The Future of Technology with Google Glass

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Eye of Google Glass

Amid so many speculations regarding how successful r unsuccessful the Google Glass has been, there is one thing that has emerged to be accepted as the biggest truth in the realms of technology and that is the fact that technology is growing at an unprecedented rate. There have been rumors about how ancient aliens helped us with most of the technological advancements made in the primitive times, however, humans too have to be credited with some of the most fascinating examples of technology today.

Rise of the Google Glass

Of course, Google Glass isn’t the first piece of technology that has been created which is so futuristic. The aeroplanes by the Wright brothers were a futuristic move at that time. However, with the onset of the Smartphones and touch screen technology, there was hardly anything left that could surprise people with its feasible and usable features.

No doubts about silly technologies that have been created too, like the wearable tech socks. I don’t want to comment on how real the usability of that seems but for now; it is for sure that the Google Glass has emerged as the unrivaled topper in the heap.

Google Glass is essentially a wearable computer with a chip attached to the top right corner of the frame. The Glass actually does not feature any glass and there are talks regarding future associations with Ray Ban to provide for the glass for the same.

Apps for the Google Glass

A device today is only as good as the kind of apps that can be used on them. So, having a glass without the right apps wouldn’t be a very lucrative option. There are many apps that have been brought forth that make the device even more usable and exciting.

Google maps

Using maps on the Glass is a whole different experience after all. It enables you to go through any route and road map by simply commanding the glass to do so. With the glass mounted on your eyes, it’s almost as though there is absolutely no extra effort (even to the tune of sliding your Smartphones a couple of times).


The most widely used feature of the glass is to be able to click pictures with voice commands. You just need to say “Okay Glass” and your glass comes alive. You can make it click pictures, shoot videos and much more quite effortlessly.

Facial Recognition

Wear your glass to a mall and anyone on your social networking list who is available within the frame will be recognised for you! And this is only one aspect. You can use the facial recognition app on Google glass for a number of other purposes. If you are looking for someone, or if you feel lonely and awkward in a party and are seeking somebody who can give you company, this app is a must have.

Problems associated with the glass

Although it is undoubtedly one of the most advanced forms of technology today, there are a few distinct problems associated with it still. These problems include:


It is said that using the Google glass at a stretch for more than an hour can give you a severe headache. People complain of eye strain as well. This is probably because the screen size is extremely small and obviously too close to the pupil. This problem is a practical on and definitely needs some sort of a remedial action.

Touch pad on the temple

‘The touch pad situated on the temple does not seem to be very good in working. It requires one to repeatedly tap on the temple to ensure that the Glass is following your commands. Although the latest version seems to have overcome this shortcoming, however no concrete response has been yet available from the market.

Voice commands

The voice commands aren’t very easy to operate. You need to be really loud and really clear in order to ensure that the Glass understands what you want it to do. Unless you do that, you will find your Glass dialing random numbers and doing things you did not envisage it to. This can be a bit problematic because if you are using the glass in a public place, you don’t want to look suspiciously funny trying to ask your glass to perform an activity for you.

Scope of technological use for Google Glass in the future

Since the glass is such a unique device the future possibilities of the same are infinite. We have to ensure that the glass can be used effectively in various walks of life to make way for a bright future which is technologically advanced and thereby can explore untapped avenues.

Medical Science

The first and foremost thing that people think of when it comes to using technology is towards medicine. With the help of Google glass doctors will be able to examine their patients in a much easier way. Consider a surgery where in a doctor is required to continuously keep moving his head from one side to another in order to monitor the patients vital signs. With the glass, there will not be any such requirement as he can see everything right in front of his eyes.

Geographical studies

For many channels like National Geographic and Discovery, the Google glass is a blessing in disguise. There are so many features that can be covered now in so many different angles owing to the glass. Earlier they would have to depend on the rest of the crew for any specifics of the operation; however, with the help of the wearable glass, explorers can themselves give a point of view experience to the viewers.


Defence has a fair deal of requirement for technology. With Google glass many activities such as recon can be captured easily. What’s more, Google glass can be used for training purposes as well that can show how the trainer undertook any particular mission. Specialised apps too can be developed to cater to specific activities.


  1. Great explanation Jill. I have a question: Can Google Glass be used with users having eye sight (both positive and negative)? This is the one reason which is preventing me to place an order….
    Naser recently posted…Download Jetpack Joyride For PC FreeMy Profile

    • Yes. As per my Point of view, both positive and negative impact has occurred. Like when wearing glasses, some people may feel eye strain or get a headache. If you’ve had Lasik surgery, ask your doctor about risks of eye impact damage before using Glass. Positive Impact also occurred like Google Glass might change your life, but not in the way you think. There’s something else Google Glass makes possible that no one – no one – has talked about yet.

    • I think very soon people will be able to ‘download’ their prescription to their smart glasses so even people with visual impairments can use them. I think Wearable devices are going to change the way we live our everyday life.
      Matthew recently posted…Available Brandable Domain Names 3rd January 2014My Profile

  2. Science fiction is becoming science fact but how distracting is this going to be, people have enough problems multi-tasking!
    Andy Lockhart recently posted…Nerium Featured on CBSMy Profile

  3. Wow, a very powerful google glass and its explanation. Thanks for the information.
    Monu recently posted…How to be happy?My Profile

  4. Nice article, There were other Augmented reality glasses in the market from before like, Vuzix but hype created by Google glasses is too much. Though I would prefer Space glasses over other smart glasses.
    @ Naser Google glasses can be used by users with eye sight, as it shows the display screen, so it looks like small TV screen in front of eyes. however there is research going on to integrate similar functions on normal specs glasses. Currently Laforge’s Icis smart-specks providing the same, though its not as powerful as Google glasses.
    nilesh goswami recently posted…Structure 3D sensor for mobiles and Augmented reality gamesMy Profile

  5. Impressive post and impressive technolgy ! Long live google and i hope google continues to bring innovative products as google glass to the markets.Thanks for sharing the information !
    Pramod recently posted…iPad Air | iPad Mini Retina price in India | SpecificationsMy Profile

  6. Am marvels at what this glass can do, am just so intrigued and always watch youtube videos to see it LIFE. Thanks for taking the time to explain everything.
    Frank Joseph recently posted…$50 off Long Tail Pro Keyword Research tool! Black Friday and Monday Deal!My Profile

  7. There are always Pros and Cons for everything, technology always comes up with its side effects as well, excess of things will definitely have some negative side effects. However they have made our life hell easy when used intelligently. Can’t really comment about it as Google glasses are not really global till now, once they are global, we will come to know about more of it.
    alan recently posted…Whatsapp for PC download, Whatsapp for computer(Windows 7/8/XP/VISTA)My Profile

  8. I’m wondering how long Google Glass will last, yes there are always amazing pieces of tech that come along and claim this that, that and the other, but then shortly after fall on the wayside, due to some impracticalities or guidelines that are made that make them obsolete.

    I suppose only time will tell, if Google Glass is indeed the future!
    Karen Woodham recently posted…Godzilla stomps in with an official movie trailerMy Profile

  9. It will be against the law to wear Google glass while driving. I don’t see the point of the map app
    Dash Eva recently posted…Can Exercise Help Treat Addiction?My Profile

  10. Google Glasses having both positive and native impact, but this glass are very useful for defence purpose.
    Google Glass are too expensive and common man can not take this advantages. We can not use Google glass regular and it will harmful for health. Good information and thanks for discussing both positive and negative points.
    Nikhil Bille recently posted…UPSC 2014 Schedule, Time Table Exam Date, CalendarMy Profile

  11. Awesome product by Google. Every geek want this. but its limited and costly too. Hope for large production and deducted costs soon.
    Itender Rawat recently posted…How Illegal Downloads Fueled the Need for Higher Internet BandwidthMy Profile

  12. Google glass is a great product because of it’s awesome technology. In this world only google could develop products like this. Using google glass while driving is against law. One or two days earlier i read about an accident in US on my local daily it was said that google glass was the reason behind the accident. If that’s so then we could confirm that google glass has deadly disadvantages also. Anyway google glass is the product of the century. Thanks for sharing this with us hope you will come up with more articles like this . :)
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  13. I am just in love with it…
    Wish i am able to get them sooon
    sajid recently posted…Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  14. Technology is the fastest changing thing in the world. Even your Smartphone that you buy today become outdated tomorrow. And Google Glass is the name of next generation tech. I see lots of video about Google Glass and this article agrees with me.

  15. there are so many wearable tech devices coming out of the woodwork now and it seems all the big tech companies are working on this area so expect more and more to come out.. and quickly.. Virtual reality glasses will be huge and change the way we play games and interact.
    Matthew recently posted…Available Brandable Domain Names 23nd December 2013My Profile

  16. Really a mind blowing one, Google Glass. See everything with technology. That’s really great
    Dilip Win recently posted…iphone 5 vs iphone 6My Profile

  17. Google Glass, a fabulous invention. but when will Google glass become commercially available in Asian countries? I heard Google glass is expected to go on sale for public in 2014. However Google nothing confirmed yet. Some tech forecasters predict it will happen during Google’s summer tech conference.
    somon recently posted…Whatsapp for pc – download & install on Computer (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP)My Profile

  18. Interesting article Jill, I’ve been fascinated with the Google Glass ever since the first time i heard about them, it’s scary to think where we will be in 20 years time? maybe commuting to work on the Back To The Future hover-board? ;-)
    Mark recently posted…What is the Best Santoku Knife?My Profile

  19. People who get injured walking with this device should not be allowed to own one lolllll, and they will probably pass a law against driving with this device, although with the integration with Google’s automated driving car, it won’t matter much. any way great post
    hira recently posted…HP Slate 6 and Slate 7 VoiceTab Phablets Launch in IndiaMy Profile

  20. Hello Jill
    I am a big fan of Google and Google Glass. its a really cool gadget and it is one of the best innovations in the field of technology. You have given a nice overview of it.
    Alan recently posted…WeChat for PC Download | WeChat for Computer(Windows 7/8/XP/Mac)My Profile

  21. The application of this technology into different aspects of life is great. Google Glass is a great innovation by Google though there were other smart glasses before it. But i think its too expensive and i wonder if people will often be distracted walking on the street while wearing it.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted…VPS Hosting: When do I need one?My Profile

  22. Google has evaluated Man power into Virtually. It has made all the world more simple for us to see through Google Glass. Innovation at its best are done by Google which man’s life to ease.
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  23. Has anyone seen the new Simpsons episode which is a spin-off of Google Glass? Mr Burns uses it to spy on him employees, and tires to rig it with a kill switch – an EMPLOYEE KILL SWITCH. lol

  24. Wow!

    Google glass is a great technology, but really its too expensive. I think its not an ideal thing to use when walking or driving, it can create hazards if misused.

  25. Hey Jill,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Google Glass is really a great technology having lots of amazing features. I learned some new feature also after reading this post.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

  26. google glass is one of the best thing hope i will buy the google glass soon thnx for this nice information
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  27. Very impressive post which contains very useful information regarding Google glass. I hope it will continues to bring innovative products as google glass to the markets.
    Thanks for sharing such and excellent post.
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  28. Hello Jillelliott,
    Awesome Article ! I love Google Glasses. Google Glasses is really a great technology having lots of amazing features. I will buy the google glasses soon.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
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  29. ansh ransal says:

    i need google glass but also heard that there is a person who made this google glass in just 4500 INR.. but this post is helpful..

  30. It would be really bad if Google glass will give you headaches, No one likes a head ache.
    Paul recently posted…The Best American Car BrandsMy Profile

  31. It is hard to imagine how Google Glass, or similar devices for that matter, could be used in future, but it is now obvious that the possibilities are endless. It may even replace a smartphone and just work together with a watch for convenience, but I guess time will show..
    Aliaksandra recently posted…Java Programming. Working With VariablesMy Profile

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