6 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail!

Akaahan Terungwa
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Akaahan Terungwa
Akaahan Terungwa
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Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail

It is no joke – the world loves to blog. It also loves any idea that will make money even when one sleeps hence the love for making money online. Yet, one worrisome fact remains that over 95% of blogs in the blogosphere today are either outright failures or are performing miserably bad!

Why do these blogs fail? What are the bloggers behind these blogs doing wrong that make them tied to a check of less than $100 for an entire year? What could they change (or you change if you happen to be one of them) that would rake in subscribers, traffic and ultimately bring in the money? That and more, I shall reveal!

Copy And Paste Syndrome Is A Serious Issue

For most bloggers, blogging is no more than looking around for a good blog (with a very serious and dedicated blogger) and consistently tapping every update unto to their own blogs!

For such ‘blogger’, the bulk of their content is either out rightly copied from another blog or spinned! It is as if they never get inspiration on their own or never bother to harness the array of topics that are yet to be written on.

The Implication For Copy And Paste Bloggers

Google hates duplicate content with all its life! Duplicate content simply makes its bot’s work messier and unnecessarily tedious! Sites which are found to run duplicate entries are always delisted and organic traffic to such sites drops!

In terms of visitors, we all love getting unique content from the blogs we visit – not so? Why should a visitor pay attention to your blog again when he/she is dead sure that the content got from your blog is copied? Would it not make sense if such a blogger locate the original source of such an article and read there instead?


Truth be told – most bloggers are dead unserious! They update their blogs when they feel like, the never bother to reply comments (or in extreme cases never even approve them) and generally don’t take their visitors serious by providing crap content!

The Implication of Unseriousness On A Blog

The net effect is that the visitors of your site either make or simply mar you…if you are adjudged by your audience as being dead unserious, how can they refer their friends to your blog or even visit your blog again? Another failed blogger in the making!

Lack Of Understanding About How A Blog Works

Most bloggers have no idea about the basics of how a blog becomes either a success or a failure: their efforts amount to trial and error at best. For most of these bloggers, their daily reality is publishing a blog post (or copying one), posting it, promoting it on their Facebook walls (with a maximum of 500 friends, 400 of which may be offline and 80 unconcerned about the shared content) and relaxing.

Such bloggers have no idea the benefits of leveraging unique talents in the blogosphere or never for once consider the power of networking!

The Implication Of A Gross Lack Of Understanding About How A Blog Works

When you lack the basic idea of how a blog works, like most bloggers do, you’re going to do it all alone (or why should you network?) You’ll never visit other blogs and seek to leave reasonable comments there (why should you? Why help another develop while you’re still small?)

With such a mindset, your blog will never be exposed and you run the risk of running a blog only you are aware of! Will you call such an online extension a blog? 

Failure To Understand The Demands Of Blogging  Especially In The Developing World

Blogging, and blogging successfully are two different things especially if you leave in the developing world! While the successful blogger knows and understands that he has to make serious arrangements for unforeseen circumstances like a laptop crash or poor network, the average (or poor blogger) simply is content with a single modem and laptop and still considers a tablet such as an iPad unnecessary in his blogging career.

The Implications Of Failure To Understand The Demands Of Blogging

With power and steady internet challenge still a challenge in many countries (especially the ones that love to blog the most), it is very wise to at least have all the tools of blogging in pairs. This harsh reality really needs no further explanation. It either you have a ‘backup’ for your laptop, modem etc…

Or face the humiliation of being another failed blogger!

Treating A Blog Like A Hobby

Your blog may have started out as a hobby. But the truth is that if nurtured properly, this hobby of yours holds the seed of a million dollar business that if leveraged properly, may make your current job look like child’s play. Unfortunately, most bloggers never bother to treat their blogs like a business: it is the last thing they ever check (or update) in the day. How do you expect to make money with such an arrangement?

The Implication Of Running A Blog Like A Hobby

Running a blog like a hobby is okay if you intend it to be a hobby! However, if you are looking towards actually making money from your site, quit being lazy! Wake up first thing in the morning and attend to your blog; it is a great idea to have something new everyday so that your readers can adequately benefit and have reason to check out your blog daily!

Then sit down and put in 10 straight hours!

But you may choose to run the blog like a hobby – no problem! Don’t just expect the check from AdSense (or any other monetization means) to exceed $100 dollars in a complete calendar year!

Blogging On A Low Level Domain

The days of making huge amounts of money with a .com or .wordpress free domain extensions are gone – and gone for good! If you’re serious about making money online, why not invest in a high level domain (a .com?) It costs only $10 for a whole year.

However, most bloggers want everything for free! Why should they pay when they can afford the ‘same’ thing free of charge?

The Implication Of Running A Blog On A Low Level Domain

Apart from testing to see if blogging is actually suit for someone, no blogger should ever bother with a low level domain except for fun or as a pure hobby. Why?

  • AdSense (and other ad programs) are very reluctant to accept low level domains. Your chances of getting accepted are as slim as a donkey attempting to go through the eye of a needle!
  • Advertisers hardly take you serious unless you really have an impressive Alexa rank. And believe me, such an Alexa rank would not be easy to come by!
  • Your host may decide to simply delete your site. Is that something you’d accept for your site?

The pains of a low level domain are simply not worth it…so why bother?

Over To You

I’ve made this post as detailed as possible. My aim is to help every reader who comes across it with an idea why the world has many failed bloggers…I have also attempted to make sure that the reader (that’s you) is put in a unique position which he can actually be better off and achieve success as a blogger.

Ask any question – I’ll answer them all. And remember, you have to be a successful blogger!



  1. Twitter:
    Talking on plagiarism (copy and paste). This is a very serious issue when it comes to blogging. If you can’t sit down and write an article on your own, then why blog? There are so many ways of making money online besides blogging so if blogging don’t suits you, consider going into other online business. You cannot be a successful blogger if all you do is copy and paste (even if you link back to the source). Why? Blogging is a very competitive business so if you’re not producing unique and exclusive contents, how will you compete with other bloggers out there?
    Inyavic recently posted..13-years Old Boy Rapped His 8-years Old Sister After Watching Indecency With X-boxMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      I agree completely with you Victor – and that’s why I descended so heavily on ‘copy and paste’ bloggers. Blogging is all about originality and actually benefiting your readers not just ensuring that they have to see new crap anytime they land on your blog.

      There are many other ways of making money ( both online and off) which I discuss regularly on my blog. You see, blogging is simply not cut out for anyone…you simply have to have the patience and resilience it actually takes to be a successful blogger.

      Do have a great day Victor. And remember, you have to be a great blogger – no matter what! Or simply quit!!

      Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..SPEED UP WORDPRESS WITHOUT A CDN: HOW I MANAGED 0.15s WITHOUT PAYING A DIME!My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    One of the biggest reason I find for failure is no dedication to their blog. Many of the blogger have no patience. They only think about making money but they don’t realize what it takes to make their blog success.
    SEO is changing & so blogging. One of the best way to get the traffic is search engine & if you do the SEO the same way as earlier, you are no where. You need to follow (not copy) the successful people.
    The points you provided in this article will help a lot of blogger who are not getting the success. I hope they understand their mistakes after reading this.
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted..I Earned INR 20,00,000 from AdSense through Blogging in 2013My Profile

  3. Twitter:
    You have already said it all most bloggers fail due to copy- paste attitude and again bloggers now are lazy.. I will implement some of your tips to my blogging career..
    Olayinka recently posted..Valentine’s Gifts Ideas For Men and WomenMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Hello Pritam,

    I also seriously do hope bloggers (especially newbies) find this entry useful and follow the unique tips shared here to claim the success that is undoubtedly theirs.

    Thanks for your input – your time here is appreciated.

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..DOES THE LENGTH OF A BLOG POST MATTER?My Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Dedication to the blog is definitely where most blogs seem to fail, it’s the same with social media. Finding the time to constantly create good quality engaging content can be a lot of work which some bloggers don’t realise.
    Mark Buckley recently posted..Questions to Ask Your Wedding PhotographerMy Profile

  6. Good to know that what is the main cause of failing a blog, i think if we love to do blogging that it will be much easier for us to make it successful rather than just focusing on adsense income.

  7. Twitter:
    Actually domain name cost $1.17 at Godaddy if use a domain coupon first year and after that somewhere around $10 / year or even less if you use a promo code. Just be smart and use promo codes to save some money those can be used on web hosting for example which is more expensive because must be paid monthly or yearly but cost per year might be high for a beginner blogger.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..Domains and Web Hosting Promo Codes / Coupons for 2014My Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Hi Akaahan Terungwa,
    This post is seriously awesome. :) One can’t deny those 6 reasons that you mentioned here. According to me most of the bloggers fail because they don’t make new friends nor reply to comments on their blogs. Its a good idea to mingle around with others using Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Nobody’s going to comment in your website/blog unless you start introducing yourself and make new friends.

    Thanks for this great article!!
    Deepak recently posted..Tips For Becoming Successful In Blogging NicheMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Many bloggers start blogging after listening some big successful stories.
    They always heard sweet stories but don’t know their hard working.
    Hard working bloggers always win and that is why i am trying.

    Thanks Akaahan for the post.
    Shoukot recently posted..Add Beautiful Popup Facebook Like Box To BloggerMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    There are many reasons why a blogger fails and yoiu have done a great research in finding and making a list of some of the reasons. I appriciate your work. We should learn from our mistakes, that is the best thing to do.
    Alan recently posted..HayDay for PC Download, HayDay for Windows7/8/MacMy Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Hi Akaahan,

    Nice post. Point you have noted of a bloggers failures are great. I agree with all points. After all blogging is your business and it gives you, your bread and butter.
    Thank you for your post.
    Nikhil recently posted..How To Build Up A Continues Flow Of Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Hi Akaahan, you have defined it in very nice way why some blogger get failed am agreed with you.
    Thanks for sharing it with us
    Best regards
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted..Best Websites for Free Online Photo EditingMy Profile

  13. Blogging can be overwhelming at times. You have to take time to figure out what your desired goals are. It’s not easy being a blogger because you constantly must improve, self evaluate, and willing to reinvent yourself.

  14. Melody Campbell says:

    I think it’s important to have a genuine interest in the topic you’re blogging about. It’s okay to get ideas from other bloggers but at some point every blogger has to bring their own value to the table. It’s important to get creative, tell a personal story to make a point. Personal stories are great because no one lives your life but you. So if you (as a blogger) can make a point that someone else has posted about but ADD your own personal story in favor or in contrast…THAT could make things interesting.

    It also helps to have a plan – a content schedule for the topics that will be covered on the blog. Many successful bloggers have one day a week that they do an aggregation of other bloggers relevant posts with links – that’s okay once a week – and it helps to fill a day’s worth of content to your audience. Or what about a eye-catching graphic with a quote – that can fill up a day of posting. But PLEASE tell your own stories and blog about something that you’re passionately learning about.

    Excellent post with good points. Thank you for sharing in such detail.

    • Twitter:
      Hello Melody,

      Your contribution has added immense value to this post! You see, when you have a personal voice, people would really want to hear what you’ve got especially if you are damn good at what you do. It is said that nothing beats experience…and hearing that experience could be the second best thing!

      Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..VALENTINE, LOVE AND STUPIDITYMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Hi Akaahan,

    I agree on all your points. Most of the people start blogging only to make money and they don’t even have patience, which makes them leave their blogs after a month or two. Next, I would like to tell that, the more you invest in better sources, the more returns you get.

    Lastly, if you want success in blogging, treat your blog as your son and nurse it like a mother…
    Naser recently posted..Download Dhoom 3 Android Game On PCMy Profile

  16. Twitter:
    You did a good job to explain what makes bloggers to fail, the worst sin of blogging is ‘copying and pasting’
    This kind of bloggers are likely to dump blogging after 6 months and after a year, they will allow the domain to expire.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..Why Affiliate Marketers Need Google AnalyticsMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    In the end, you got to do what you love. If you are passionate about what you do or blog about, then some of the cardinal sins on why blog fail would go away. If you are passionate, you are likely going to keep your blog going or write about stuff you care about. You are not likely to duplicate content because you would have enough of your own thoughts or opinion to write it down. Your blog might not make money but making money is also not an indicator of your blog success either. Even if there is an audience of a few, at least it is a blog of love.
    Jennifer Lake recently posted..Where Do the Long Term Unemployed find JobsMy Profile

  18. Twitter:
    Hello Akaahan I do agree with your post and actually there are more than 6 points which I am not shocked about. I run a technology technology with posts related to technology tricks and news. I am a computer technician from the past 5 years and write most of the posts myself but when it comes to technology new I usually refer other websites and post accordingly. I wanted to ask will my blog be considered if I take news from sites; I haven’t copy pasted anything I rely on two-three websites for same news but write them in my own friendly way keeping my readers in mind. Even due this will my blog be seen in bad light? I again say I haven’t copy-pasted every but refer them and write posts in my own way.

  19. actually yes i found this blog very very informative. as i did many stupid mistakes while writing blogs it’d be helpful to many readers as well. thanks a lot and will be checking your other posts :)

  20. Hi akaahan,great post from you. I feel that a blogger must know his or her ability and have good knowledge of what he or she is gonig to share.I suggest all the blogger to have a look on medium website and learn few things from there . It is full of great content.

  21. Twitter:
    Most people start a blog with the sole purpose of making money and this is why they’ll never be successful at blogging. People who do this don’t have anything interesting or valuable to say so they resort to stealing content from people who actually are knowledgable.

    I guarantee you that the vast majority of bloggers who are successful started because they’re passionate about a certain topic and they wanted to share their knowledge with the world. They write their own original content about topics they’re genuinely interested in and this is why these people make money.
    Mike Howg recently posted..How to Make Money with HostGator Affiliate ProgramMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    Sometimes Google is also responsible for that. It loves you at the beginning, but once you get used to the organic traffic, you are slapped with a new Google update that eats all your traffic.
    Hemant Aggarwal recently posted..Creating A Facebook Page In Just 2 Minutes (With Video)My Profile

  23. Twitter:
    The main reason behind the failure is that, people are thinking that they can do blogging very easily and also they starts their blog without any planning.
    Zaveeth Aslam recently posted..How to Avoid Mistakes in BloggingMy Profile

  24. Nice tips specially for New Bloggers as only new bloggers love to copy content once they are mature enough they know it will harm their blog in coming days.Akaahan i must say even some times i don\’t reply to comments, and it seriously effect the blog as for every comment there should be a reply.Over all seriousness is needed if you wish to get success in blogging and as mention about custom domain it is a must if you are really serious.

  25. Twitter:
    Bloggers these day can’t think of what they are good in and what do they want to do.They see what is trending and what others are making money from and start copying it.If they want to succeed they must come with something new of their own to make some serious amount of money.
    Gautam recently posted..Download Kik Messenger For Pc,Kik Messenger For ComputerMy Profile

  26. Twitter:
    We started blogging decades back when there were very few sites like ours. We’ve always self hosted with our domain. Blogging was a hobby and we have let things slide terribly. Others have come along and surpassed us so this year is the year we either take things seriously or shut it down. Thanks for you post.
    Nitorcis recently posted..Trayvon’s killer should not be allowed to box for moneyMy Profile

  27. I just realized how much of blogging I didn’t know and how many of these I’ve been doing. :( I guess I need to change my mindset if I want my blog to be successful. Guilty of seeing it only as a hobby and the lack of understanding how it works. T^T. I need to start learning more about the field that I choose to enjoy and earn from. Thanks for sharing these things. This is a great help for newbies like me. :D

  28. Twitter:
    Hi Akaahan,

    Great Post, I agree with all your reasons for blog failure. Blogger fails because they don’t take initiative or they are not committed towards the success.
    Nikhil recently posted..How To Build Up A Continues Flow Of Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  29. This is an awesome post for the new bloggers as if they won’t follow these points, they will definitely end up leaving blogging, i am a lucky one to have survived these situations :)

  30. Ellen Danielle says:

    Der Akaahan,
    Thank you very much for sharing god information about the reasons of blogger fail. It will surely help out the blogger who really want to share their passion and knowledge through blogs. Great post, great tips.. thanks again.

  31. nikhil ganotra says:

    Very nice post akaahan. When I started blogging I was too fond of copy-pasting but with time I realised my mistake and started delievering my own writtien articles. You gave an ultimate guide on mistakes that generally all newbies make. Thanks again for sharing this awesome content.

  32. Twitter:
    This post should read all beginners and bloggers like me, who are usually stuck in under achievments. Here are many eye opening tips, on what we should pay more attention in future, in order to be more sucessful. I can now list all the things on what i’m bad or good but it will not change anything, like you say it is up to us. Do we realy want to be better and do something about that or we just want to read how to be sucessful.
    Tamara recently posted..Where to Watch Documentaries Online For FreeMy Profile

  33. As far as I observed Many people start a Blog thinking of getting Quik Wealth, if they dont see it in sight, they get disappointed & leave

  34. Many people don’t read blog posts like this before they start blogging. Instead they read get rich quick blogs and read stories of people drinking margarita on the beach and working half an hour a day. Then, they go ahead and start blogs on most competitive niches like fitness, online marketing or car insurance. If you want to be successful online you need to be three times better organized, work harder and be patient. if you expect money raining in after writing one or two articles you clearly have no clue and should read a few more blog posts like this. Well written article, thanks.

  35. Twitter:
    I hope I did not miss someone else asking this as I did try to read the comments but there were so many…I wonder Sir if you have an opinion on how often one should post on their blog? Should it be daily or weekly or less frequent?Thank you in advance for your comments and for this fine post.
    Troy S. recently posted..Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver Collection Automatic WatchMy Profile

  36. Nice post!
    In my opinion, the best way to make blog successfull is to plan your work and write posts regularly )

  37. Markus Duffin says:

    Another point to include is that many blogger forget to optimize their sites for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Blogs will appear differently, and it is important not to miss out on readers who rely on thier mobile tech.

  38. Twitter:
    I would like to add the writing style, and the emotional state the writer is in. If you are in a negative emotional state, then it will reflect in your words. This will take readers away from your blog, and most will not come back. You have to do unbiased kind of writing to be successful.

    Else, its a dead end!
    Swarup recently posted..10 Best Barcode Label SoftwareMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      I quite agree with you to a point. However, it depends on what you are writing…If your subject matter actually needs a negative tone, you’d be surprised that keeping the tone negative or pessimistic would hardly change things. This should however be done sparsely and should not take precedence over more energetic, powerful and purposeful entries!

      Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..VALENTINE, LOVE AND STUPIDITYMy Profile

  39. Hello Akaahan
    I agree with all your points and also want to add my story. I started blogging 2 years back without any knowledge.Learnt the things from searching only.Came in with contact with many blogger and get to konw that they are earning more than my expectation.I used to motivate myself and start a new blog without any knowledge. ANd in one year i changed 11 blogs but didnt manage to earn more than 100$ per month.Than i understand than instead of changing blogs i should stick to only one blog.ANd 4 months back i started a blog on health and i am fully satisfied with the output. This is one of the best example that one should have patience, and instead of changing blog over and over again one should stick to only one.

  40. Twitter:
    Nice write indeed. I think what makes most bloggers fail is that they are not willing to spend. Instead, they tend to find nulled or cracked stuffs which has high possibility of malicious scripts. Not only that, it affects business too :/ Nonetheless, great white and thanks for sharing!

  41. Twitter:

    You are so on point! There is nothing like blogging without having anything to say but with the singular motivation to make tons of money at it.While we can all make serious money blogging, that money is made as a result of solving people\’s genuine problems and unique challenges – not any other way!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..VALENTINE, LOVE AND STUPIDITYMy Profile

  42. Twitter:
    One of the reason which I feel that bloggers fail are because they do not have passion. They run for money and the time comes when they are tired of blogging. Dedication and Passion is what drives you to write a great blog.
    Ranjit J Deore recently posted..Samsung Galaxy S5: Everything you need to knowMy Profile

  43. Twitter:
    I am seeing a lot of blogs fail and the owners says they are just not worth it financially to keep up. They abandon these domains sometimes and it may be good to buy the domain and point it to your site to gain the links and traffic.
    Robert Fowler recently posted..Retirement PlanningMy Profile

  44. Nothing can happen without passion. If you have zeal, your blog will be successful. Nice post.
    Monu recently posted..Get white teethMy Profile

  45. Vivek Singh Tomar says:

    Such a great thing sharing Akaahan. Wonder full post. I still need to change many things in my blog.

  46. I totally agree with you, in the blogosphere, if you don’t have a different content, people will immediately engulf you.

  47. Zubair Ahmed says:

    I fall into the category of a blogger who doesn’t know what he is doing then. Like you mentioned, I just create a post and then share it with my Facebook friends who may really not care about re-sharing it.
    I would love to know how I can network with other bloggers and win over readers.

    • Twitter:

      You may consider signing up with justretweet and commenting (meaningfully anyway) on other blogs in your niche. Over 90% of bloggers actually get to check out the various bloggers that checked them out and greater chances are that your content is shared as it is checked.

      I’d love to get your response if this has worked for you.

      Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..3 MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS OF FAILUREMy Profile

      • Dear Akaahan,
        I am going to follow your advice and join retweet. But I just have 20 followers on twitter and they are no where related to blogging(some of them maybe soulless bots :) )

        Will it be still beneficial.

  48. Mohd Shubhi says:

    I started blogging just to make as a hobby, but realized it later that it has a huge potential to promote my business. That was why I upgraded it to a paid domain. Thanks for your advice.

  49. Twitter:
    Impressive post! Most beginners, follow the plagiarism, when they start their blog, which take them to failure especially.
    Chetan recently posted..Home Buying Destinations in the SuburbsMy Profile

  50. These are real 6 facts due to which a blogger or a web owner moves to back foot. I think all the beginners should read these helpful tips. A newbie think about quantity of material on the blog or web instead of quality. That is why he/she make copy / paste, poor quality content, and got finally low traffic, no adsense approval. Result is no earning from blog or website.
    Shahbaz Jam recently posted..Free Download Filezilla Profile

  51. Twitter:
    Very awesome article :) It’s really informative and getting some basic idea about how to choose domain, how to write content, How to do blogging etc., Your writing skills is very good. Thanks for sharing this information with us and really informative.
    Shailesh recently posted..Top 10 Job Consultancy in PuneMy Profile

  52. Twitter:
    Being a newbie i was required to get motivated by any specific thought by the influence of which i could turn my hobby of blogging into my career. After reading these main reasons for the failure of bloggers somehow i will be careful not to walk at any path described above. I am really thankful for you to provide this kind of information to us. I hope it will be great to learn more from here.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted..What Is WordPress?My Profile

  53. Twitter:
    I’ve failed by treating blogs like hobbies, unseriousness, and by being inconsistent with posts. In the future I’ll be a professional blogger who learned the hard way about all the beginner pains!
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    Devin Bisanz recently posted..The easy way to self hypnosis.My Profile

  54. Krishna Moorhty D says:

    Yes are so right Man! Really loved this article..Should Suggest this to my friend who is going to Quit Blogging Thanks!

  55. Twitter:

    Matthew recently posted..Available Brandable Domain Names 19th February 2014My Profile

  56. Anyone who wants to make a success of their blog should definitely read this post. Many amateurs think they will evolve into pros but it takes smart hard work. Thanks for this excellent post.

  57. Twitter:
    I used to think that there was a million reasons why people fail at blogging but now I only think there is one!

    1. They don’t stick to the actual job! They get distracted and go on different paths and if only they had stuck to just blogging then all would be fine. They watered down the effort and then thought they were failing.
    Mitz Pantic recently posted..Best Recurring Affiliate Programs – Work on Smart IncomeMy Profile

  58. Twitter:
    i don’t like those who like to copy content from other blogger..

    at least give credit to the blog that they’ve copied!!
    cikgu naman recently posted..Muslim NiagaMy Profile

  59. i think i am not giving time and it is a hobby and that the reason why i am not moving farward in my blogging career.
    another reason is not of the blogger fails because of wrong niche selection and they dont know the exact meaning of blogging.
    hamza recently posted..Ways to backup wordpress blogMy Profile

  60. Twitter:
    Copied content is not good for our blog. Google will not except these content.
    nice tips akaahan. Lots of important points which you covered in this post
    vikram recently posted..BEST PAID GAME RAYMAN JUNGLE RUN v2.08 FOR ANDROIDMy Profile

  61. Twitter:
    Hello Mitz,

    While staying true to the game is one of the primary reasons why most bloggers fail, it is the exibition of these traits discussed here that even give room for that spirit of quitting which ultimately leads to failure.Thanks for your time here…do have a very great day!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..5 WAYS TO KILL YOUR DREAMS (AND DESTINY) VERY FASTMy Profile

  62. Jatin Singhroha says:

    Guest-posting seems like the best option when promoting your own blog. But it’s not easy and you need to target those blogs well. I’d suggest going for blogs that are not completely in your own niche, but related. Like, I’m a book cover designer so I go post on book marketing blogs and other blogs related to book publishing and promotion.

  63. Twitter:
    I Always Have Been a Lazy Person in every Work But When it Comes it Blogging I Love it. I want to Become a Professional in this Field.
    When it Comes to these Reason Why Bloggers Fail i Must say that Laziness and Running out of Patience are Biggest Reasons specially Among New Starters.
    Atinder recently posted..What is Google Looking For : Unique Quality ContentMy Profile

  64. Twitter:
    For me the problem is I don’t take the blog seriously enough and don’t want to tell about that for my friends.
    Raddix recently posted..Nokia X – First Android Phone From NokiaMy Profile

  65. I totally agree with your article. A lot of blogger blogging without passion. They want to create money for the short term and doesnt look at the long term which can bring more money and stable income.

  66. Twitter:
    While your list is quite elaborative in explaining some of the main reasons of bloggers failing, I would like to add the fact that sometimes the sole purpose of making money becomes the ultimate pitfall.
    Sumit Gupta recently posted..Happy Holi SMS 2014, Short Messages, Text Wishes, GreetingsMy Profile

  67. Seth Lui says:

    Great post on blogging, there’s way too much copy and pasting of content.

  68. Hi Terungwa,
    After reading your article I feel that all the points which you mentioned sums up to a common conclusion- that you need to approach blogging professionally, if you need to succeed- and rightly so. people would only read a blog or webpage only if there is some thing new, informative or interesting in for them.

  69. Twitter:
    Yes, I agree with your points mentioned above. Many bloggers don’t take their work seriously and some tries to manipulate Google by some tricks. There are many reasons explained above which can be useful to remember. Thanks for sharing.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted..DoFollow And NoFollow Link : Which To Choose?My Profile

  70. Twitter:
    Ya absolutely. Money newbies come to blogging world as they feels that it is the easiest task in world. But when they face real blogging ,the whole scenario has changed.They Quit. Thanks for the nice share.
    Mahendra recently posted..Samsung galaxy S5 True Specs, Price, New Features and Release DateMy Profile

  71. Ram Inamdar says:

    Good Points Akaahan,

    Content is always the king. So original content will always serve bloggers better in the long run. Many points mentioned here are worth thing about for every blogger. I shall take few positives too…

  72. Zeeshan Ahmed says:

    Many newbies are making all above mistakes.. and before they got knowledge about this, his/her blogs are effected to Google Panda.. If this happens. what should wo do to get the rank back? :)

  73. Twitter:
    All of these points are right on the ball. Especially the section about copying and pasting. I’ve come across far too many blog authors which all seem to be extracting bits and pieces from each other’s articles and changing them just enough so that it isn’t (easily) recognisable.

  74. Roy Moses says:

    most of the bloggers failing because of not been dedicated to the blog, that is very true!
    bloggers who don’t publish something every couple of days will never have regular readers… people will get bored and stop going in the blog, if you want to be a good blogger start publishing more posts!

  75. Twitter:
    I agree with this to an extent! Wish more details were added upon.
    Freddy M Thomas recently posted..#4: HIS SEARCH FOR RESPECT,PRIDE AND EDUCATIONMy Profile

  76. Twitter:
    Totally agree with author as most bloggers, specially new blogger are treating blogging as a hobby and show less respect to this field, because most of newbies are afraid of leaving their full time job or business and don’t want to dedicate completely themselves to blogging which in turn makes them to fail in the first place,,,,anyway nice writing and thank for sharing it with us,,,,
    jawad zaib recently posted..How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan Urdu TrainingMy Profile

  77. Very well said.. I agree. Most newbies and lazy ones do copy pasting for all its life and like you said Google hates it all its life!. well.. every point you made was clear and useful even for me.

  78. When I started my blogging career I just wrote!! my articles with great copy pasting….. :D. After 1 year what I found?! Nothing…. From my experience do not copy paste. Write quality content and maintain the constancy of posting. What do you say Akaahan Terungwa?

  79. It goes beyong the copy and paste bloggers. Far too often I come across blogs that have unique content but nothing new to offer, they’re just rehashing the same old content you already find all over the net. If you want to be sucessful today you need content that adds value to the user’s visit, something they won’t find anywhere else. It’s not just about getting visitors; it’s about getting followers that will keep returning to the site.
    Samual Johnson recently posted..Best Creatine on the MarketMy Profile

  80. After one year of blogging all i can say is that you need to have self motivation and confidence to continue, when i started my blog i thought it was easy to get traffic, but now i am understanding nothing is easy and you have to work hard to gain positive results.

  81. article very interesting and helpful, I still have not been able to indulge in the world online in full online for now because it is only as a sideline, but one day I will make my online business become my main business, thank you for a very useful article

  82. Not having a clear idea and focus is the main reason people never succeed as bloggers, but i think blogging, once done right, you will shine like a star

  83. Twitter:
    It may take time for you to make some money out of your blog. But make sure you treat blogging as a hobby, because being a hobby you will never quit blogging.
    Hemant Aggarwal recently posted..Download Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 For 9 Months For FreeMy Profile

  84. Twitter:
    Hey Akaahan,
    Nice post and Yes, Copy-Paste is very important factor for many bloggers failure. For getting success in blogging requires lots of harkwork and consistency and we have to make sure that we are not using this copy-paste activity. This post really gonna help all the newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted..Candy Crush Saga for PC, Candy Crush Saga for Windows 7/8/MACMy Profile

  85. Twitter:
    Great post indeed. Copy Paste blogging is a serious issue. It is not a crime to write on the same topic that some other had written earlier, if and only if the newly written one contains powerful contents to beat the previous ones. Else, it is a waste of time. Another serious issue is the mentality to blog for money from very first day. Every business needs time to get established. Patience is the only key to success.
    Biswajit Nath recently posted..How to Setup CloudFlare CDN for WordPressMy Profile

  86. Great post!
    I think that the biggest reason why most bloggers fail is that they are not patient enough. In order to succeed in this field, patience and hard work is required, not to mention the inclusion of your own quality content. Most people look for shortcuts and, as a result, fail.
    Lalina recently posted..Best Installous AlternativesMy Profile

  87. Twitter:
    You have made some really interesting points. Search engines like google does penalize websites with a lot of duplicate content. As you mentioned, it does make BOT’s work a lot harder. I personally have not seen google delisting pages. Such pages don’t appear on search results. One can always find these pages when they type site: . One must treat blogging like a business and must have the motivation to look beyond the money it will bring. The webmeisters must also understand audience and the kind of things they are looking for. A blog must have updates at every ones in a while to get back users to the website.
    Arun Chandran recently posted..KikMy Profile

  88. I quite agree with you, Mark. But remember, whatever is worth doing is worth doing very well. Let me share a brief story with you. Do you know that it was after I left school that I discovered that exams were actually the easiest thing to pass on earth? I just didn’t devote my time – simple and short!
    true and i like it
    lalina recently posted..Gmail Login – http://www.gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

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