not a care in the world.

    Boy, wait until he gets a bit older, lol.

    Wishing you well,

  4. Brian Allerton says:

    Hi Andy,
    I’m in admiration of you for being able to continue despite your illness. So please note whilst we really done welcome your newsletter we also understand when it’s not possible. Keep up the good work and hope things improve.
    Good Luck, Brian

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