Why Without Bloggers Interaction you don’t stand a Chance?

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These days a lot of blogs are being built. The web hosting is cheep and if you have a little success you can even earn some money.

Everyone have their own agenda when they start blogging: some of them jus want to earn some money, while others want to be heard and maybe other just out of boredom. I remember the first days when I started blogging, I didn’t have any idea about anything, I just bought the domain and I started blogging without having a clue how it should actually be done.

But the fact is that just a few of the blogges have success in building a great blog. From my experience, the key to building a successfully blog consists of bloggers interactions and search engine optimization.

In this article I will present you the way of building successful bloggers interactions.

Steps to follow to make yourself and your blog known:

A lot of work and time is needed to successfully interact with others blogers. You have to be fair and offer the proper respect for your blogger collegues.

1. Guest posting

Guest posting plays an important role in building a relation with other bloggers. In my opinion, it is the first most important thing: by guest posting on other blogs, you will have the chance to interact with the bloggrer and also to gain sympathy from the visitors of the blog you have decided to guest post on. A quality article needs to be written, just don’t try to copy the article from other sources, be as original as you can

an in the end it will pay of. Try to structure the article as best as you can to make it easy to read and understand. By guest posting, you will not just gain interaction, you will also gain links and traffic.

2.     Joining communities

A lot of communities from your blog niche can be found on the internet. Joining a community could be very benefic for you. There you can find a lot of friends that can help you and also it will help you stay updated with the latest news. Try to gain as much followers as you can and help as much as you can. Personally, when I started blogging this was the first thing I did. You can join the following communities:  blogcatalog, bloggers , blogengage “¦. and the list may continue. Interact as much as you can in these communities and in a relatively short term results will start to show.

3.     Other tips for bloggers interactions:

Commenting on others blog will also be good: while you are searching the net try to leave an honest comment on other blogs. Reaching the top commenter position will get you appreciation as well.
Forums can also be a good way to interact with others. Try to respond to as many forum posts as you can and help solving other’s problems by leaving a good advice for them.
Facebook and Twitter have been playing an important role in a blogger’s life for a long time, but to make a good use of them you first need to gain some followers. It will be a good idea to start following others and some of them will follow you back.


All in all, just writing good content isn’t enough, bloggers interaction started to play a major role in being a successful blogger and eventually becoming a well known voice.