Unbelievable Power of Thoughts

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Power of ThoughtsPeople don’t give needed importance to their thoughts which ultimately results in unhealthy body and mind. Everything depends on your thinking. Whatever you get in life whether it be success or failure has its origin in your believes. Have you ever wondered why a poor person becomes millionaire and vice versa. All is the result of the ultimate invisible energy of thoughts.

Power of Thoughts

There are lots of examples through which we can understand the invisible power.  Below are some of the instances:

  • Lord buddha has attained super natural powers and did many miracles throught his life.
  • Swami vivekananda influenced the whole world by his thoughts.
  • Prahlad Jani, person of India is living his life without eating food or drinking water since last 70 years. He has spent six days without food or water under strict observation and doctors said his body did not show any adverse effects from hunger or dehydration. He has attained the power of converting his urine into blood and vice versa.
  • In Andy Delbridge case, patient and doctors believed that divine intervention (through praying) helped in relieving aggressive brain tumor.
  • Many people use hypnosis to control the targeted people.
  • Regardless the religion, we feel calmness at our holy place like temple, mosque, church etc. because all those places gets purified everyday through praying from heart and by that way thoughts gets transformed into positive energies.

From above examples, you got an idea of what the thoughts can do. It can either make or break a person. Food and water directly impact our physical body but what about the chemicals which digests the food, hormones which makes us happy or sad and heartbeat continuously beating for us. All these are the result of invisible energies which are created through our thinking. If we want to make ourself happy, wee must learn the art of monitoring and directing our thoughts in the right way.

How to strengthen the thoughts

So, the million dollar question is how to strengthen our thoughts and make ourself more healthy and happy. Various ways are provided below through which you can experience the divine power of thoughts.

  • Meditation is a good way of regularising our thinking pattern.
  • Good night sleep helps a lot in proper working of mind and improvement health.
  • Practising Yoga will regularise our thoughts. Specially, Kapalbhati Pranayama is a great gift of ancient rishis which makes healthy mind and body.
  • Reading books full of motivation and spiritual thoughts helps a lot in thoughts improvement.
  • Control your thoughts from unnecessary things. It is very difficult to control the thoughts but trying to do the same have many posivitive effects on health and success.
  • Think less whenever it is possible.
  • Get connected with people having positive approach. This will improve your thoughts quality.
  • Always live in present time instead of wondering about past or future.

What will be the result

The result of practising controlling the thoughts are amazing. You will feel more energy in yourself. You will have more health, wealth and happiness. People will like to live with you and will give importance to you. Life will be better then you were expecting and will be more worthy and enjoying to live.


We should adopt the above mentioned steps for our good health and better life. Precaution need to be taken that we do not misuse the power of thoughts when we get expertise over them because it may result in loss of those powers but no need to worry for those people who have pure heart and want to be happy and make happy.