Top 6 Network Marketing Skills You Must Have

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Vineet Gupta
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Vineet Gupta
Vineet Gupta
Vineet Gupta
Vineet Gupta
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network marketing skills

Network Marketing Skills / Required Skills to Succeed

To Succeed in any industry there are certain skill set which are required to get Success. And MLM Network Marketing Business is no different. On the outset people might take it as a get rich quick scheme, where by investing little amount they feel they can make huge money. The thought process is correct, but to make it really Big you need to master the network marketing skills. I will be talking about top mlm skill required to Succeed in MLM Network Marketing Business for you to work on if you want to have Big time Success in your MLM Network Marketing Business.

Skill # 1:  Unlearn & then Learn again

Skills to succeed - Unlearn & then Learn again

Among various Network Marketing skills firstly I will talk about the required skills to succeed, i.e., Unlearn & then Learn again. Now this may sound bit wired, but yes my friend it’s very important for you to temporarily forget about your past achievements in your other profession. I have seen many people applying their own principals in the MLM Network Marketing Business once they get in.

Let me tell you very clearly that those principals will not work here, it’s a different industry. You need to put your Ego aside & LEARN network marketing skills from the scratch, if you want to Succeed in this industry. Many people do the mistake of using their way of doing the business initially, but when it doesn’t work out well for them, then they go to the old school of MLM Network Marketing & start with following those principals.

I will advise you to always be in touch with your Active Successful Upline in your company & start learning network marketing skills & work under their guidance. This will help you in getting the Success fast!

Skill # 2: DREAM BIG

Network Marketing skills - Dream Big

This is one of the network marketing skills you must develop. You feel it’s easy. You can easily Dream / Dream Big. Ok, can you think of making $10000 this month or can you make $10000 next month? Are you ready to take the challenge? Do you believe you can make $10000 in A MONTH? BELIEVING is where Dreaming starts. If you cannot Believe you cannot Achieve. There are very few people who believe in what they Dream. They make their Dream list, write their Dreams just because someone asked them to do so. Now be honest with yourself & ask yourself, whether do you BELIEVE that you can Achieve All the Dreams you wrote?

I hope you understood what I wanted to convey!! You need to master the skill of being a DREAMER, as well as a BELIEVER then your Dreams will come true, and then work for it. So this is among one of the required skills to succeed. Wish you all the very Best & I pray you Achieve whatever you Dream of :)

Top MLM Skill # 3: Finding the Hot button

Finding the Hot button

This is among one of the top mlm skill required to Succeed. Whenever you are interacting with your Prospect, you must be capable of Finding the Hot button of the Prospect while talking with them. If you can master on this skill trust me MLM Network Marketing will be fun & you will love what you do. Here for you it’s highly important to LISTEN to the Prospects carefully.

Sometimes after getting trainings & knowledge about the MLM Network Marketing industry people try to give too much, rather I should say unnecessary information to their Prospects. You should always listen to the Prospect very carefully & JUDGE while they are speaking that WHAT the Prospect wants to listen & just share about it. There are various network marketing skills, but if you master this top mlm skill, rest required skills to succeed, will become formality.

Skill # 4: Craft-fully interacting with people

Craft-fully interacting with people

Above I discussed about top mlm skill, now craft-fully interacting & dealing with people is among essential network marketing skills. Here I will include all the ways you interact with your upline, downline, cross line, prospect, etc. This is the most used skill in our business. No day passes without using this skill. You need to learn how to interact with different groups of people you come across in MLM Network Marketing Business. Either you are talking on phone with your Prospects or you are talking with your Team, you need to know WHAT to Say, What NOT to Say, HOW much to Say, etc.

Then you need to again craft-fully talk with you prospect about the company you are with, products or services they offer & the business plan & satisfy them so that they finally get started. I can recommend you a great book to learn more about it, book name is “Skill With People” by – Les Giblin. Although I will get nothing for referring this to you, but we still refer what we love. And that’s what we teach our prospects 😉

You should also know how to how to craft-fully invite prospects for you business opportunity. Again this is one of top mlm skill.

Skill # 5: Recruiting


There are many important skills to succeed & Recruiting is one of them. I could have used much modified word, instead of “Recruiting” to make it sound more pleasing. But let’s be prepared & know the fact that Recruiting is very easy if you master the above 2 skills I mentioned, i.e., if you learn how to find the Hot button of your prospects & you can craft-fully convey it to them, signing up them in your business is just the formality then.

My Dear friend unless you have thousands of people in your downline you need fresh blood in you team to get the ball rolling. If you Recruit, your team will automatically DUPLICATE that. Always remember “People don’t do what you SAY, people do what you DO“. I believe the best way to recruit is not to worry too much about the rejection. It’s part of the game, it will be there. Just focus on the number game, show the plan to as much people as possible, & follow 5 SW’s, i.e. Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Someone is Waiting, So let’s Work.

Skill # 6: Leadership Development

Leadership Development

If I talk about network marketing skills & I don’t mention Leadership Development, that’s almost not possible. Because It’s not about You becoming the best. It’s all about equipping your Team with the best of the knowledge & resources, so that they can take care of the business even when you are not working. So developing leadership among the people in your Team becomes highly important. Making people join is not sufficient at all. You need to make sure within 24-48 hours of joining the business, they are getting the initial training session. So that to start with they don’t do basic mistakes, which any new comer in our industry unintentionally does.

Going further recommend your people some good books & videos to watch for self development & understanding the MLM Network Marketing industry better. And its important for you as well to understand that transforming an IR into a Leader is a process, which might take some time, depending upon people to people. So be patient with your people, but give them the best of the knowledge & guidance.

To Conclude:

Some of the top mlm skill are listed above, I would like to say that always give time for improving essential skills to succeed, so that you can achieve whatever you want. Remember the magic will not happen in 1 day, mastering network marketing skills is not overnight task. But if you work on the given guidelines & follow the footsteps of Successful people in the industry the Success will not be too far away.

When we can learn so many skills, unintentionally although, whole of our life like you remember when you started growing up you learnt how to walk, then you learnt how to write, then you learnt the skills you have for your job / business. Learning Network Marketing skills is not such big deal if you have passion & madness to Succeed here.

Comment Below according to You, What are the Top MLM Skill or network marketing Skills to Succeed?