How not to Get Distracted When you are Writing a Blog Post?

Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma is a growing blogger from INDIA owner of Going Techy. He is a tech blogger now. Contact him on Google+ and on Facebook.
Anurag Sharma
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How not to Get Distracted When you are Writing a Blog Post?

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Distraction – A word that can change your life.


Distraction would never ever let you do what you must do and would force you to do what you must not do.

For ex-

You should do link building everyday but whenever you try to do some link building, you leave that and start getting active on Facebook or some other major social network.

So, in order to get things right and focus on your blog development you have to stop any distraction.

 How not to get distracted when you are writing a blog post??

Distractions While Writing!

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WordPress has the cool feature for this, Do you know what it is?

Yeah, you read it right the newer version of WordPress already has a mode where you can write, write and write without caring about any other thing (SEO, etc.)

But How to get in to the Distraction Free Writing Mode?

Whenever you are writing a blog post, there you will see the visual tab, there’s a button below it with the name ” Distraction Free Writing Mode”.  Click on it and feel the new environment helping you to write even better.

But What is in the mode?

You know that its a distraction free mode but you must be thinking that what the hell would happen in this distraction mode.

Well, in this mode all the WordPress boxes, the admin panel and every other thing gets hidden leaving the Title, the content area and some useful

button (which has the ability of auto hiding)

Stop social network from seducing you.

Social network is like a pack of drugs, use it once and you will get addicted to it forever but like drugs there is also a way out of them.

Use the software, HT Employee Monitor as you can block any, any website you want with it.

So, How to use it to block Facebook?

  • First download it from the link above and install it.
  • Open it now and click on “Facebook Blocking”.


  • Now, there would be three options, Block Facebook, Limit Facebook Time to and Allow Facebook.
  • Click on the Block Facebook button to block it and use the limit button to limit the amount of time you would use it per day.

And if you want to block any other social website, simply click on the website tab and follow the onscreen instructions to block it.

Or if you are using chrome than you can download this extension for the simple blocking of Facebook.

The above way is the best way to not to get distracted whenever you write a post because social media is the weapon of mass distraction.

Tell everyone to not disturb you and Find a quiet place for the time being.

If you live with your family than tell them to not talk or call you any thing for a while as they can be the inside distraction and the worst distraction of all.

And after asking them, go and find a peaceful place in your house where there is no external disturbance, no noise and other things.

That’s enough from me, now it’s your turn to share some ideas which you use to not to get distracted when you write a blog post and please don’t SPAM.


  1. Everything can distract you, starting from your home pet, ending with FB invitations. As for me the greatest distinction is RSS with red numbers of new posts from sites I follow. They cannot get past the idea that I can miss something important and when i get to some site i stuck reading it and then digestion and so on. We are all hopeless
    Evan recently posted..Best Political WordPress Themes 2013My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Hey Anurag,
    Nice post and Yes, I am totally agree with you that social networking sites are one of the major reasons of distraction and I really like the idea of using the software mentioned above. Thanks for sharing these tips.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Love Stories Of All TimeMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Hi Anurag !
    Thank you for sharing nice ideas. It is really resourceful for me. Writes more guest post.

  4. Twitter:
    Using HT Monitor is a Great Idea. But addiction is not a thing Which can be Controlled by yourself(Sometimes), so what if users Extends the Limit to Browse?According to Me setting daily Goals and if not achieved then Completing them next day will be another Good alternative
    Ravi recently posted..How to Remove Picasa Albums From Android Gallery?My Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Thanks for sharing this cool article Faccebook distract me a lot ! the awkward moment when you are writing an article and your friends distract you with their messages ;)
    Anis Emitez recently posted..5 Reasons Why I Decided To Move My Blog From Blogger To WordPress !My Profile

  6. Hello Dear

    its very interesting post and unique points and i am totally appreciate with social networking sites are biggest reason of distraction. Thanks for sharing me

  7. Twitter:
    Hi Anurag i agree completely with you as most of the times i got distracted and reach on social networking sites this reduce my blogging speed.
    himanshu recently posted..How to reduce weight by eating proper diet .My Profile

  8. Besides not surfing the social sites like FB, I find that by trying to write on Notepad alone can help me to become less distracted, as I will only focus solely on writing itself.

  9. Twitter:
    Hey Anurag You have shared such a wonderful post. Well I have divided my work hours . During work I don’t use social networks . On the schedule I have time for them too .
    Thanks Anurag
    Ashish Kumar recently posted..Manage Your Desktop Smart WayMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    facebook waste lots of my time :/ don’t know why i keep refreshing it to read notification
    Syed Danial recently posted..20 Latest Photoshop CS6 Web Design Tutorials for Beginners 2013 Part 2My Profile

  11. Twitter:
    The greatest that I face is from my surroundings. Even HT Employee monitor and distraction free writing mode in wordpress if the mind is not free flowing.
    Asif Khan recently posted..[How To] Unlink Google Adsense Account From Google AnalyticsMy Profile

    • Hi Asif.
      Ya, surroundings can be the worst distraction and than nothing would work. You need to have a free mind from tension and stress too. Thanks for your comment.

    • Twitter:
      I like that distraction free mode, too. I find it helps to throw Google Chrome into full screen, enter the no distraction mode, and I see nothing but the writing screen.

      The only thing that annoys me is that the pared down text editor is missing some important formatting. For example, I can’t set text to be an h2 or h3 title tag without switching out of the distraction free mode.

  12. Twitter:
    Nifty tips! What I do personally (and I’ve found this has helped) is to call family and friends and use social media for branding and networking. I also physically unplug my internet when writing. I also limit myself (most times) to a fast email scan after my first project of the day and mainly check my email right before I create a to do list.
    James recently posted..AutoPilot Traffic Suite 2.0 – An Actual User Review Plus BonusMy Profile

  13. It’s pretty obvious that if you don’t want to be distracted you should keep distractions away from you during work time.
    Robert Koenig recently posted..Family Not Wearing Seat Belts Killed by Drunk DriverMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    My best tip is to write up your post offline, in a separate doc, setting up a 30 min timer or just checking the time and writing for that period without interruption.
    The more you practice this way of writing the better/easier it becomes and less tempted to distract yourself you’ll become :)
    Delia recently posted..Spring clean your blog: the basicsMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    I find that writing on an actual piece of paper helps. No distractions around to disturb me
    Leslie Edwards recently posted..Music Production Basics: CompressionMy Profile

  16. Twitter:
    Hi Anurag,
    Good article. I do get distracted, mainly by twitter. Those tweets annoy me sometimes and I have to shut it off. Thanks for the heads up on distraction free mode. I haven’t seen it yet, or maybe I have and didn’t get the hint. Thanks Anurag and best wishes.
    Rich Donahue recently posted..Omega J8004 Juicer Part III: The Best JuicerMy Profile

  17. Well I’m a “little” ADD so this topic is close to my heart. Hey hold on….. thanks sorry I just got distracted by a bug.
    But really, I have to lock myself away, turn off the TV, music, ringer, etc, and nearly threaten myself and then it seems I can crank it out. When there are NO other distractions, I actually find what I am writing about has some interest on it’s own merit!
    Also at times I’ll compose in a text editor instead of directly online, so I’m not tempted to “ctrl – T”, open a new tab, and hit the FB or Twitter or whatever bookmark button…
    Thanks for a great post!

  18. Twitter:
    How would a new author go about getting professional reviews of their new book releases? I write mainly fiction novels in the romance and teen drama genre. My work and my contact info can be found at my website. Also if you would be willing to do a professional review of one of my novels for me please contact me through my site about downloading a copy for review.

  19. Twitter:
    On another note, my advice to many bloggers would be this. Carve out a chunk of your work day, maybe ten to twenty percent to work on the actual content of your blog. Spend the other eighty or so percent of your time building traffic to your blog and especially building relationships with others.

    • Hi Cherelle,
      Well, you have revealed my time table here, this is what I do. After creating my post, I would create a lot of back links pointing to it so that it would rank better and I would get more traffic and with guest posting I can meet many people like you. Thanks for your comment.
      Anurag recently posted..How not to Write a Blog Post?My Profile

  20. I learnt to keep the social media button off the hard way. That way am perfectly capable of writing very good content.

  21. Twitter:
    Hi nice tips,thank you…I also feel willpower to try and avoid all those things that distract you also plays a major role.
    Suraj recently posted..Revenge 31/03/2013 Season 2 Episode 17 ‘Masquerade’ ReviewMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    If we have complete knowledge of the topic we are going to write in our blog post then I don’t think we are gonna distracted from writing it. Our mind should be full of ideas while writing.
    Prakash recently posted..Download Subway Surfers for PC, Android FreeMy Profile

  23. I am definitely distracted from writing posts because I have my facebook logged in, in the background so thanks for the advise. For my next blog post I shall definitely be logging out and I will give myself a realistic time frame to finish my post. Hopefully I shall be wring a lot more posts in the future. Thank you!

  24. You really did post some great stuffs about guess posting here which i love. i have no objection to what you’re saying
    Babanature recently posted..Adding A Clickable Link To Your YouTube VideoMy Profile

  25. Twitter:
    Hey, its of great help. I to get distracted by the methods described above. The software you told, could help me lot. Thanks. waiting to see more post from you about this section.

  26. If you lose focus you’ll definitely get distracted. In order to avoid this, you must work in serene places like close to the beach because the fresh air will help you enliven the ideas you have in mind.

  27. What about inhouse disturbance? From family members and stuff like that?! Though it was informative..
    Rohan Shankar recently posted..Build a Gaming Computer under Rs 30,000 – Play Games like CrysisMy Profile

  28. Twitter:
    Distraction in my house is very unavoidable with a wife and 3 kids, I still blog as much as I can.

    jay recently posted..Smoker2vaper FacebookMy Profile

  29. Twitter:
    When writing blog posts I usually do it on a computer that has no internet connection at all to ensure that I will not be tempted to do some other stuff on the internet. However there are times when this is not possible especially when I have to research on something I have to write on. To avoid this I try to gather all the info first and then save it in a flash drive. But still there are times when I still have to seek some clarification on the internet which can be burdening especially because I have to shift to a connected computer but you see this inconvenience is what I need so as to avoid getting into distractions and the thought of it discourages me from getting to the internet unnecessarily.

  30. Twitter:
    Hi Anurag,

    For me, distraction is the worst enemy a writer/blogger can have and whether we like it or not, there are just these things that just pops up in our mind coming out from nowhere. Anyway, thanks for sharing this new WordPress feature. Seems to me that it moderates or controls the distractions for writers. It automatically blocks down distracting websites so that writers can concentrate in their writing. The screenshot is also good made your points clearer to understand. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs ZombiesMy Profile

  31. Twitter:
    Facebook really sucks at distraction, whenever I have to write a post I often check my facebook tab 5-12 times. BTW nice tip

  32. Twitter:
    The newer version of WordPress has a distraction free writing mode. Wow! Thanks for the news. I hadn’t heard about that.
    Jennifer Cunningham recently posted..Twitter Boost Traffic to the WebsiteMy Profile

  33. Good tips. I don’t really have the issue of getting distracted once I set my mind to doing a blog, but I know plenty of others that do get distracted, so I definitely will share this with people.

  34. Aditya Saini says:

    I am so much addicted to Facebook and really I try to find some tips to Avoid it , Blocking was something Which I could have used earlier but I also use it to Chat my Friends and Family but at the same time I spent a Lot of time on it , thanks for giving Tips on this matter.

    • Hi Aditya,
      It seems you have really got a problem that has been solved with this post. Now, you have to do something important before getting to the FB.
      Thanks for the post!

  35. Twitter:
    I easily get distracted because of Facebook, especially when it is open in one of the tags. I have started using facebook nanny chrome plugin whenever I want to totally focus on what I am doing.
    Chang recently posted..When is The Color Run Coming to Taiwan?My Profile

  36. Twitter:
    I don’t think, for some of us, that it matters what techniques we use. For me…I’ll invent things to do just to distract myself from what I really should be doing. Like household chores. That’s some serious aversion to getting work done!
    Kristin recently posted..Steubenville: Moving the conversation forwardMy Profile

  37. What a nice piece of post. i never knew wordpress has these cool features, you just showed me some nice stuff that will come in handy. and for that, i say thank you
    Babanature recently posted..How To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog With W3 Total Cache (W3TC)My Profile

  38. Twitter:
    Hi Anurag, I didn’t realise wordpress had this option. Perhaps Google chrome should do this too, would increase productivity tenfold!
    Michelle Morris recently posted..Britain is the online retail capital of the worldMy Profile

  39. Twitter:
    i gues HT employee monitor is the best thing taht can happen to me in life ! but knowing this i can never do this too my pc ! as i cant really kill my will !
    harshi recently posted..2 ways to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand in minutesMy Profile

  40. Twitter:
    Great tip, never knew about the distraction free mode, or the Face book tip as well.

    Thanks again!
    Stephen Malan recently posted..Which is More Important? Value or Price?My Profile

  41. Twitter:

    One smart way of dealing with distraction is to have 2 PCs. Use one only for writing while you keep one for surfing the internet.
    This way, you won’t get distracted by the internet when you’re busy writing.

  42. Twitter:
    very nice article anurag,
    you’ve given very nice points to “how not to get distracted”.., in my case social networking sites creates the max. distraction.., Gonna download HT Employee monitor..
    thanks for the article..:)
    Rohit recently posted..Parabolic Antenna (Parabolic Dish Antenna) ExplainedMy Profile

  43. Twitter:
    Hi Anurag
    Nice post, social Network are really disturbing when blogging on the internet and studying too, But we should always remember that that social network is one of the most powerful tool for our blog promotion if we use them wisely :)
    Duyu Nimey recently posted..Content Writing tips for newbie bloggersMy Profile

  44. I have my own blog plus do a significant amount of work for two others. I spend hours working on them, but I’d probably spend a lot less time if I didn’t get sucked into distractions. It happens so easily. One minute I’m researching an article on, say, cool activities for kids on Pinterest, then an hour later I realize that I’m looking at funny cats and have no idea how I ended up there! I have to force myself to structure my time better.

  45. Deepak Mehra says:

    Hi Anurag,

    I impress with your skills. it’s really impressive and great job for you. I learn from you.
    I think it is one of the best article!!

    Thanks for share with me!!

  46. Twitter:
    Hi ,
    That is a great feature , i never tried it .But after reading your article i think it is pretty cool to use.
    THanks for sharing the information.
    Maya recently posted..How to get more views on YouTube in just 1 Hour – Free waysMy Profile

  47. Twitter:
    Haha. This is awesome. (She says while commenting on one tab and Facebooking on another).

  48. Twitter:
    Yeah! Anurag i loved your tips, I know how social network is distracting our life in works. Social network is very easy way to distract and sometime i feel that i have to lock myself in my bedroom without computer and tab. :D. Anyways, Thanks for tips, Hope this work !!! :)
    Chetan recently posted..How important technology for kids?My Profile

  49. Twitter:
    What a great article!!! I am always distracted when doing things……I would write my articles a lot quicker without all the distraction. Thanks for these great tips!!
    Samantha recently posted..Master Cleanse Secrets to SuccessMy Profile

  50. Bo Caldwell says:

    I feel distracted all the time when writing articles. This is a great tool! I need it for my iphone as well. Sometimes I catch myself working on an article and I hear the message on my phone and must immediately check out Facebook and see what the message is.

  51. Twitter:
    Great post! Good to know about the no-distraction feature in WordPress. I also like to turn off email (nothing more distracting than seeing new email alerts pop up) and try to schedule in the time; as in, no going on Facebook for another 2 hours type of thing. Also try turning off anything else that pops up distracting messages if it is not absolutely necessary to be on (e.g. Skype).
    Andrew recently posted..Klout adds Instagram to its stableMy Profile

    • Hi Andrew,
      It is almost impossible to turn off all the things that may distract you. The thing is you have to increase your concentration too for more productivity for better results.
      Thanks for the comment.

  52. Twitter:
    I think this requires a lot of practice! Even though when you try to turn off everything, you can easily turn them on again if you are not COMMITTED enough to do it. So how to gain the commitment? Ah ha, this is quite tricky even for me!!! I think it is all about practicing. All your tips in this post are excellent to enhance the practice! Thanks a lot Anurag
    Anh Le recently posted..How to find do-follow blogs with CommentLuv & KeyworkLuv to build backlinksMy Profile

  53. Jane Lovely says:

    Just about time to read this post. Many times I’ve felt distracted when blogging, thanks for the tips

  54. Twitter:
    hello anurag nice post
    the biggest distraction for me is social media
    prabhat recently posted..Top 5 Best Android Phones Under 15000 Rs in IndiaMy Profile

  55. Twitter:
    great article anurag
    i always get distracted when i try to write something and it is because of social media addiction and nice to know about distraction free mode in wordpress
    raj recently posted..Free Download Subway Surfers For PC, Android and ComputerMy Profile

  56. Twitter:
    If i say truth i always get distracted and mind goes here and there and just because of this my blog posts suffer.But From today i will act on your advices.Hope it works.
    Gautam recently posted..Windows 7 Not Genuine Fix !!My Profile

  57. Twitter:
    Yeah we all feel distracted when writing. Personally i write in the night when i know i have less distractions

  58. Twitter:
    Blogging late at night or very early in the morning is when I get the most bang for my time. During the day since I have two small children at home it doesn\’t matter how much I tell them to leave me be for a while – something always comes up. I\’ll try to write or curate several articles at once and schedule them to go live over the next few days. Any time inspiration hits I have to make notes on my phone or in a notebook so I don\’t forget to blog about it later. Thanks for the tips about how to use software to help limit social media network time :). I\’d never heard of that software before.
    Lucero DeLaTierra recently posted..Everybody is a GeniusMy Profile

  59. Twitter:
    Very nice post Anurag. Facebook is best in sense of distraction.
    Issaq recently posted..The Wonderful And Mystical 4.5 Billion Year Old Fukang Pallasite MeteoriteMy Profile

  60. Twitter:
    Well done Anurag. Facebook type social networking sites are very useful to get traffic.But as every coin have two sides,it have also.It consumes more time of an blogger them it should be.And Really I didn’t know about distraction free mode of wordpress. thanks for sharing knowledge.
    Mahendra recently posted..After Earth Movie:Will Smith’s upcoming movie full detailsMy Profile

  61. In my case…. Kill youtube. Once I start watching whatever, I don’t stop.
    Adam recently posted..German Volume TrainingMy Profile

  62. Hi Anurag,

    Eat in just a minimum amount will also avoid distraction. Being hungry in the climax of writing is a total mess. You tend to forget some valuable info that might be substantial to your blog post and worst, you might take a break and lose almost everything when you come back. So its always better to be fed properly to motivate your mind to think properly, creatively and clearly.

    I found your post very useful Anurag. I’ve learn new things like how to block Facebook and another valuable WordPress feature. Thank you so much!
    Margaux Allen recently posted..Dry Product Filling Machine Weigh and Fill SystemMy Profile

  63. This is exactly what I need these days. I have to admit I have been unproductive for the past couple of days due to being addicted to Facebook games.
    Connor Harley recently posted..Business to Business Marketing StrategiesMy Profile

  64. Thanx, after reading this article i can write on my blog without distracting by facebook….
    Rajat Prasun Sati recently posted..Convert your TV into a Smart TV with Micromax Android Smart StickMy Profile

  65. Twitter:
    Hi Anurag, thanx a lot for share interesting article, very useful for me to write on my blog without distracting by facebook.. thanx u so much :D
    anastris recently posted..Sepatu Nike Versi Angrybird.. wuii..My Profile

  66. Twitter:
    The tips that you have mentioned seem simple and everyone knows that. But never the less, they’re true. These tips do help us find some peaceful time to blog without any distraction.
    Kuldeep recently posted..UC Browser for PC – Free DownloadMy Profile

  67. Twitter:
    The thing is, most of us don’t discipline ourselves properly. Whenever something gets our attention, we still stop writing for a while and divert our attention somewhere else. I guest the only thing we can possibly do is to go in a room without anything but our laptop or pen and paper that we normally use when writing.
    Sef Cruz recently posted..Essential Blogging Tips to Increase Your Page viewsMy Profile

  68. vishvast says:

    hello anurag
    Thanks for sharing this cool article Faccebook distract me a lot ! but these dayzz facebook is blocked in my college so i am doing blogging happily thnx for the nice article

  69. Twitter:
    Hi Anurag,
    It was great find for me to have a software like this. But it is my personal opinion that nothing can be worth helpful if you are unwilling to abandon something wrong. Thus, it is all upon you to develop some willpower to let yourself away from the distractions.
    However, the software you have shared is just too good.
    yogesh pant recently posted..BOLLYWOOD MOVIES 2013My Profile

  70. Twitter:
    Hi Anurag
    Thanks for sharing this article. Distraction free writing is really a way for awesome writing experience. In this option, all the buttons are hidden. only add new post form will show.
    Chetan Gupta
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..How to Plan a Website in Few Easy StepsMy Profile

  71. Robert Marsh says:

    Nice Article.
    Maybe it is just me but the actual producing content for my blog is distraction free. If I could just solely blog with content and interact with readers on my blog …well I would be in heaven.

    But being realistic it takes more than that. Doing SEO, social media interaction, interaction with other bloggers etc..etc..

    Blogging can be tough but as time goes by and you get more experience it becomes almost second nature; at least for me.

    I do go to a place in my house that is relatively quiet but it can be challenging with two young kids following you around :)

  72. Amber Moore says:

    I have this little popup on my home screen bar that makes a little beep and lights up whenever I get a Facebook update. Once it lights up…. I just have to click it, and then I seem to end up spending way too much wasted time on social media. I need to take it off my computer so that I don’t have the added distraction.

  73. Social media and cell phones is one my biggest distraction. I had to stop using facebook and twitter because of the distraction. but I had to keep Google+ for seo purposes

  74. Twitter:
    Great ways to do distraction free writing, but I usually switch off my Internet connection after opening WordPress New Post Tab. It helps me write without any distraction.
    Atinder recently posted..How Long a Blog Post Should Be?My Profile

  75. Hi Riddhi,
    Thanks for the appreciation. Social networking are the best place to lose your mind and start doing what you must not.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Anurag recently posted..7 Back Link Building Tips That Works Like Charm (2013)My Profile

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