3 Lighting Tips for Photographers

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The Photographers Challenge

As a photographer you should always be looking for the best way to capture images. Your experience as a photographer, combined with your artistic abilities should are your strongest allies in finding new and effective ways to take photographs.

Lighting – A Photographers Best Friend

One of the most important areas of photography is the lighting. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different ways to illuminate an object and choosing the right one in the right situation can really make a difference. From the color of light you use, to the angle and the filters you use, lighting is an art and should be given enough attention to master it correctly.

  1. The first tip with photography lighting is that you don’t always need a ton of light. Sometimes less is more with photography lighting. Some photographers get very creative with this idea and can completely blacken out parts of an object to make it look like something else. This effect can be a powerful way to create something artistic from ordinary objects. Some photographers like to use common household objects for this, like bottles, jars, or even lamps.
  2. The second tip is to remember that you have the option to use colored lights. This is something that is often overlooked, and that could be because
    people like to look normal, but adding some color here and there (from the lights) can also create some great effects. Colored lights can also be effective for make people and objects look better than they normally do, not just for extra effects.
  3. This final tip is to take some photographs with the light source behind the target object. If the light is bright enough this can create a silhouette effect. Playing with the brightness levels of the light can also create other effects such as a soft glow around the target image, and not a complete silhouette. You can also use this technique, combined with colored lights to make some very interesting photographs.

Bonus Lighting Tip for Photographers

As mentioned above there are many different kinds of lights that can be used for photography. As a bonus tip I would add that you don’t necessarily have to use lighting equipment that has been designed specifically for photographers. There are some really powerful LED flashlights on the market today (like these ones), that can provide you will enough lighting, in a more portable solution.

You can also make your own filters to create the desired effects, if you don’t want to buy any. However, if you are a true professional photographer, it’s best to stick with the equipment that is made specifically for photographers.