Don’t wait for Google: Learn how to get referral traffic to your website

Frank Joseph
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Frank Joseph
Frank Joseph
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Don’t wait for Google: Learn how to get referral traffic to your website:
The one most important way to make money online is when you have people/clients visiting your website and ordering your service or whatever it is you are offering. If you create a site and nobody knows about it – it is no difference from websites that have not been created.
Before we get started with methods to attract referral traffic to your website, here is the difference between direct, organic and referral traffic.

How to Get Referral Traffic

There are three types of traffic that you need to get to your website and they are in a nutshell:

* Organic traffic – This is when search engines like,, bing… etc, find you. Before getting to this stage, you need to have good content on your blog and even better Search Engine Optimization, (SEO)
* Direct Traffic – This happens when people directly went to your website, via bookmarks, typing in the URL example :-D

* And now Referral traffic: Traffic that comes from people visiting your website from links that were placed on other sites is known as referral traffic. (example: If you visit my website by clicking on it here: this is referral traffic from

Before we can talk about how to get referral traffic to our website, it is okay to discuss or refresh our memories on what referral traffic is and that is what we have done above, now lets check out the methods to get referral traffic.

How to Drive More Referral Traffic to Your Website

If you build a new website, it will take sometime before it will be indexed in google and also it may take even longer time before you will start ranking for your targeted keywords, meanwhile, I advise bloggers not to wait for google to send them traffic before making money off their blog. I created a website some few weeks ago and was eager to rank the website and decided to get targeted referral traffic and this is exactly what I did- you can read my Journey on how I will create a niche website making over $200 per month within 60 days. Without much ado, let get started with the topic here.


Banner Ads:

You can get almost instant referral traffic to your website by placing banner

ads on websites in your niche, although this is not free, but if you have a product that you are sure will convert, then you can advertise on websites that have the traffic already.
*Tips* Don’t just place your ads on One website, split test with up to 5 websites and see which one is doing well with your product/service.


Guest Posting:

You know the power of guest posting already, if you don’t, then you are still in the old age :D.
Find out websites in your niches that accept guest posts or sponsored posts and then you can publish your posts on this websites and get quality referral traffic to your website or product.


Get Social:

The power of Social media is no longer a myth, if you are busy, you can hire someone to take care of your social networking… You can generate lot of quality traffic to your website.
A lot of people conclude or assume that social media is just about Facebook and Twitter. There are plenty of other platforms where you should be active in order to drive more referral traffic to your website. These include but not limited to YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and the recently popular Pinterest.


Join and contribute to forums:

Wherever there are groups of people who are interested in what you offer, then there is nothing stopping you from joining discussion boards to contribute to the discussion and then chip in your links once in a while. Some forums allow users to add links in their signatures. Make use of that.


Answer Yahoo

This is my own sure way to get referral traffic that converts! I have been using yahoo answers for years and until now they have never disappoint me. You will get the most out of yahoo answer if your link is click-able. You will need to have a level 2 and above to make your links to be click-able. If you don’t have one, you can create one or use services from fiver.
One good thing about doing this is that you will at the same time be creating quality white-hat-like backlinks to your website. I told Isaiah Joe from and within a few months of creating his website he is already ranking for some tough keywords and have a PR2! IF you want to diversify your link building, then get started building referral traffic to your site.
See my full list of how to get targeted referral traffic to your website.


This are my method of getting traffic to my niche websites, while i wait for big G to rank me for my keywords, now over to you, what other method are you using to drive traffic to your website? Please do share with us via the comment box.
Thank you and to your Success!


  1. Twitter:
    Hello Frank,

    I must appreciate this entry of yours…for too long a time, bloggers have come to over rely on google to send them traffic. But the sad truth is that Google came and met blogging! It was never the other way round!

    I would add blog commenting…especially commenting on authority blogs and having something reasonable to say that would make both the webmaster and his audience appreciate both your time and effort and not some absurd generic one liners!

    The bottom line? Add value!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..SPAMMERS, YOUR BLOG AND A WASTE OF ENERGY!My Profile

  2. Hello Frank,
    This are some cool and awesome ways to drive some good traffic to your blog without thinking about Google.
    Yahoo answer and quora are one good place to drive some good amount of traffic from. and one good thing i so much like about them is, your answer stays there for ever… maybe or except an enemy reports you:)
    This article is indeed a nice read… Do have a peaceful week ahead
    Babanature recently posted..How To Drive Quality Traffic To A News or Entertainment SiteMy Profile

  3. Hi,
    This is really good set of tips. I am thinking of banner ads. But I am not getting that much of income from my blog right now.. Doing guest postings and sharing on social sites as usual. And I think i’ve to create a yahoo Id :P

  4. Twitter:
    You are right . we should not be dependent upon google as google may penalize any site anytime. So we should try to get more referral traffic and these were some really tips to get more referral traffic. thanks for sharing these tips with us.
    Alan recently posted..Whatsapp for PC download, Whatsapp for computer(Windows 7/8/XP/VISTA)My Profile

  5. Sushil Rajput says:

    Swapping is with other websites is also a good way to drive referral traffic to your website. Every webmaster is in the same boat as far as creating natural links to their pages and so swapping links is a win-win practice that also looks good to the search engines. With the latest changes to Google’s algorithm, this sort of practice will become a bigger contributor to a good page ranking

  6. Twitter:
    Thanks for the good list.

    I think you missed one vital source of traffic which is “Blog Comments”
    I remember that my friend Amrik able drive to get more than 500 visitor per day in his blog.
    Further I’ll also suggest to use Reddit in regular basis to get good US traffic.
    Swarup recently posted..Sony Xperia Z2 specs leakedMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Hi Frank,
    These are really effective ways to drive direct traffics without any search engine.
    Link building is working well for me.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Shoukot recently posted..Ping Your Blog To Get Indexed Quickly In Search EnginesMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Facebook groups, quora and google plus communities are great source for targeted referral traffic. Even Fiverr can also help you in bringing targeted traffic from various sources. Howver you will need to find various gigs that provides quality promotions.
    Bilal Ahmad recently posted..Mobile-Friendly Video Meetings – Key Features and BenefitsMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    I use Yahoo Answers and this site is excellent for referral traffic. Commenting on blogs is also good free marketing, For now i’m not active on forums but i plan also to start working in forum communities. Thanks good post.
    Tamara recently posted..10 Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online | Without Downloading AnythingMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Hi Frank, Good am reading your post the first time and you’ve really share some nice information here. But I’ll like to include solo ads to your list and blog commenting. Though solo ads is good when you have products to sell or you want to build your list.
    Solo ads is very great, traffic on demand and well targeted.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted..Best Web Hosting Company In Nigeria.My Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Thank you Shamsudeen Adeshokan for the comment and glad to know that you are reading my post for the first time :D
    Solo ads is indeed another method of getting very targeted referral traffic, but as you stated, it is worth it if you have a service or product to sell.
    Thank you for your contribution.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..How to Get Started with Citation BuildingMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Good post – I totally agree on the forum & community front. If you’re active and helpful in the online communities that relate to your blogging niche, those communities will be much more receptive when you share your own posts.
    Jeff recently posted..Startups, Business, and the Value of Doing GoodMy Profile

  13. Twitter:
    Thank you Jeff for the comment.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..Journey to $200 a month using Amazon and AdsenseMy Profile

  14. Twitter:
    Yahoo answers worked well for me too. You can not only get referral traffic but you can also get a quality backlink. However, never had much luck with forums :)
    Noel Worli recently posted..How to Find The Right SEO Service For Small BusinessesMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Google is the only important one for all the bloggers and Google drives most of the traffic to the bloggers. As tech kiddie all over the world uses google to search for anything google must be consider get more traffic.
    Dilip Win recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  16. Twitter:
    Yahoo Answers have been a great source of quality traffic for most of people. I am using Yahoo answers. the only thing to get the referral traffic is the you will have be in level 2 there so that you can post the links in your answers.

    By the Way thanks for reminding me about this methods.
    Ravi Verma recently posted..LG G Flex Price and SpecificationsMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    I tried using Yahoo Answers and was constantly reported for spam. I only answered questions that related to the things I write about on my blog and was still reported by people. It could be a great source of traffic if it wasn’t for that. I eventually just gave up and I’ll spend my time on more productive methods like writing quality guest posts and blog comments.
    Mike Howg recently posted..3 Awesome Google AdSense Strategies to Improve Your EarningsMy Profile

  18. Twitter:
    The Guest Post and Social promotion is the best way to get referral traffic. I’ve recently joined Yahoo Answers and started helping users in turn for a link and also traffic. Thanks for letting me know about Yahoo Answers.
    Pawan Kumar recently posted..Download Temple Run 2 for Windows Phone (Free) – Official Game from Imangi StudiosMy Profile

  19. Twitter:
    Are guest posts still the best way to get referral traffic after Matt Cutts recent comments about the amount of spam filled or spun content guest posts around, I wonder how hard a stance Google will take on guest post back links.
    Mark recently posted..Questions to Ask Your Wedding PhotographerMy Profile

  20. Twitter:
    Nice tips. Can you expand on the Yahoo level 2 and how that works.

  21. Twitter:
    I thought I would give my two cents here since I was going to comment about Yahoo Answers. Basically, every question you answer you get 2 points, and if your answer is chosen as the best answer, then you get 10 points. You earn points for other thing such as logging in and thumbing up an answer.

    It takes a certain amount of points to get to the next level in Yahoo Answer. For instance, I am at level 6 and it says I need 12,662 points to get to the next level (I already have 12, 338 points). So as you can see, it takes quite a few points to move up. Although, for the first few levels, you only have to get 250 points to move to level 2 and then 750 to move to level 3.

    There is much more to it than what I can write here. The whole scoring system is detailed in their ‘points and levels’ section.

    My comment was going to be that some people will report you for invalid reasons, and even disputing the fact doesn’t always get your answer (and link) to stay on the site. I always leave long, detailed answers on Yahoo Answers, and a few of my answers have been reported for no real reason. But, I have never been kicked off Yahoo answers – likely because I do give answers of value.
    Bellaisa recently posted..I Deleted My Facebook Account! Scary? Yes. But Worth It!My Profile

  22. Twitter:
    Bellaisa: Thanks for the additional information; very helpful. I am going to get more involved in Yahoo answers as a result of your discussions. Thanks again.

  23. Twitter:
    Nice informative post, i’m a little wary of guest posting ever since Matt Cutts gave us all a little warning last week. However Yahoo Answers is a little hidden gem to getting great targeted traffic
    Mark recently posted..How to Seal Canning Jars at HomeMy Profile

  24. Twitter:
    Hello Frank Joseph,
    It is a great way to run traffic to website but if the business owner uses both the techniques, the Google and the referral traffic so it will be more beneficial for the successful marketing of the business. Thanks for sharing this information. I am glad to read it!

  25. This post is gives meaning to the quote “never put all your eggs in one basket” cz once a update hits, your organic traffic can do down the drain. So healthy mixture of both is always advisable and suitable as well. Great Post!! shared and tweeted !! cheers !!

  26. Kayla Seah says:

    Thanks for the diverse list! Too often I find myself focusing on one strategy, which builds an incredible amount of traffic for a period of time, only to go off a cliff and never recover shortly after. Contributing on forums has proven to be quite successful, as has being active on Pinterest where my content resurfaces as very popular every now and again.

  27. Leon Bailey says:

    Good read. Definitely would recommend these methods. With banner ads, definitely have to see what a websites traffic is like. Plenty of websites overcharging for ads.

  28. Twitter:
    You’re so on point dear, it isn’t always good to depend on sites like Google for traffic, one of their update might affect you badly leading to a decrease in your site ranking. This is where referral traffic comes in

  29. Twitter:
    hey frank,
    thank you so much for sharing great info. I’ve joined yahoo answers and i am getting good traffic from this.
    Best Regards & Happy Blogging
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted..Best Websites for Free Online Photo EditingMy Profile

  30. Rambo Ruiz says:

    I think it’s too dumb to rely solely on Google and other search engines for traffic. Well I guess not everyone understand it until now. #3 GET SOCIAL is a BIG YES and a Virtual Assistant can sure help you with that.

  31. Twitter:
    Banner are a great way to drive referral traffic. I too placed a banner ad on my website and my client was very happy because he was getting traffic on his website on a regular basis.. Are signatures in forums DO-Follow or no-follow. ?
    Mukul Bansal recently posted..College Ambassaror Recruitment 2014My Profile

    • Twitter:
      Thank you Mukul Bansal for sharing your experience with us, banner ads works wonders and that is why advertiser still until this day purchase banner ad space on popular blogs.
      Some forums allows do-follow why some does not.
      Thank you.

  32. Seminar Hartanah says:

    yap. I also do that. Do blog walking, do guest posting and many thing.

    It helps me to get many traffic to my site.

  33. Twitter:
    Yahoo answers indeed is driving high quality traffic and does convert well, sure thing depends what’s your target but from my experience I can say Yahoo answers is kicking rocking.
    I. C. Daniel recently – Get Paid to Complete Offers and SurveysMy Profile

  34. Twitter:
    Hello; those are all good suggestions. I have a pretty extensive email mailing list that i use to generate a lot of direct links to my site. I sell new and used amusement equipment. so most of my emails will have a photo followed by a shortened version of the item description and a link to the listing on th site where they can see th full description and view mor photos and videos if available. I also use my blog to generate traffic to the site. and i recently recorded my first youtube show video. I’m hoping these will also help but i need to figure out how to add the links to my videos to direct people back to the site. for now i am limited to putting the link in the video description and mentioning it during the video. thanks so much for the post and take care, max
    maxwell Ivey recently posted..Caliope Corner Episode 1 featuring a chance park model carouselMy Profile

  35. Google is main source of traffic but when google penalize then ur blog is dead. Nice post referral traffic is very important .Try maximum source for traffic.

  36. Twitter:
    Thanks for the tips Frank but the only one that\’s new to me was using Answer Yahoo and from testing I found google+ to bring in the most referral traffic once used right for e.g. Posting your article in communities which is related to it .
    Osei recently posted..Looking For A PDA Phone- Essential Feature Comparison Of The Best Personal Digital Assistant PhonesMy Profile

  37. Thanks for the advice! I need all the help I can get to improve my traffic.

  38. This is much needed advice as more traffic for me means more conversion. Thanks
    sayeen recently posted..Top 5 Most Powerful Intel 4th Generation Processors for LaptopsMy Profile

  39. Harry Trott says:

    I like forums, but I often find them to be a needless expense of time; especially because most of them do not allow you to hold signatures till you have completed 100 posts or so. And even when I am eligible, the CTRs on signature links do not seem to justify my time and efforts.

  40. This is interesting! I like the idea of using Yahoo Answers so I may give it a go in the next few weeks.

  41. Sumit Gupta says:

    According to Reddit,Pinterest and StumbleUpon are the best Places if you want to pick up huge referral traffic.The traffic that you get from these sources is generally of tier 1 countries such as UK and US.

  42. Great post but is missing some important points such as blog commenting and guest posting.
    Social networking sites are best for referal traffic.Yahoo answers are also good but is difficult and time consuming.
    hamza recently posted..Find free images for your blog posts using flickrMy Profile

  43. Twitter:
    Yahoo answers is the best and fast way to get refferal. I have tried it in past and it gave me the best results :)
    Tayyab Nasir recently posted..10 BEST WAYS TO GET FREE TRAFFIC FOR YOUR BLOG IN 2014 ?My Profile

  44. Antoinette says:

    Act first and Google will do the rest! :D get it done before others do… It’s a one way BONUS that it helps!

  45. Love the tip about utilizing Yahoo answers…had never thought of that one before!

  46. Referral traffic has always been more than 20 percent of my blog’s total traffic. I always do take some of the above listed steps to maximize the traffic. I believe I can double the amount by implementing the incredible tips shared by you.
    Rajan Bindra recently posted..UC Browser for PC – Download FreeMy Profile

  47. Twitter:
    Hi Frank,
    Great strategies for getting traffic to our sites. I have been joining Facebook groups to get more traffic to my site. Depending on the topic of the post I wrote decides which group I will share my post in. I make sure to stay active in these groups and not just spam them with links to my blog only.
    Justin recently posted..Creative Visualization with Lisa NicholsMy Profile

  48. Hi Frank,

    Thank for this great post. Waiting for Google these days is certainly not a good strategy in this fast life.
    Sahil recently posted..Valentines Missing Day SMS, Messages 2014My Profile

  49. Vinay kakumani says:

    All basic SEO discussed here..nice work..first register in major search engines..then do the link building

  50. Twitter:
    Great Frank,
    As Google is continuously throwing a bomb on us , we need to look upon alternatives. The referral methods you described here is really cool. I am already on my way to implement such techniques & your post will help a lot in this.
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted..I Earned INR 20,00,000 from AdSense through Blogging in 2013My Profile

  51. Some old tips but i agree that these can earn you really a good amount of traffic.

  52. Twitter:
    YouTube is a great way to get referral traffic. Just make videos for YouTube, I have seen no blogger whose videos fail to drive traffic.
    Hemant Aggarwal recently posted..Creating A Facebook Page In Just 2 Minutes (With Video)My Profile

  53. Twitter:
    Hi Frank,

    Nice post, Your tips driving referral traffic are great and useful. I will definitely try those ideas. thank you for sharing your ideas..
    Nikhil recently posted..How To Build Up A Continues Flow Of Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  54. Steve Atwal says:

    Excellent information. People might also want to check their starting Alexa rank and how it changes over time as you implement these traffic generation methods. I’m using the Alex extension for Chrome and it’s great. Also, of course, using CommentLuv on my new site….to share the Luv :-) Best!

  55. kunal gupta says:

    Great tips and a good article by frank Joseph sir. I think i would also get referral traffic by these tips thanks a lot once again .:)

  56. Twitter:
    nice tips Frank thanks for sharing… referral traffic is important by get to know about our website. But someone told me that direct and search traffic is more important.. is it true??
    vikram recently posted..Amazon Kindle App for AndroidMy Profile

  57. Hi Frank,
    These are really effective ways to drive direct traffics without any search engine.
    Link building is working well for me.
    Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  58. nikhil ganotra says:

    Hello frank,
    Very informative post on getting organic traffic to our site. I generally prefer social media and forums. Thanks again for sharing this amazing post with us.

  59. i still use the conventional offline methods,
    flyers and coupons still do me wonders, newspaper ads, and posters.
    everyone is so focused on the online world, but thing is, if you run a local business website, offline marketing referrals from your local community and mouth to mouth marketing is allot more valuable.
    i’m more interested in generating leads than driving huge good for nothing traffic.
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
    Mitch_Akl recently posted..Loading – Adobe Edge Html5 Jquery CSS3 training courses in LebanonMy Profile

  60. Twitter:
    Nice tips – new ways to get more traffic.
    Clara recently posted..Make Your House Smell GoodMy Profile

  61. Twitter:
    Hi Frank Joseph
    I really appreciate with all the tips explained by you above. We can also increase referral traffic by commenting on related commentluv blog posts which will also give the chance to the readers to read your post also which will be same in the topic. Happy Blogging :D
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..How To Add An Amazing Google Translator To ChromeMy Profile

  62. Great tips Frank, I think the second best method of generating traffic to blog is going to be focusing on getting referrals…agreed with you!

  63. Twitter:
    Hello Frank Joseph
    Very informative post on get an organic traffic and i really appreciate with all tips explained. But the social media is still have a huge advantage to grow a real traffic all around the world, a Facebook community page can give you always a huge traffic and youtube too gives you a good traffic. Thanks for the very informative tips for driving traffic.

    Thank You Frank.
    Mohammed Waseem.
    Mohammed Waseem recently posted..Motorola Moto G Available in India.My Profile

  64. Twitter:
    Nice post
    Well I use unique and informative content on my website and blog and also optimize my site in such a way that i get links from the website having great PR. As you might know that links also help to get the webpage on top of SERP of Google. I like the idea of using yahoo answers the most and will surely try it.

    Thank you for sharing
    Sagar recently posted..How to Leverage a Business with Social Media ToolsMy Profile

  65. Twitter:
    Nice crispy article…..but I wanna add a great resource of referral traffic i.e the one and only Wikipedia…..its a great resource (No. 1)….start guest posting…..But remember don’t spamming around it, that won’t help….try to help it by expanding articles…and you have some blog post relevant to an article over there, you can add your link in references…..Hope that helps. Thanks.
    Paul D. Mitchell recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  66. Twitter:
    Thanks for all the tips. I’m going to start with Yahoo Answers, and perhaps I’ll browse around wikipedia, maybe there is something credible I can add to something that already exists. Thanks
    Devin Bisanz recently posted..The easy way to self hypnosis.My Profile

  67. Twitter:
    Hi Frank, Nice to read this article..
    I prefer social media like Twitter or facebook to gain more traffic. Simple but powerfull
    ithauphy recently posted..Physical Quantities in PhysicsMy Profile

  68. Guilty as charged. But I can learn. That’s why I’m here. I’m going to try all your suggestions, Yahoo Answers first. I need to do more work on social media. Not sure how to make it work for me. Thanks for a terrific post.

  69. Robin Solanki says:

    Hello Frank, thanks for consolidating and sharing these videos it has been very helpful.

  70. Hey frank, such a nice article. I am totally agree with you there are so many bloggers still waiting for organic traffic. Now a days there are so many ways to get referral traffic, as you have mentioned above banner ads i know it’s too costly for new bloggers so getting traffic from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Google+ is a good idea. I am personally running 1 blog where i am getting all traffic from Twitter.
    I found this article really helpful for me, thanks admin.

  71. Interesting One Frank i never thought about some of the topics which you mentioned
    you given an new idea for Traffic. Noted down some notes too from this.
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  72. Twitter:
    I think Its Worth Trying Yahoo Answers and Forums to Get Some Traffic for Blogs. Their are some Forums that Also Gives Dofollow Backlinks With Good Amount of traffic.
    Atinder recently posted..Importance of Backlinks in SEO for High PageRankMy Profile

  73. Great list, and you’re right – it’s folly to create a blog and then patiently wait for google to rank it and get all that ‘free’ traffic.
    There are so many other activities you can do the other hours of the day to add value and generate interest and traffic to your blog.
    I especially appreciate the mention of Yahoo! Answers – I admit I had completely forgotten about that one…

  74. Twitter:
    This is great information! Thank you so much for posting. My head is spinning with all of this SEO stuff, and these are great tips to see results a little faster. I will try them out. Thank you!
    Laura recently posted..Introducing Mr. “B” | Cape Coral Newborn PhotographyMy Profile

  75. Twitter:

    usually I always depends on google search

    after reading this I must do something , not just wait for google
    thanks for your posting
    cikgu naman recently posted..Muslim NiagaMy Profile

  76. Hi Frank
    Your suggestions attracted me. using other way for example yahoo answers we can increase referral traffic to our websites and its not any difficult. After reading your article I’ll surely try these way to increase referral traffic to my site. Get social is also a good point.
    Thanks a lot
    Devendra Mehta recently posted..STPI Recruitment 2014 – Senior DirectorMy Profile

  77. Hakan Aslan says:

    These are great ways to explore how you can increase ur traffic, at the same time i still think best traffic is coming wfrom google. With the new google algorithm and html5 technologies, js libaries web really going somewhere else now. I think we should change what we know what we used to and start to explore whats new in the area! Thanks for nice ways Frank.

  78. But is it safe to go for the refferal traffic rather than the organic one for the website in a long run and for the matter of earning from adsense as I heard that Adsense pays more if the traffic is more from search engines rather than refferal one

  79. Zebra Themes says:

    Great post!. I also did the same when i launched my free WordPress themes website in 2010 but only through forums. I have been trying to get referral from social media as well but i don’t think so it’s useful for me.

  80. Twitter:
    I would definitely also recommended not to rely on Google traffic at all… Google thinks they rule but we all must protect our businesses and get our own real traffic.

    All of these traffic sources are great.. Even Yahoo answers. (Even though I have had my old valuable account banned). That was ok though, I went and bought 3 new level two accounts and now use them… Stupid hey?
    Mitz Pantic recently posted..29 Dollars a Month for Aweber – Profit $500 From One Email Message – PricelessMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Any blogger who rely solely on google traffic is heading to the water!
      And yahoo answer is one of the best place to get referral traffic and it is still worth it after all the bans going on.

      Recently my lvl 3 account was banned because i used it on the search engine optimization category, the big guys there don’t want competitors!

      That is no problem as i have bought more lvl 2 and lvl 3 account. The traffic from yahoo answer is worth a million!
      Frank Joseph recently posted..Public Case Study: Building A Successful Niche Site from ScratchMy Profile

  81. Twitter:
    Absolutely correct. Here I am agree with you. Real blogging doesn’t mean to get all traffic from Search engines. Instead of it ,its about getting some readers. Referral traffic is the main source of getting real loyal readers. Thanks for nice and informative post.
    Mahendra recently posted..Samsung galaxy S5 True Specs, Price, New Features and Release DateMy Profile

  82. Fantastic article, after the hummingbird update it was difficult to get rank in the search so i was looking for an article like this for the alternative traffic options, i think these are good ways of getting traffic because our link will be there for long time (may be forever) so we can get enough traffic from there.

  83. Twitter:
    Hey ! Thank You ! That was helpfull enough
    Freddy M Thomas recently posted..#4: HIS SEARCH FOR RESPECT,PRIDE AND EDUCATIONMy Profile

  84. Twitter:
    Hey Frank, Nice post and Yes, Referral traffic is very important and guest posting and commenting helps in increasing referral traffic. Guest posting and commenting helps in increasing traffic and also helps in promoting our blog. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 20000My Profile

    • Ankit Bansal says:

      I totally agree with you Sudipto. Guest Posting and Commenting helps to increase good referral traffic. They also help to connect bloggers with the audience and share their opinion. Frank have listed the important list of get referral traffic. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  85. Thanks for this list. I hadn’t considered using Yahoo! to drive traffic.. maybe similar sites but not Yahoo!. Somewhere else I need to go sign up.
    Adam recently posted..HTML 5 Vertical Navigation MenuMy Profile

  86. Thank you Frank for this article. This contains many tips on getting referral traffic. While I am doing most of these things, I look forward to those I am missing out on.
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