Important Cosmetic Devices Every Woman Should Own

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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It’s not easy being a woman. Every day you need to take the time work on your body, make sure that everything looks good, pick out the right clothes and touch up your makeup several times during the day – even changing styles completely when you decide to go out with some of the colleagues from work later in the evening.

When you’re pressed for time, it tends to get fairly chaotic and if you’re always in a rush it’s easy to make mistakes, forget things or get stressed out. This is why I believe every woman should have a few high-quality, useful cosmetic devices in her arsenal – tools that can help you save a lot of time and achieve the perfect look. Here are a few devices you definitely shouldn’t be without.

Flat iron

hair makeover

A flat iron is an indispensable item for any woman who enjoys a change of style every now and then – so, basically every woman out there. While there are a ton of incredibly cheap models out there, and you can even use a regular iron in a pinch, it is best to spend that little extra money and get a quality model that will work great and last longer. Get a flat iron with ceramic plates for the best result.

Curling iron


If you were gifted with naturally straight hair and want to do something a bit more exiting with your hair – proms, weddings and various other formal occasions will require you to step things up a notch, but you may also just want to have some fun and make a change – a good curling iron is a quick and easy way to significantly change your look. There are a variety of options, depending on what hairstyle you are going for, so it is good to have a couple of different diameter curling irons.

A great brush

brushing hair

Natural bristles and wood are a great combination for a brush, since they don’t cause static electricity like plastic ones. There are plenty of cost-effective brushes made from natural materials, which can give you nice smooth hair and last for years. These brushes wont strip away your hair’s natural oils and can be carried with you in

just about any purse, so you’ll never have to worry about your hair being messy.

Professional hair dryer

Drying your hair can be a long and arduous process or it can be quick and easy – it’s all a matter of choosing the right hair dryer. A high-quality or professional hair dryer will be sturdy, powerful and have various accessories that make it easy to do some quick hair-styling of your own. You can dry out your hair fast and have the fan at maximum speed, or you can do it at a slower pace if you are worried about messing up your hair, and a good fan should do its job on any setting you choose. These fans tend to be on the larger side, so if you need something you can bring with you on a trip you and you have limited space, you may want to find a smaller version just for convenience.

Face massager


When it comes to looking fresh and beautiful, one of the biggest problems we face in modern society is lack of sleep. We are stressed out, hardly get any rest and you can see it on our faces. With the modern ultrasonic facial massagers you can stimulate deep tissue, improve circulation and prevent excessive wrinkling and baggy eyes. They are not that expensive and can be used on the face, as well as on other body parts like arms, legs and waist.



Epilators are a very helpful tool and a great alternative to razors. It is the equivalent of having a lot of little tweezers pulling out the hairs, and you can get things done with a few smooth motions without worrying that your skin might get irritated as it would after shaving. Find a good and reliable model and have it at your side at all times, who knows when you’ll need it the most.

Eyelash curler

eyelash curler

The simplest and quickest way of getting your eyelashes to look longer and give them some volume is the trusty old eyelash curler. You can get a very good eyelash curler relatively cheap, it’s small and unobtrusive and incredibly easy to use.

These are some crucial cosmetic items that will help make your life a whole lot easier and enable you to spend less time getting ready, so you can spend more time having fun and enjoying life.