Important Lessons You Need to Teach Your Kids

Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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We don’t need to tell you how important it is to you teach your children important life lessons, and there are a lot of things that you need to transfer onto them. In today’s world, people are letting computers and games teach their children, and, somehow, people believe that buying stuff to your kids is good enough and that your job as a parent ends if they are well-fed and happy.

So, what are the lessons we are talking about? Well, some things that your parents, your teacher or a friendly neighbor used to tell you. Usually, those tips are not taught in school, or a college, but are, nevertheless, an integral part of being a human being. A good human being, that is.

Love animals

A very important thing is that your kid learns how to recognize good from bad people, and there is one simple way to do that: you should look at how people behave to those who are helpless. Naturally, we are talking about animals, and all the cruel things that are constantly happening to them. Your kid should learn to respect every living creature, and to understand that they live and breathe the same as we do, and although they might not be as intelligent as we are, they have feelings too. This is a simple lesson, and you will need to surround your kid with animals in order for him or her to realize that. Take them to the zoo, or better yet, adopt a pet from a rescue center. Just imagine what people who treat animals in a bad way can do to people.

Eat healthy

Our whole lives, our dreams and desires guide us, but it is food that gives us raw power. You are what you eat, and you are as healthy as the things that you eat. So, try and show kids that fruits and veggies can be fun, make tasty and healthy salads for them. Explain the concept of vitamins and minerals to them. Junk food is a trap for the young ones, and ourselves too, as we are biologically drawn to fatty and sugary

foods. Try to explain to them that even good things in life must be limited, and that they may treat themselves with french-fries or an occasional hamburger, but shouldn’t go overboard. This way, they will learn what is good and what is not, and this will prevent them from getting obese, or worse, developing type 2 diabetes. Be strict about it, but explain your decisions as well as you can.

Study, but also play

Make sure they become aware of the importance of education. No kid likes to sit around in a classroom all day listening to things they have no real interest in. Make sure you choose a good school that has a nice approach with children. The best thing would be to do a thorough research online. Your kid must understand that learning is a lifelong process, and that it can be boring, but is very important if they want to be good and nice people. All that studying must be accompanied with a lot of play. Kids need to enjoy their free time and entertain themselves. It is much better if they do it themselves, without the aid of computer games, but those are not always so bad.

Don’t be afraid of the doctor

Nobody likes pain, and nobody likes people who sometimes cause pain. We’re not talking about bad friends, but about doctors, sometimes even dentists, who are only trying to help us. It is important to take your children to visit a doctor or a dental office when they are healthy, so they get to know them before anything bad happens. Choose a doctor who is nice to children, a real professional who can help you explain what is good and what is bad for your child. Children are inquisitive, and you should try and teach them in a way that they can comprehend.

Don’t forget that whenever you try to teach your children, you should also try and learn from them.


  1. Hi Ivan,

    All points you mentioned above are important. Generally children don’t like to eat healthy food instead they prefer junk food which tastes delicious but harm your overall health. So in my opinion one should teach children to eat healthy food as it benefits their health.
    Pankaj recently posted…All in One Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  2. I like the animal tip. I think it helps to teach a kid compassion, which is what this world really needs. Compassion. It will make their relationships better, with others and with themselves. It will make them more sympathetic to the planet’s needs. It will make them more understanding and patient with people who do not have compassion.
    Bellaisa recently posted…How To Dress Yourself To Look Good And Attract WomenMy Profile

  3. The points mentioned in the article are true and absolutely helpful in improving nature & behavior of children. Yes in today’s modern life children prefer & also like junk food which is not so good for their health. we should advice children to enjoy raw & healthy food which is good for their health and growth. The best point i got is the way children behave with animals. I think this is best way to nurture behavior of children

  4. Kids Nowadays should be taught some discipline as they are getting out of hand. DO you even know how rude some kids are nowadays?

  5. Thanks for writing about this informative post… naturally kids like junky foods most of the time… which harms them many a times…
    Best regard,
    Paul recently posted…WordPress login using 100% secure TipsMy Profile

  6. As for the “fear of doctors” part – there is a huge contribution that medical staff could make themselves in this regard. A lot of them don’t understand the child’s psyche (yes, even pediatricians) and because “they” are the authority, it is difficult, once things went wrong the first time, for parents, who in the child’s eyes are less of an authority, to correct these misalignments!
    Dermot Gilley recently posted…What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Internet Marketing 101My Profile

  7. hmmm that was a great post, thanks man (y)
    Jakaria Hassan recently posted…5 Killer Tips To Be A Successful BloggerMy Profile

  8. Hello Ivan,

    You’ve got quite an interesting list here and I personally see all of them working except the very last one: teaching a child not to be afraid of the doctor. In my own opinion (and experience), this is something that a child masters through learning him/herself that doctors ease pain – and do not cause it. Outright teaching may thus be quite impossible.

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO WRITE HEADLINES THAT READERS CLICK IN 6 SIMPLE WAYSMy Profile

  9. Great tips. All parents should read this.
    Lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  10. Hello Ivan,

    You’ve got quite an interesting list here and I personally see all of them working except the very last one: teaching a child not to be afraid of the doctor.
    so true!
    lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  11. Another lessons that are very important to teach kids are
    1. kid should know how to identify who to relate with. That is, kid should be taught those traits or character that if any of his or her friend has it, he or she should not get closer to the person.

    2. kids should be taught how to truly worship God. These are very important so that kid will be able to keep up good friends and be spiritually okay.
    Alabi recently posted…How A Lawyer Used Benefits of Cla To Lose Fat FastMy Profile

  12. Hi Ivan, obviously our kids can be even more brilliant if we let them to be. Now is the time to get as much information into them as we can. If we make learning fun there is no reason that kids should not be capable to achieve these skills with others. anyway thanks for a nice share.
    somon recently posted…Blitz Brigade for pc windows 8 7 XP Mac computerMy Profile

  13. Being mother of two kids i found this great article
    agathasewing recently posted…Singer 7258 Reviews – Stylist Award-winning 100 Stitch Computerized Sewing MachineMy Profile

  14. Good article – the main point is that parents have the responsibility to show their kids the ‘right’ ways. However, to be successful at that, the parents must have their kids’ respect or else when conflicting info comes from friends or peers, they may make wrong decisions and suffer the consequences.
    Ismail N recently posted…An Adventure at the Sabah State MuseumMy Profile

  15. Hello,

    i think a very importoint point to teach the children is the safety in the internet. You have to tell the function of the world wide web and have to explain the safety risk.

    I think, it is very important, that young children know about the risk, in chats, social media pages and so on.

    Stefan recently posted…Kindle Fire HD Vorgängermodell und aktuelles Model im VergleichMy Profile

  16. Hey Ivan,
    Nice post and Yes, these are some basic points which every parent should teach their children. Every point you mentioned are important. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

  17. Teaching your kids to eat healthy and to balance work and play is so important to their future health. It is so easy to become overwhelmed as a parent and always get fast food, but it is a slippery slope. Don’t let your child become obese.

    I also agree that it is important to teach your kids to treat animals well. We don’t need anymore bullies and that starts at home with parenting and the way parents interact with each other!
    Sebastian Aiden Daniels recently posted…Review of The Mental Illness Happy HourMy Profile

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