Don’t wait for Google: Learn how to get referral traffic to your website

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Frank Joseph
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Frank Joseph
Frank Joseph
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Don’t wait for Google: Learn how to get referral traffic to your website:
The one most important way to make money online is when you have people/clients visiting your website and ordering your service or whatever it is you are offering. If you create a site and nobody knows about it – it is no difference from websites that have not been created.
Before we get started with methods to attract referral traffic to your website, here is the difference between direct, organic and referral traffic.

How to Get Referral Traffic

There are three types of traffic that you need to get to your website and they are in a nutshell:

* Organic traffic – This is when search engines like,, bing… etc, find you. Before getting to this stage, you need to have good content on your blog and even better Search Engine Optimization, (SEO)
* Direct Traffic – This happens when people directly went to your website, via bookmarks, typing in the URL example 😀

* And now Referral traffic: Traffic that comes from people visiting your website from links that were placed on other sites is known as referral traffic. (example: If you visit my website by clicking on it here: this is referral traffic from

Before we can talk about how to get referral traffic to our website, it is okay to discuss or refresh our memories on what referral traffic is and that is what we have done above, now lets check out the methods to get referral traffic.

How to Drive More Referral Traffic to Your Website

If you build a new website, it will take sometime before it will be indexed in google and also it may take even longer time before you will start ranking for your targeted keywords, meanwhile, I advise bloggers not to wait for google to send them traffic before making money off their blog. I created a website some few weeks ago and was eager to rank the website and decided to get targeted referral traffic and this is exactly what I did- you can read my Journey on how I will create a niche website making over $200 per month within 60 days. Without much ado, let get started with the topic here.


Banner Ads:

You can get almost instant referral

traffic to your website by placing banner ads on websites in your niche, although this is not free, but if you have a product that you are sure will convert, then you can advertise on websites that have the traffic already.
*Tips* Don’t just place your ads on One website, split test with up to 5 websites and see which one is doing well with your product/service.


Guest Posting:

You know the power of guest posting already, if you don’t, then you are still in the old age :D.
Find out websites in your niches that accept guest posts or sponsored posts and then you can publish your posts on this websites and get quality referral traffic to your website or product.


Get Social:

The power of Social media is no longer a myth, if you are busy, you can hire someone to take care of your social networking… You can generate lot of quality traffic to your website.
A lot of people conclude or assume that social media is just about Facebook and Twitter. There are plenty of other platforms where you should be active in order to drive more referral traffic to your website. These include but not limited to YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and the recently popular Pinterest.


Join and contribute to forums:

Wherever there are groups of people who are interested in what you offer, then there is nothing stopping you from joining discussion boards to contribute to the discussion and then chip in your links once in a while. Some forums allow users to add links in their signatures. Make use of that.


Answer Yahoo

This is my own sure way to get referral traffic that converts! I have been using yahoo answers for years and until now they have never disappoint me. You will get the most out of yahoo answer if your link is click-able. You will need to have a level 2 and above to make your links to be click-able. If you don’t have one, you can create one or use services from fiver.
One good thing about doing this is that you will at the same time be creating quality white-hat-like backlinks to your website. I told Isaiah Joe from and within a few months of creating his website he is already ranking for some tough keywords and have a PR2! IF you want to diversify your link building, then get started building referral traffic to your site.
See my full list of how to get targeted referral traffic to your website.


This are my method of getting traffic to my niche websites, while i wait for big G to rank me for my keywords, now over to you, what other method are you using to drive traffic to your website? Please do share with us via the comment box.
Thank you and to your Success!