How not to Get Distracted When you are Writing a Blog Post?

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Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma

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Anurag Sharma
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How not to Get Distracted When you are Writing a Blog Post?

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Distraction – A word that can change your life.


Distraction would never ever let you do what you must do and would force you to do what you must not do.

For ex-

You should do link building everyday but whenever you try to do some link building, you leave that and start getting active on Facebook or some other major social network.

So, in order to get things right and focus on your blog development you have to stop any distraction.

 How not to get distracted when you are writing a blog post??

Distractions While Writing!

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WordPress has the cool feature for this, Do you know what it is?

Yeah, you read it right the newer version of WordPress already has a mode where you can write, write and write without caring about any other thing (SEO, etc.)

But How to get in to the Distraction Free Writing Mode?

Whenever you are writing a blog post, there you will see the visual tab, there’s a button below it with the name ” Distraction Free Writing Mode”. ¬†Click on it and feel the new environment helping you to write even better.

But What is in the mode?

You know that its a distraction free mode but you must be thinking that what the hell would happen in this distraction mode.

Well, in this mode all the WordPress boxes, the admin panel and

every other thing gets hidden leaving the Title, the content area and some useful button (which has the ability of auto hiding)

Stop social network from seducing you.

Social network is like a pack of drugs, use it once and you will get addicted to it forever but like drugs there is also a way out of them.

Use the software, HT Employee Monitor as you can block any, any website you want with it.

So, How to use it to block Facebook?

  • First download it from the link above and install it.
  • Open it now and click on “Facebook Blocking”.


  • Now, there would be three options, Block Facebook, Limit Facebook Time to and Allow Facebook.
  • Click on the Block Facebook button to block it and use the limit button to limit the amount of time you would use it per day.

And if you want to block any other social website, simply click on the website tab and follow the onscreen instructions to block it.

Or if you are using chrome than you can download this extension for the simple blocking of Facebook.

The above way is the best way to not to get distracted whenever you write a post because social media is the weapon of mass distraction.

Tell everyone to not disturb you and Find a quiet place for the time being.

If you live with your family than tell them to not talk or call you any thing for a while as they can be the inside distraction and the worst distraction of all.

And after asking them, go and find a peaceful place in your house where there is no external disturbance, no noise and other things.

That’s enough from me, now it’s your turn to share some ideas which you use to not to get distracted when you write a blog post and please don’t SPAM.