How To Run iPhone Apps On PC

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ios emulator for windows

It’s true that all of us can’t simply afford an iPhone or an iPad. Its for some lucky ones, we say. But hey, u can still have an iOS experience on your PC. Also, Apple doesn’t permit an open app market, access to app market is restricted to iOS devices.  The closest you will get to running iOS on windows is a simulation software that mimics the iPad or iPhone experience on a PC. Yes we are going to say something about ios emulator for windows. This ios emulator software can run iOS applications on your PC. Isn’t it interesting ? Here we discuss only one ios emulator for windows.

How To Run iPhone Apps On Pc

The best iPad simulation software that one can find is iPadian. It allows you to run iPad apps in an iPad-like interface on your windows desktop. It is described as the first and unique software of its kind. iPadian is a freeware and can be run on any PC working on Windows XP or later. Installation procedure of iPadian is quite easy and does not require any guidance.The

apps played on iPadian looks and feels almost similar to that it works in iPad or iPhone. As said earlier, since access to app store is restricted the apps are restricted to iPadian’s  own custom app store. So, I have to make myself clear that the apps that are played on iPadian are not the original, we have to call it as a close approximation of those which are available in the app store. The iPadians app store obviously can’t offer anything like the same range of options, but there is still a decent selection and many of them are FREE. The application is ad supported so you will occasionally see JavaScript pop-up ads.

Features Of iPhone Apps

  • Custom app store
  • Games
  • Free music and videos
  • Full Screen preview
  • Standalone Adobe Air application
  • Social chat etc
  • Requires low memory.
  • Runs iOs apps flawlessly, i.e without any noticeable lags.

System Requirements Of iPhone Apps

  • Windows XP or later
  • At Least 512 MB RAM. We recommend 1 GB RAM for a better experience.
  • Adobe Air installed on PC.


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