How I made the Internet Marketing Graphics Plugin

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Internet Marketing Graphics In a Snap!

From need comes desire

When I first bought the internet marketing graphics pack from Max, I was originally going to use it just for little ol’ me but after using it again and again on many of my blogs and getting so bloomin tired of waiting for the wordpress media gallery to load I figured I should write a simple plugin to quickly add whatever graphic I wanted. >>>Plugin Here

From desire comes action

As with anything to do with code that I do, it started of as a simple task and quickly evolved in to an exercise of ‘what if’ 🙂

I didn’t like the way the current shortcodes button and window worked and I have done a lot with jquery ui dialogs in the past so I figured I would see if I could replace the tinymce way of doing things with my own version.

Oh.. the pain and trauma that little idea caused! according to some, it was not possible to do.

From Action comes Results

But, in the immortal words of captain Jean-Luc Picard, “Things are only impossible until they are not!”

I wasn’t going to let a little thing like “nobody did it before” stop me and so I turned on beast mode and attacked it and then turned on the geek and wooted the hella out of it until it did my bidding and finally, it was done!

Feedback had my back

Thanks to some wonderful beta tester feedback I was able to improve the plugin even more and make it ready for sale. Half way through the week, more feedback meant it got even better! and finally, it is at a place I’m comfortable charging a premium price for.

Launch mode on

I offered it up at a discounted price for just 7 days and it sold! a ton of people bought it and all that lost hair was worth it and now,

as I look back on the past 7 days I can only say, “what a lot of fun coding premium plugins is!”

>>> Get the IM Graphics Plugin right here <<<

What next?

I have a massive list of new plugins that I want to write. Stuff that I know will be useful, I know that because either I have been using them for my own things for ages but just never got around to releasing them or people have asked me why there isn’t a plugin to do ‘x’ yet and I know I can make just the thing.

The only downside..

Just about the only thing I don’t enjoy is the writing of copy. For emails or for sales pages, that is such a painful thing for me to contemplate! I can get it done but it takes far longer than it should.

I write the title… then go switch on the kettle to make coffee and then dance around it a bit hiding from the keyboard.. then I make the coffee (slowly).. then sit down and contemplate…sip the coffee..think about what to write and then.. oh wait, no more coffee.. time to make some more… (rinse and repeat)

oh I really wish I could talk to people in PHP . That way it’d be done in 2 minutes flat! (and I could write an algorithm to automate the process!)

Sending emails to folks is just fine when I’m replying to something that someone sent me but, it all changes when I’m writing emails to send to my list. I do hope you all understand what I’m saying and I hope that I didn’t litter your inbox too much!

I don’t want to just send any old crap though so all that pain is worth going through if it means I can get you a bargain or pass on some cool stuff that I have just made.

Speak to me!

Let me know in the comments if you have an easier way to write emails or if I’m alone in my pain and it’s really not that hard to write them. Also, let me know what you think of my emails, too many? too much? ok? indifferent.. it’s all good, talk to me and let me know what you think