Marketing an Accounting Practice to the New Consumer

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As a CPA or accountant, you know how important it is to reach out to consumers over the Internet. Old marketing techniques were cumbersome, time consuming and have ultimately been replaced with technological methods that make it easier for consumers to decide who they want to hire for their accounting needs. Each day new content is appearing on the Internet which can make it harder for a prospect to find your website. You have to utilize techniques that bring traffic to your website and turn them into customers.

The New Village Square
If you haven’t signed up with major social media websites start by doing so. These sites allow you to reach thousands of consumers. Use your business name when creating your accounts because this way, people can form an affiliation between your website and your Facebook or Twitter account page.

Post about accounting problems that people go through and how you are able to help them. Ask your clients to post on your page with their success stories.

Show Your Stuff
Avoid the stereotypes associated with accountants.

Stay away from throwing out numbers or having a boring black and gray social media page. Use colors, pictures, and fonts effectively while at the same time answering any questions or comments that your followers may have.

Stay Ahead of the Game
Remember that there’s a disadvantage to being an early adopter. Your rivals are working hard to duplicate your success and steal your clientele. Never get too comfortable and keep your customers on their toes by always providing up to date content.

Keep them glued to you by adding interactive financial calculators, free reports, and free interactive tax forms.

Having a current newsletters is another great way to keep your brand in front of prospects.

Don’t bore your visitors with too much detail. You want to fully explain how to go about handling accounting problems but you need to concentrate on results, not procedures.

Offer Something Unique
You can utilize white pages is you want to offer more detail. Write these white pages and save them as PDFs. Include a description of what they are about on the download page. This way you don’t place a lot of data on the website which can be a turn off, but you have something special to offer people who want more information.

Keep a blog. These are basically conversations that can teach you a lot about what your clients want by getting feedback quickly. You can also provoke visitors into discussing pressing issues providing dynamic content to your site and giving you a bump in the search engines.