What To Look For In a Printer

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Craig Aldred
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What to look for when choosing a printer.

We all use and rely on them nowadays and the cost of a printer is relatively low compared to what it was few years ago. The problem is that there are now such a wide variety of printers that it is easy to get confused as to what type of printer you need.

There are also those printers that seem too good to be true and generally are. So what should you look out for when buying a new printer?

Wireless or Wired

There are 2 types of printers on the market for most home users and they are wired and wireless printers.

A wired printer is exactly what it says, a printer connected via a cable. Usually this is a USB 2.0 connection where a USB cable plugs into the side of the printer and the other end plugs into an available port on your computer. This is quite standard.

Another form of wired printer is a wired network printer. These printers connect via a Ethernet connection to your Router meaning that the printer can be shared with any computer on your home network. These usual cost a little more than a standard USB printer.

The other type of connection is a wireless printer. This connects via a wireless connection to your router meaning it can be anywhere in your home or business. The printer can then be shared with any other devices in your home or business. Again a wireless printer does cost a little extra.


Is the Printer Laser or Ink jet?


jet printers are aimed at home users and home business users due to there relatively cheap ink costs.

Laser printers are aimed at businesses and the ink cost can be considerably higher as can the initial printer cost. Laser printers tend to be faster and offer higher quality than ink jet printers.

Ink cost

This is where most people are caught out. Many printers are sold very cheaply and made to look like a bargain and it is not until you come to replace the printers 5 cartridges that you realise why it was so cheap. Some very cheap printers have very expensive ink replacement costs. For example you could pick up a printer for $40 only to find that to replace the ink in it will cost you $50!

Be sure to take the price of replacement ink into account when looking at a new printer.


You will usually find in the specification the number of black and white pages and colour pages it will print per minute and this also need to be taken into consideration if you are looking to print quickly.

Multifunction Yes or No

With the price of multifunction printers now I would always say go with a multifunction printer. Most multifunction printers now allow you to print, copy and scan.

Buy a 3D Printer?

If your a millionaire why not go ahead and buy a 3D printer. They are not cheap with the cheapest decent model at 10k but if you are rich that’s pocket money I guess. 


  1. Twitter:
    we have to see the following steps while buying
    1.brand 2.cartridge 3.speed 4.warranty
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  2. Lucy George says:

    I agree with your views above, especially with regard to replacement cartridges. A real bargain can turn into a nightmare when the printer literally ‘eats’ black and colour ink. You might end up having to get a new printer in the end to save costs!

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