How to Treat Stretch Marks on Teens

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Stretch marks which is also known as striae are not just for the mature, it can also affect teenagers too. It occurs when the skin is stretched beyond its capacity. And because teenagers are growing, not just growing, but at a fast rate, there is the tendency for stretch marks to occur. That is why most teenagers often find stretch marks on areas of their body where these rapid growths occur such as the hips, breast, thighs, buttocks or abdomen. Sometimes they do get it on their shoulders and back. Stretch marks on shoulders and back however, is common with teenage boys.
Teen stretch marks can be very embarrassing and can create feelings that can affect their confidence. And since teenagers cannot prevent or predict growth spurts, it is important that they learn how to treat it or get rid of it and do so promptly when they occur.
In this article, you shall learn the causes, prevention as well as treatment for teen stretch marks.

What causes stretch marks
Like I stated in the introductory part of this article, stretch marks in teenagers can develop as a result of rapid growth spurts that occur at that stage of their lives.
During puberty there is an increase in the production of hormones and this is linked to Teen stretch marks.
Teenagers who are involved in body building and you know this causes muscle growth, which causes the skin to stretch, causing stretch marks.
Rapid weight gain is also responsible for stretch marks in teenagers.

How to prevent stretch marks
Many teens think of preventing stretch marks after the damage have been done. Preventing teen stretch marks is possible, even though there are some extent to which can be controlled. For instance, teenagers cannot stop body growth at that period in their lives. But there are certain things that can be done to prevent it.

  • Involve in regular stretching exercises to keep the body in shape and to prevent further stretch marks from developing on the skin. Exercise can prevent teenagers from rapid weight gain which causes stretch marks.
  • Drink enough water daily to keep the skin hydrated.
  • Eat balanced diet especially diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and try as much as you can to avoid food that causes rapid weight gain.
  • Massage the skin with good massaging oil especially those rich in vitamin E.
  • Apply good moisturizer on the skin to provide elasticity for the skin to have the power to prevent stretch marks.
  • You can use stretch mark cream good for teenagers that will help to repair the collagen and elastin set-up where teenage stretch marks likely occur.

Stretch Mark Removal for Teens
Over the counter cream designed to get rid of stretch marks should be applied on the skin. You can also use product that is designed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin production in the body to give it a tighter appearance. The dermis which is the middle layer of the skin is the layer of the skin that stretch marks occur. This layer is mostly composed of collagen. Collagen and elastin gives the skin that strength and elasticity it needs. When there is a low level of collagen, the skin becomes thinner and more prone to stretch marks.
Apart from the fact that healthy and balanced diet help to prevent stretch marks, it can also help to heal stretch marks. By consuming diet rich in vitamins, you may reduce the appearance of stretch marks in no distant time.

The above tips will help you get rid of teen stretch marks. There are other ways to get rid of stretch marks. You can contact a dermatologist to help you with the right alternative if you really want to get rid of your stretch marks. Generally it is often advised to seek stretch marks expert before treating teen stretch marks. However, It is not compulsory to treat stretch marks, if you already have it you can learn how to live with with.