The Benefits of Gardening for Exercise-Allergic Bloggers

gardening exercise

Blogging is probably the best job on Earth. You set your own hours, do what you love (writing) and exercise your brain each day. But what you don’t exercise is your body, and it can actually become pretty serious. Most folks who take up blogging full-time find that in the first few months of their […]

Promote Calmness and Well-Being By Creating The Perfect Zen Garden

The Arts of Zen Gardening

When you look outside today, there’s no doubt that we live in very stressful times. The hustle and bustle of the modern world can really take a toll if one doesn’t spend a bit of time each day relaxing and releasing the day’s stresses. Many have found peace in the Buddhist ideologies of Eastern philosophy, […]

How to Choose a Wood Garden Bench that will Last

Chadwick Garden Bench

There’s nothing quite like a wooden garden bench to inspire a feeling of calm serenity.  Its natural composition is a perfect match to the creations of nature that you so artfully weave together.  The trouble is”¦when trying to find that perfect wooden bench, there are so many to choose from.  You’ll find everything from a […]