5 Simple Suggestions for Creating the Perfect Garden

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It’s never too early to start thinking about a new garden. People like to daydream about nice weather, sitting on a porch and drinking a nice cocktail… ummm… I mean, ice-tea; as there is nothing nicer than a lovely garden to attract the attention and envy of your neighbors. However, if your garden is in a dismal state, and if your green fingers are not as green as you would like them to be, then there are a few things that you should know if you want to truly have a unique garden.

Feel free to draw what you have imagined, and then with a little hard work, you’ll have a nice little garden in no time.

1. Be Reasonable



When it comes to planning anything in life, you have to have clean and reachable goals. Let’s be honest, you probably won’t be able to recreate a garden to look like those you see in the movies, but you will be able to create your own version of it. You will need to make some sacrifices, as not everything can be done the way you imagined it. You are limited either financially or with the amount of space available, so do not go overboard. Do a little bit of research online, gather some nice ideas, and then you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs. Different people and different homes need different gardens, and I am sure that you’ll find what is best for you.

2. Everything in Its Place


Whether the garden is in front or in the back of your house will determine what you want to do with it. A front type garden should be more oriented towards looking good, having lots of flower beds and nice decorations, than being practical, as you won’t be spending time there as much as you would in the back garden. The back garden can be your hidden place where you can go to relax from all the commotion, and enjoy your free time. Create enough room for your furniture there, so that it doesn’t feel overcrowded. Bigger shrubs and plants should go towards the wall or fence, while smaller should be placed around paths. Create a design that is calming, yet good looking.

Prepare the Soil


It is best that you prepare the soil before planting anything. You can use nutrients that can be bought in specialized stores that have all the needed soil organisms for plants to flourish. Whatever type of manure you choose, you need to apply it with care, and you should leave it long before you plant anything so that it has time to work its magic. You can even try composting, which means using almost any organic waste to create the good humus needed to grow plants. This needs to be done over the course of the whole year in order to achieve the best results.

4. Pick the Right Pots & Planters



Flowerbeds are a great and a more natural way to decorate your garden, but I believe that using outdoor pots and various planters is a bit more practical, especially if you live in a place with a harsh climate – that way, you can enable your plants to survive even during the winter. If you’ve never dealt with pots before, you should definitely do some research in order to find fresh design ideas, and plan your project carefully. The great thing about big planters is that you can make anything grow – fruits, vegetables or flowers – because they come in all shapes and sizes!

5. Decorate Your Garden


While plants hold the most prominent place in any garden, you will also need to make sure that everything else is spotless, too. You can create a few paths and a small area where people can walk, you can use decorative gravel to emphasize certain spots and flowers, or you can even have fountains installed. Some people even have fish ponds placed in their back gardens, but this is recommended only to those places where the climate is appropriate. Place a few gnomes here and there, and you will surely make a wonderful garden for yourself and your family to enjoy and have fun in.

It’s quite important to make a thorough plan before you start with actual work. So, take your time, gather different ideas and have fun. I hope you’ll find my suggestions helpful, and I really hope that you succeed in creating the perfect little garden!