6 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail!

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Akaahan Terungwa
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Akaahan Terungwa
Akaahan Terungwa
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Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail

It is no joke – the world loves to blog. It also loves any idea that will make money even when one sleeps hence the love for making money online. Yet, one worrisome fact remains that over 95% of blogs in the blogosphere today are either outright failures or are performing miserably bad!

Why do these blogs fail? What are the bloggers behind these blogs doing wrong that make them tied to a check of less than $100 for an entire year? What could they change (or you change if you happen to be one of them) that would rake in subscribers, traffic and ultimately bring in the money? That and more, I shall reveal!

Copy And Paste Syndrome Is A Serious Issue

For most bloggers, blogging is no more than looking around for a good blog (with a very serious and dedicated blogger) and consistently tapping every update unto to their own blogs!

For such ‘blogger’, the bulk of their content is either out rightly copied from another blog or spinned! It is as if they never get inspiration on their own or never bother to harness the array of topics that are yet to be written on.

The Implication For Copy And Paste Bloggers

Google hates duplicate content with all its life! Duplicate content simply makes its bot’s work messier and unnecessarily tedious! Sites which are found to run duplicate entries are always delisted and organic traffic to such sites drops!

In terms of visitors, we all love getting unique content from the blogs we visit – not so? Why should a visitor pay attention to your blog again when he/she is dead sure that the content got from your blog is copied? Would it not make sense if such a blogger locate the original source of such an article and read there instead?


Truth be told – most bloggers are dead unserious! They update their blogs when they feel like, the never bother to reply comments (or in extreme cases never even approve them) and generally don’t take their visitors serious by providing crap content!

The Implication of Unseriousness On A Blog

The net effect is that the visitors of your site either make or simply mar you…if you are adjudged by your audience as being dead unserious, how can they refer their friends to your blog or even visit your blog again? Another failed blogger in the making!

Lack Of Understanding About How A Blog Works

Most bloggers have no idea about the basics of how a blog becomes either a success or a failure: their efforts amount to trial and error at best. For most of these bloggers, their daily reality is publishing a blog post (or copying one), posting it, promoting it on their Facebook walls (with a maximum of 500 friends, 400 of which may be offline and 80 unconcerned about the shared content) and relaxing.

Such bloggers have no idea the benefits of leveraging unique talents in the blogosphere or never for once consider the power of networking!

The Implication Of A Gross Lack Of Understanding About How A Blog Works

When you lack the basic idea of how a blog works, like most bloggers do, you’re going to do it all alone (or why should you network?) You’ll never visit other blogs and seek to leave reasonable comments there (why should you? Why help another develop while you’re still small?)

With such a mindset, your blog will never be exposed and you run the risk of running a blog only you are aware of! Will you call such an online extension a blog? 

Failure To Understand The Demands Of Blogging  Especially In The Developing World

Blogging, and blogging successfully are two different things especially if you leave in the developing world! While the successful blogger knows and understands that he has to make serious arrangements for unforeseen circumstances like a laptop crash or poor network, the average (or poor blogger) simply is content with a single modem and laptop and still considers a tablet such as an iPad unnecessary in his blogging career.

The Implications Of Failure To Understand The Demands Of Blogging

With power and steady internet challenge still a challenge in many countries (especially the ones that love to blog the most), it is very wise to at least have all the tools of blogging in pairs. This harsh reality really needs no further explanation. It either you have a ‘backup’ for your laptop, modem etc…

Or face the humiliation of being another failed blogger!

Treating A Blog Like A Hobby

Your blog may have started out as a hobby. But the truth is that if nurtured properly, this hobby of yours holds the seed of a million dollar business that if leveraged properly, may make your current job look like child’s play. Unfortunately, most bloggers never bother to treat their blogs like a business: it is the last thing they ever check (or update) in the day. How do you expect to make money with such an arrangement?

The Implication Of Running A Blog Like A Hobby

Running a blog like a hobby is okay if you intend it to be a hobby! However, if you are looking towards actually making money from your site, quit being lazy! Wake up first thing in the morning and attend to your blog; it is a great idea to have something new everyday so that your readers can adequately benefit and have reason to check out your blog daily!

Then sit down and put in 10 straight hours!

But you may choose to run the blog like a hobby – no problem! Don’t just expect the check from AdSense (or any other monetization means) to exceed $100 dollars in a complete calendar year!

Blogging On A Low Level Domain

The days of making huge amounts of money with a .com or .wordpress free domain extensions are gone – and gone for good! If you’re serious about making money online, why not invest in a high level domain (a .com?) It costs only $10 for a whole year.

However, most bloggers want everything for free! Why should they pay when they can afford the ‘same’ thing free of charge?

The Implication Of Running A Blog On A Low Level Domain

Apart from testing to see if blogging is actually suit for someone, no blogger should ever bother with a low level domain except for fun or as a pure hobby. Why?

  • AdSense (and other ad programs) are very reluctant to accept low level domains. Your chances of getting accepted are as slim as a donkey attempting to go through the eye of a needle!
  • Advertisers hardly take you serious unless you really have an impressive Alexa rank. And believe me, such an Alexa rank would not be easy to come by!
  • Your host may decide to simply delete your site. Is that something you’d accept for your site?

The pains of a low level domain are simply not worth it…so why bother?

Over To You

I’ve made this post as detailed as possible. My aim is to help every reader who comes across it with an idea why the world has many failed bloggers…I have also attempted to make sure that the reader (that’s you) is put in a unique position which he can actually be better off and achieve success as a blogger.

Ask any question – I’ll answer them all. And remember, you have to be a successful blogger!