Got a Domain to Sell? 4 Places to Sell Your Domain

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Buying and selling domain is a very lucrative business. And if you are interested to make money online by selling domain names or simply have a few extra domains that you bought a while ago but never got the chance to use them, you would surely be keen to know the best trading places for domain names where people like to sell or buy the same.

Selling domain names is an interesting business. Its lots of fun, but it also requires lots of research, hard work and of course a tiny bit of luck some times. It demands you to carry your own research to find and register a couple of domain names that your study indicated to be or become (in the near future) important and thus expensive. Having finished that part of your job, the next job is to find an appropriate market place that gets you prospective buyers. Here’s a list of a couple of popular places that you can make money by selling your precious domain names:

GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy is among the largest and most sought after domain registrars. They have a division for selling domain names. Since they are one of the most patronized registrars, it’s worthwhile selling your domains through them.

This is certainly the largest and the most popular place for selling domain names. They claim to have

more than ten million listings. Every month they sell thousands of domain names.  They surely charge a commission if you sell through them. The commission charged is ten percent, which is quite reasonable, compared to others who charge a very heavy fee on selling your domain.

Online forums

Then, there are a number of online forums with separate sub-forums devoted to selling and buying of domain names. They work like a trading house. A very helpful feature of these forums is that most of them don’t charge for listing your domain for selling, though some do charge a very nominal fee. Here are a few forums that many people use for selling and buying domains: DNFroum, DigitalPointsForum and WarriorForum.


Of course you knew this was coming! Of the many items that you can sell via eBay, domain names are one. They are well known the world over and you can hope to get a good price if you decide to sell domain names from their platform.

Of course, there are other places too for selling domain names, but the ones mentioned above are most often patronized by veterans who have been making good money by selling their domain names online.

A quick note:

By no means am I advocating that buying and selling domain names is easy and that you should do it. It takes lots of research and know how to learn what to buy, when to buy and finally when to sell it. So, be careful if you are a beginner! 

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