6 great activities for a children’s birthday party

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Throwing a birthday party for your child is sometimes more difficult than it appears to be. As children grow, they become more demanding because they create their own value system of what they consider amusing and, on the other hand, boring. Insisting to be a supervisor of a party the whole time may not be a great idea – your child’s guests could feel a bit too observed, so they won’t feel free to play like they usually would. But, checking up on them now and then, and encouraging them to have fun with suggesting an interesting activity usually turns out to be a great idea. Check out these six interactive activities your child and its guests will love.

Bake the best cookie

You know how children are always interested in what’s going on in the kitchen? Well, at least until they grow up a bit and start avoiding all possible chores and responsibilities. But, before all that happens, when they are sevenish or so, you can gather their full attention in the kitchen and amuse them with baking cookies. Sure, it’s going to be a bit messy and loud, but you can avoid all unwanted hazards with just keeping them away from your oven. You can even turn it into a competition, and give a symbolic reward to the kid who bakes the most interesting cookie.

It’s wall-painting time!

How many times have you tried to turn your child away from drawing on a wall in your home? Of course, you don’t really have to allow your child and its friends to turn your wall into their master-piece – you can simply stretch a type of canvas or a thick paper over your wall. If you decide to try out this child activity, have no doubt that it’ll be the most fun activity your child and its guest will have, but you may want to consider protecting (or removing) your furniture from the new painting room.

Treasure quest

Children in general can’t resist a good treasure quest story – it has a mysterious touch that they find fascinating. Just imagine how thrilled everyone would be if you gave them a pirate map that looks old (you can manage that with just a thin

layer of yellow), and send them off to their quest. Probably the best motivation you can give them are some treats you can hide in your home and mark the spots on the map.

Pop the balloon!

If you’re ready to deal with some extensive noise, this is the perfect game for your child’s birthday party. All you need is a ton of balloons and some post-it papers. The plot is in the notes written on those papers – you can write a type of reward on each of them, and simply wait until all balloons are popped and just give out the rewards when they’re done. You can always use candy, but if you’re ready to invest a bit more money into this game, you should know that toys are always a great idea.

The best makeover

If you stack up with some skin-friendly paints, you’ve just made it in throwing the best children’s party ever! Let them explore for themselves, and you’ll be able to see that a child’s imagination is truly unlimited. After they’re finally finished, you should ask them what character they wanted to become, and believe me that you’ll hear the most amazing answers.

Who am I?

This game is pretty simple and there’s no age limit – even adults find it interesting. Write down a number of characters on paper, pair them up (make sure there’s an even number of children so you can avoid an uncomfortable situation) and give them a few pointers, like what questions they should ask in order to find out which character their partner is pretending to be.

Each of this activities will require some supplies, but you probably already have most of them at home. Other than this, you should consider adding a surprise at the end of your child’s party, like a gift-bag. It doesn’t have to be something pricey – again, candy will do just fine. But if you want to go a step further, you can get the bags with popular characters printed on them – your child’s guests will be more than happy because of the bag, so anything you put in it will be like a second gift to them.