Google Glasses Touching Every Industry

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Google Glass in Surgery

Well now who would have thought that the world would be so influenced by the Google glasses that it will start entering almost every domain and aspect of our lives! In fact when people began discussing the various uses and purposes of Google Glasses it was pretty evident that it was thought of as a unique technology of wearable computers that could bring about a whole new revolution with respect to various kinds of activities, but whoever thought that it would enter all the realms of the society!

That’s what the ‘Explorer’ program is all about!

The explorer program was one where in Google chose to ship of 8000 pieces of the Glass to various people all over the globe. These people all belonged to various different fields and not just information technology. It enabled Google, and of course the explorer of the various uses and benefits of Google Glasses in their respective industries.

So, what really is the Glass all about?

The Google Glasses are a set of wearable computers that can be worn on your eyes just like an ordinary pair of spectacles. People can put it on like they do any simple pair of glasses and you are good to go!

However, the Glasses don’t actually have glasses in them. It is just a thin frame that sits on your brow looking like eyeglasses. However, the latest version comes with a twist and go set of glasses with different frames that you can fit into your Glass to help you look trendy while taking care of its functionality.

The recent version of Glass comes in a titanium frame which is strong and yet flexible and lightweight enough to sit atop any pair of the designs they offer. Google offers 4 frames for prescription glasses and 3 for shades to enjoy the sunny side.

Is it event relevant in today’s world?

See, the thing about futuristic technology is that sometimes people find it extremely irrelevant in the present times. This is probably the biggest reason so as to why we her of the Glass haters and attackers every now and then.

Did you read about that good natured lady who was attacked at a bar because she was wearing the Glass? Well, it has definitely caught my attention and made me realise that I for one don’t want to flaunt it around.

I guess the bigger question here is whether the people are ready to accept it as a device that does not attack personal privacy. I mean, people are okay with being clicked with a smart phone or a tablet, but suspicion rises when it comes to the glass because of lack of awareness.

Your best bet to survive it would be to explain to people how the Glass works and how it does not hurt anyone’s privacy! You must try to show people all that the glass is ‘incapable’ of to ensure that people stop looking at it as

a shotgun or something.

Its use in various industry

Google Glasses have honestly touched almost every industry imaginable. This is the biggest reason why people are hopeful that this technology is sure to bring about some massive improvements in this direction.


The Google Glasses has provided to be the most useful in the industry of medicine. It allows doctors to record and telecast it directly to doctors ‘live’ through the internet to other doctors all over the world. This will help surgeons help other surgeons to ensure that the surgery ends up being successful.

It will also prove to be beneficial for aspiring doctors who can get first hand feeds from senior doctors. Surgeons can teach juniors and interns how they worked on particular cases from a point of view.

Earlier when people would record using a camera, it would have to be shifted from hand to hand with a lot of difficulty. It would also be very distracting for the doctor who must focus on attending to the patient rather than taking care of the video feed.

Fire fighting

Fire fighters too go through a tough time saving lives and property. Using the Google Glasses helps them locate the stress call to ensure that they can function well. The glass can keep updating them of the present scenario and other requisite data.

The glass will automatically notify the wearer of the location of distress and provide a map right in front of their eyes. It will also help in locating the people who are stuck in various situations of problems.

Entertainment industry

There has been an amazing app that has been developed for Google Glasses which allows you to see the trailer of a movie when you look at its poster. This will prove to be a revolutionary feat for the entertainment industry where in people will be able to highlight and showcase their movies and series in the most attractive ways. The show business will see a boom like never before.

Fashion Industry

If any industry needs marketing and business development strategies the most, it is the fashion industry. With so much competition, it is only meet that an application is designed that allows people to showcase their designs to customers in the most customizable way. It can allow fashion brands give a virtual look of the dress or attire in question to the wearer.


Advertisements play a very important role in the business world today. Google Glasses application development has led to creating apps that will give the user a better understanding of the products. Glasses are unique not only because they can make the whole experience unique for the developer, but also change the way the things can work out for the sellers as well.

On the whole there are so many different uses of Google Glasses that are yet to be explored. Google Glasses are futuristic in every sense. There are so many different possibilities and scope of development with Google Glasses that it will mark an era of a much more digitally acclimatised and technologically advanced.


  1. No doubt about that, 2014 is marked by Google Glass phenomenon. I see so many areas that this “gadget” can be used.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted…Blogging Contest Number 2My Profile

  2. Google glass is really revolutionary but unfortunately it is yet to be launched in my country.
    Eagerly waiting for this…
    Ansh Gupta recently posted…9 Best WordPress Job Board Themes to Create a Job SiteMy Profile

  3. Google glass the best wearable tech.
    It’s the future of wearable tech and being the first product that too by google, it has set bench marks.
    dilip yadav recently posted…Top 5 Tips to Save Income TaxMy Profile

  4. Google glass is really awesome. I am waiting for its launch in my country.

  5. Hi Jill,

    Google Glass is a great tool and still in testing mode. It is a great new technology going to change the future. The future of wearable technologies….. :)
    Nikhil recently posted…The Virgins Guide To SEO For WordPress – 8 Shortcuts To Get RankMy Profile

  6. Hello Jill
    Ya absolutely..Google Glasses are really cool gadgets one could think so. They are really seems very useful with diverge areas of applications. Thanks for the post.
    Mahendra recently posted…Know How to download video from YouTube in Mozila FirefoxMy Profile

  7. Hey Jill,
    Nice post and Yes, Google glasses are very important product and used in many business and help in many area. Using Google glass in operation really helps in medical field. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted…Candy Crush Saga for PC, Candy Crush Saga for Windows 7/8/MACMy Profile

  8. Careful with these glasses, I’ve seen people got problems because were suspected for recording in areas they shouldn’t.

    From what I read the concept for Google Glasses started back in 2012 on the date of 4 April on a G+ page.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Share High PR Dofollow Forums (Updated List)My Profile

  9. There is still no proper explanation whether people with eye sight can wear Google Glass or not. Waiting for its launch in India. Hopefully the price will go down to some extent. I do have some relatives in the US but price is the main thing.
    Naser recently posted…How to reset Windows password through Installation DiskMy Profile

  10. There is no doubt that Google is synonyms of Revolution . These glasses definitely helpful and make life more easy. I am also fan of Google glasses and waiting for launch in India. Nice post thanks for sharing.
    Ritul Gangwar
    Ritul Gangwar recently posted…Riptide GP2 Now Available For Free on Amazon AppsMy Profile

  11. Hii,jil Elliott
    we can say that it is like a devices used in sci-phi movies but now it is really ready to serve the human being. I think in future this device’s improved version specially in medical field may be scan live human organ by just wearing the google glass.Your post is really good.
    Mohit recently posted…Grand HotelMy Profile

  12. Next revolution in Tech Gadget in Google glass and it really inspire many people to buy it. It brings everything in front of a user. Great creativity and every industry must toch it.
    Dilip Win recently posted…SMS Alert Service for Waitlisted Railway PassengersMy Profile

  13. Now we have Google Glasses, soon we will have walking androids with smartphones telling humans what to do! These things are cool, scary at the same time, can’t imagine how the feature will turn out 20 years from now.
    J. Wright recently posted…Advantages of Getting a Child Support LawyerMy Profile

  14. Hi Jill,

    I was actually thinking about this the other day. A lot of people have been getting upset about them, but I think in certain scenarios they might be an excellent tool. For example, I love family reunions and other types of family get togethers where photography is encouraged. In fact, everyone basically blankets these events with their cell phones. Google Glasses would be perfect for these types of events because everyone at the family reunion is already expecting to be photographed. This can also be true for weddings, birthday parties and other family events. Of course, you’ll want to take them off when you’re the subject of the pictures, LOL! It’s all about context and awareness. Wearing these into a bar, no good, wearing them at a family reunion or wedding reception, that might be a bit more acceptable. Just make sure the hosts are on board with the idea. Great article!

    All the best,
    Laura recently posted…Family Reunion IdeasMy Profile

  15. Hello Jill,

    The future is already upon us and the earlier we accept that fact, the better for us all…sadly though, for most of us who live in the global South, the glasses are still unavailable to us! I would personally have loved to experiment with the glasses myself!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WRITING EBOOKSMy Profile

  16. Only 10 years ago the idea of such a device would have seemed quite Sci-Fi material. And now we have it. The world is evolving faster than ever and we get to play with lots of nice toys.
    Andy Kent recently posted…Blue Jasmine – A Movie Worth WatchingMy Profile

  17. Thanks for sharing this. Google glass is touching every industry these days. And it is quite useful for everything. So it’s worth using in different industry.
    Prakash recently posted…Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows 7/8/XP/ MAC/ PC Download FreeMy Profile

  18. Thanks for an important update about Google Glass. But will Google Glass compromise our privacy? What will happen to the data it gathers? A latest survey found 72% of Americans cited privacy concerns as the main cause for not desiring to wear Glass.
    somon recently posted…Retrica for pc or Windows 8, 7 & XP computerMy Profile

  19. Nice to know that Google glass has been very useful in many verticals of industry than mainly targeting the entertainment. I really happy to see the usage of Google Glass in health and medical which would be an revolutions helping more life to live better and longer.
    Shathyan recently posted…Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S5 with Apple iPhone 5SMy Profile

  20. Time to invest in Google is now. Great article!

  21. So many innovations from google in last few years. One never thought this name would be on lips of almost everyone whether its a child, grnadparents but google has done all that.
    Prerna recently posted…One Minute for Eyes before SleepingMy Profile

  22. Thanks for sharing. I think this is time to understand Google deeper and I’m very glad to know this information.
    Hai recently posted…GFX Apocalypse Review – Does it actually work????My Profile

  23. Google has been a great invention by Google, but it cost very high . I think google should provide it for cheap.
    Noor Basheer recently posted…Dreamhost ReviewMy Profile

  24. Deepak says:

    Google glass have may great applications but they are very expensive

  25. There is still no effective explanation whether folks with eye view can use Google Glass or not. Hanging around for its launch in Indai. ideally the rate will certainly crash somewhat. I do have some relatives in the United States but cost is the main point.

  26. I am waiting for day when the price of it drops and more people use it on a day to day basis. Although there are many privacy questions, the possibilities are enormous.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…GrouponMy Profile

  27. google glass is one of the best innovation in technology industry and now after reading this post the glasses are going to touch every industry thats a great use hope this will be use in our indian army too.
    deepti recently posted…4 Best android photo editor 2014My Profile

  28. Very nice article. Google glass is an amazing piece of technology, it will change many things…
    Paul recently posted…Mustang LogoMy Profile

  29. Santanu Chatterjee says:

    This is something like people was searching for a long time. We were dreaming about this at childhood in playtime. Yes finally the technology came to us specially to the gig lovers. Simply Hat’s off !

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