End Arthritis Pain and Get Back to Enjoying Life

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Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard is an expert on alternative treatments for pain management, aging skin, rosacea, acne, and much more. Her goal is to help others achieve a sense confidence and freedom with solutions in achieving healthier and more beautiful skin and improved overall health. She specializes in light therapy and offers products and advice on which LED light therapy systems are the best choices.
Victoria Girard
Victoria Girard

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Victoria Girard
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Help for arthrits pain

Arthritis pain affects more than 350 million people worldwide and causes pain, aching, stiffness, and swelling. Daily tasks that once seemed easy are now difficult, painful, and frustrating. If you are one of the millions of people that suffer with this debilitating condition you may find this unique arthritis remedy to be a real life changer.

LED light therapy uses the power of light to promote intense pain relief, healing, regeneration, and renewal. It has been researched for over 40 years revealing astounding results. The thought of light making such a shocking difference may seem unlikely, but light in very specific wavelengths is able to saturate your tissue, cells, joints, tendons, and even bones where they prompt over 24 different positive reactions. You really have to try it in order to discover how powerful it really is.

Red LEDs ranging from 625-660 nanometers increase collagen synthesis, jump start cellular repair, and increase circulation. Infrared LEDs ranging from 830-880 nanometers promote healing and replenish your cells. The combination of these two potent LEDs is virtually immeasurable and sets the following processes in motion.

1. Increases vascularity. This speeds up the healing process by carrying more oxygen and nutrients to your area of concern.

2. Blocks pain transmitting compounds.

3. Stimulates endorphins which enables long term pain relief.

4. Increases lymphatic system activity. This process drastically reduces swelling and inflammation.

5. Increases RNA and DNA synthesis which aids in the process of replacing damaged cells more rapidly.

As the LED lights penetrate deep into your body your arthritis pain will begin to subside, stiffness will decrease, while swelling and inflammation are minimized. This technology allows you to treat your pain in the comfort of your own home without drugs. Many even find that they either can decrease the amount of drugs they are taking or in some cases cease all pain medication completely.

Using this advanced technology is actually very easy. You simply rest the LED therapy unit on the areas where you are experiencing pain and swelling and then relax while the lights get to work relieving your pain. It’s easy to use, convenient, feels great, but most importantly helps you feel free from pain.