Get the Best Looking African American Skin And Hair Using Natural Products

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Juliette Samuel
Juliette Samuel is a person who definitely knows beautiful when she sees it. Juliette has had a very eclectic career working in and around the beauty industry. She has worked as an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She has also been a Professional Image Consultant. Currently Juliette works as a Skin Care Therapist, who specializes in caring for African American Skin and is acting President for NYRAJU Skin Care. As such she is in charge of product formulation and development of all scents produced for the line. What does that do for you? It keeps Juliette on her toes when it comes to the type of information that she’ll be able to share with you as readers of her blog or articles that she publishes on and off the web.
Juliette Samuel
Juliette Samuel
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African American SkinCaring For African American skin

African American’s used to choose chemicals for their skin and hair care needs but they are now choosing natural products that serve the same purpose.  Showing off your sheen just got easier, provided you select the right products.

There are more brands available for African American skin and hair  than there used to be.  The right products and techniques will make it easier to care for your skin and hair.  Your hair is subject to be more brittle and dry than some other types, so you’ll need to be more selective when choosing a brand that will work for you.

There are more products that are being formulated to meet your unique needs for skin and hair.  The products that will help improve the texture of your hair and the suppleness of your skin are best served when made from natural ingredients.

Choosing Products Specifically Formulated For African American Skin & Hair

When looking for products that will aid in the care of your skin and hair look for products that will clean it gently without harsh sulfates and chemical that might strip your skin and hair, leading to dryness and breakage.

African American hair may need to be oiled regularly, in order to tame and smooth its dryness, while African American skin may need a moisturizer daily. Coconut oil  will moisturize your skin and when blended with rosemary it will  promote the growth of your hair. Ingredients such as petroleum and mineral oils will clog your pores causing breakouts such as blackheads and clog your  hair shafts and preventing its growth.

What Are Some of the Challenges for African American Skin?

African American skin has its own needs and challenges.  There are not a lot of products that are made specifically for African American skin, so you’ll need to find products that will eliminate the problems and leave your skin looking beautiful and glowing.

African American Skin can often appear to be oily.  This typically appears in what’s referred to as the T-zone area, that portion of your face across your forehead and down the bridge of your nose.  Since African American skin has a great deal of melanin, you might find your skin sensitive to cosmetics and some other products.

Keeping your skin clean is the first step in caring for African American skin.  Your skin will respond to natural skin cleansers such as green tea.  Keeping your skin clean will also help eliminate or at least control acne.

If you will exfoliate your skin at least twice a week, you’ll remove dead skin cells from the surface which cause your skin to look dull, ashy and gray. Exfoliation products with green tea or oatmeal and honey are ideal for African American skin.

Using Sunscreens on African American Skin

The melanin in your skin does not make it cancer proof so you’ll need to add a sunscreen to your regimen.  Sunscreens help to keep out the rays that can be harmful to your skin.  An SPF of 30 is a good foundation

There are many companies specializing is products for your skin but it doesn’t always mean that they are formulated for your skin.  Look for products that use natural ingredients and are especially formulated with African American skin in mind.

African American Skin is very sensitive, so read your labels carefully!