How To Run iPhone Apps On PC

ios emulator for windows

It’s true that all of us can’t simply afford an iPhone or an iPad. Its for some lucky ones, we say. But hey, u can still have an iOS experience on your PC. Also, Apple doesn’t permit an open app market, access to app market is restricted to iOS devices.  The closest you will get to running iOS on windows is a simulation software that mimics the iPad or iPhone experience on a PC. Yes we are going to say something about ios emulator for windows. This ios emulator software can run iOS applications on your PC. Isn’t it interesting ? Here we discuss only one ios emulator for windows.

How To Run iPhone Apps On Pc

The best iPad simulation software that one can find is iPadian. It allows you to run iPad apps in an iPad-like interface on your windows desktop. It is described as the first and unique software of its kind. iPadian is a freeware and can be run on any PC working on Windows XP or later. Installation procedure of iPadian is quite easy and does not require any guidance.The apps played on iPadian looks and feels almost similar to that it works in iPad or iPhone.

As said earlier, since access to app store is restricted the apps are restricted to iPadian’s  own custom app store. So, I have to make myself clear that the apps that are played on iPadian are not the original, we have to call it as a close approximation of those which are available in the app store. The iPadians app store obviously can’t offer anything like the same range of options, but there is still a decent selection and many of them are FREE. The application is ad supported so you will occasionally see JavaScript pop-up ads.

Features Of iPhone Apps

  • Custom app store
  • Games
  • Free music and videos
  • Full Screen preview
  • Standalone Adobe Air application
  • Social chat etc
  • Requires low memory.
  • Runs iOs apps flawlessly, i.e without any noticeable lags.

System Requirements Of iPhone Apps

  • Windows XP or later
  • At Least 512 MB RAM. We recommend 1 GB RAM for a better experience.
  • Adobe Air installed on PC.


Hope you have loved reading the article, if  you have any doubts regarding the ios emulator for windows, feel free to share it with us. We would try our best to clear your weirdest doubts about the ios emulator for windows. Thanks for stopping by. Please share your opinions with us under the comment section of the blog.


  1. sahil sehgal says:

    Good trick buddy
    i had one doubt please clear that one
    The software you have mentioned here, is it free or we have to find its torrent on internet.
    Please respond as soon as possible
    Thanks buddy

  2. Hey Nithin,

    iPadian is new to me. I never heard about it before. Thanks for posting about it. Going to check it out right this moment
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  3. Hello Nithin,

    This sounds quite interesting…I can imagine the experience, especially on PC’s that have touch functionality enabled. Hey, but since I have an iOS device already, that won’t be necessary. Great article nonetheless.

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  4. Never heard about this simulation software iPadian. Thanks for the intro. I’ll check it out!
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  6. Hi Nithin,

    I have never heard of ipadian before. I think it would work especially well on a computer that has a touch screen. I loved my ipod until I got rid of it. Very helpful. Thank you! Best wishes!
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  7. Interesting, I have never had an apple product before so anytime I try to use a friends I am slightly confused. This is kind of a cool tool though. Will have to try it out :)
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  8. Yea, its a cool app :) Try it out :) Thanks for replying :D
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  9. Hi Nithin,

    Certainly an amazing tool and going to try it out on my windows 7 PC. At least I can get the feel of Mac. ;)
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  10. Thanks for this nice iPhone emulator ipadian. I didn’t hear about this but this looks amazing. I will now use it. It is easy to install android apps on PC but I didn’t know how can I use iPhone apps. Thanks for this.
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  11. Hey Nithinupendran,
    I never heard about this Ipadian emulator before, It’s totally new to me. I am using android emulators to run android apps on my PC. But now I am going to use this iOS emulator to run iOS apps on my PC. I am pretty sure this will very useful for them who can’t afford apple products. Thanks for sharing such a nice and useful post.
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  12. I had been using BlueStacks for running Android Apps on PC. Didn’t knew such software existed for iPhone apps too. Hope it wont slow down the PC like sometimes BlueStacks does. Thank you for sharing :)
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  13. Nice post, i have seen that we can run android apps on pc but not aware about ios apps can also work on pc. thanks for great tips and guide.

  14. Ipadian is it similar to Bluestacks….And u does not mentioned any link for Softwere….i expected that after reading complete article……Android has the most apps than Apple.
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  15. I have heard of running Android apps on PC. But this article seems something interesting. Will try it for sure.
    Thanks for sharing.
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  16. This is the first time I am hearing about it. I am running Android apps on PC but I think this is also worth of testing.
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  17. I have run android apps on PC but never thought about to run iPhone apps on PC. This is really great that we have iPadian as we have bluestacks in Android. Thanks for this nice article.

  18. Vivek Shukla says:

    thanks for this trick. i am run android apps in my pc but don’t know how to run iphone apps on pc. your tutorial is good and easy, it easily work and some iphone apps run in mac pc

  19. Vinay Gupta says:

    I have Bluestack on my PC to run android apps, but never do this experiment. Thanks for this post, I will surely test out this application.

  20. I am looking for a guide to run iOS apps. As there are several guides to run Android apps. I tried it and it worked flawlessly. Awesome post Nithin :D
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  21. haroon aejaz says:

    i was looking for a way of android app run on PC and iOS app for PC.. finaly i got 1 thing.. thanks for writing it

  22. Sorry but i don’t think that it is no longer valid. iPadian now uses AndRock which is not free and not compatible with iOS apps. If there is a way to run iPhone apps on this software I have yet to figure it out.
    Sagar Nandwani recently posted…How to Use Forum Marketing to Improve Online BusinessMy Profile

  23. Wow, cool software – Ipadian, was looking to turn my laptop in to Ipad like simulator, so thanks for sharing the information to us and will surely try the same.

  24. Oh thanks a lot. I was looking for a way of android app run on PC and iOS app for PC
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  25. Hello Nithin,

    This sounds quite interesting…I can imagine the experience, especially on PC’s that have touch functionality enabled. Hey, but since I have an iOS device already, that won’t be necessary.

    Thanks for the great help..!!!
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  26. Great article Nithin, I have read about this iPadian for the first time and I am surely gonna try it.
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  27. Allii Allee says:

    Where is the download link of ios emulator i didn’t find anywhere in the post :(

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    Now I know how to install iphone apps on PC.
    Good Day
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  31. Can we use whats app???
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  32. Hi Nithin,
    So far I have used Android on my PC and it works great. But since Apple have less apps than Google Play Store, I don’t think I will use this.
    Thanks for the share buddy, those who don’t run android on PC will surely run it.
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  33. hiii
    i was not aware of this new thing that we can run iphone apps on pc too really a complete guide will try it soon to run some iphone apps which i lovea lot thnx for sharing this complete method wil apply it soon on my laptop nice share
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  34. Hey Nitin,
    Nice post and I am totally agree with you than these iPhone are for some lucky ones. I never heard about iPadian and it seems interesting and helpful and surely gonna check it out. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
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  35. Hi Nitin,
    Running iPhone apps in PC is something new to me as I never run an iPhone app in PC. iPadian really seems interesting and I am surely gonna use it. Thanks for sharing this.
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  36. Wow, this is really wonderful. I had never thought that it is ever possible to use iPhone apps on your PC. I own an android phone so I could never use any iPhone apps in it, but now, I think I can use such apps in PC with this tutorial. Thanks for sharing

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  38. It’s great idea to run iPhone apps on PC. You are totally right that we can not purchase iPhone because of Price.
    Is it any link to get iOS emulator apps.?
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  39. This will be great for PC’s with touch screens and for people who don’t want to spend a lot of iPhone just for apps. I always knew Android apps can be accessed using simulation. It is good to read that even iPhone apps can be accessed in a similar fashion.
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  41. wow..i never heard about that before

    gonna check it wit my laptop..thanks ya!
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  42. Now, that’s something new as I never heard about iPadian before that… Thanks for the share. I would love to give it a try for sure :)
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  43. Very helpful article.

    I want to get Whatsapp for pc.
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  44. iPadian is the great tool . Even I have also written about it in my blog . You should also include other alternatives like Mobionestudio , and air iphone emulator .
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  45. Thanks for sharing ! The software you have mentioned here, is it free or we have to find its torrent ?
    Please provide any download link ??
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