Google Glass Apps Development: Profit or Loss?

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All Honestly, Google glass is still a mystery. Yes there is a lot on the internet that you can read about but what it really feels like and what all it can do is still quite the subject for debate. For some people, it seems to be the answer of all technological problems and for others it seems like a premature baby that still needs incubation.

Regardless of what people think about it, there is barely any doubt about the fact that a wearable computer has many uses across various industries. This is probably why most of the multinational fortune 500 companies have already started undertaking Google glass app development.

The glass is essentially a modern take on a secretary or a personal assistant. It can click pictures, record videos, and aid in video conferencing, live uploads and downloads; it can record minutes of meeting better than anything else and so on and so forth. Many industries see a very practical use in developing and industry specific app for the same.

Google Glass App Development

Then only possible drawback that one sees at this stage is the high price tag that would prevent many people from buying and its lack of availability even after over a year of its announcement. However, technology in the past has taught us that things that mature slowly are eventually the ones rated as the best.

Where does the Glass stand as of today?

The biggest dilemma that technological enthusiasts face as of today is to categorize the glass with respect to its current position in the market. With so much ambiguity surrounding the product apart from the gaping hole of the fact that it is still not available for the general masses makes it very difficult to fully appreciate the preference that the audience will have towards it.

However many online reviews and other surveys indicate that people are in fact really looking forward to being able to use this device. How willing they are to spend a small fortune to buy something

like this still remains to be covered under a cloud of suspicion, but one thing that is for sure is the fact that there is a lot of buzz about when the product will be available for general purchase.

In the end it all boils down to the ability of people to customize the functionality of the glass into something that is extremely personal to a particular industry and thereby make the most out of it. We have seen surgeons finding it very useful in order to telecast or showcase live surgeries to other doctors miles away. Similarly people in the fire fighting department are also developing custom apps that help in finding people trapped in fire and identifying the shortest and safest route to get them out.

Another very significant field of Google Glass app development is the insurance industry. Some new Google glass application development companies have come up with a great insurance app that aids and facilitates the entire process of claims settlement.

Is developing apps for the glass at this stage profitable?

If there were a clear answer to this question I’d have given it to you at the beginning of the article. However, things such as ideas and concepts can barely ever be classified as profitable or one that can get you into losses. Google Glass apps development is a very subjective domain. The only way to ensure its success is to conduct thorough market research in your own specific industry trying to understand the market you have and the threats and opportunities offered. For instance, for insurance, the Google glass app is a sure winner, but the same can’t be said about some grocery shop developing his own glass app.

It is of utmost importance to study your competitors and to understand the general behavior of your niche audience. Once you do that there is no way you can go wrong. Also, it is a good idea to get in touch with an IT company or a specifically Google Glass oriented company. They can give you a much customized idea of what kinds of apps will work for you and what will not.

Just remember, creativity and usability both go hand in hand. Separate one from another and you have a perfect disaster awaiting you. Be confident and careful and no one can stop you from being successful!