WPHypnoLinks is very nearly there! – and how to get one for free

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Wow what a week of coding and being busy!

The development of WPHypnoLinks has been great fun and I’ve had a lot of great feedback from the beta testers that has made it a very nice plugin!

New features

Today, I added a new page for a link cloaker and rotator so you can make links that point to your own blog and they can redirect to the URL of your choice. You can even have up to 5 different target URLs that rotate so you can spread the clicks over a number of different pages and see which one gets the most results.

I’ve also improved the script so that you can add a dynamic

link to a post by using a shortcode and only that word / phrase on that post will be set as a link.

Get a free copy!

I’m giving away 5 copies and the only thing you need to do to qualify is to comment on at least 3 different posts over on The WPHypnoLinks Site

When the plugin is ready for release I’ll pick 5 people who qualified and give them a free lifetime license.

Come and see the site anyway, I’m still updating it with the things that I do to prepare the way for selling the plugin. It might be useful information for you when you get to the time to sell your own digital product.

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