All Change – back to genesis theme and the better for it

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change-aheadI had some messages about comments not going through and a few people mentioned that the theme was nice but busy.

nobody likes to hear criticism but I had to agree.


So I spent a whole afternoon putting in a StudioPress theme .


an afternoon.

that’s all it took! I was so happy to see the new theme and it’s quite pretty on the ipad too :-)

the last theme change took bloomin ages to get right and even then it didn’t look right… if you know what I mean?

So, I’m happy with the News theme from Studiopress. It worked right out of the box.

I made some minor additions using a custom plugin for things like tweet boxes and other things which I might reveal in another post.

you can add most of the functions to functions.php in your theme so it might be useful to one or two people.

SEO Pressor

Another addition is the SEO Pressor plugin which makes a return to and is available for guest bloggers to use to make their posts even more findable.

.. findable is a word..

eg. Comluv guest posts are really findable


seopressor boxif you haven’t used it yet then you’re gonna love it.

most SEO plugins take over completely. They do what they think is best.

seo pressor is different in that it guides you rather than tells you what to do.

I love it!

I am tempted to hire a freelancer to come in to and optimize all the previous posts.

..or maybe hire a user for the job? something you’re interested in doing?.. get in contact!

it only takes 10 minutes per post to add the keywords and follow the instructions to get a good score.

I’ve got a LOT of posts though! that’s why I might need to outsource it.

oh, btw.. it does rich snippets too.

and LSI content ideas

and videos.

bloody love this plugin!

you can get SEO Pressor by clicking this conveniently affiliated link :-)


Author pictures in google search results for guest bloggers

width="300" height="261" />

There’s been some discussion over on google+ about authorship.

as you can see, there are a number of people that successfully set their google profile up so that their guest posts show their author pictures.

it’s dead easy!

just link to comluv from your google plus profile page

and then make sure your google plus profile url is in your ‘your profile’ section of the dashboard on this site

you can see the discussion about google+ authorship here

Oh, and some instructions here on this site too -> Google + Authorship for Comluv Guest Bloggers

FeedBlitz Feedsmart

To keep my coding hat on, I have been doing some code for Phil at Feedblitz which is an awesome feedburner replacement.

(it does on-demand newsletters too)

feedblitz category feedsQuite a number of people wanted specific category feeds

if you’ve ever tried the feedsmith plugin for feedburner then you’ll know that every request to any feed goes direct to your main feedburner feed.

that can be a bit poo if you’ve got a podcast category

(speaking of podcasts, feedblitz is going to have new service especially for you podders soon)

or a multi author blog

so now the FeedSmart plugin has the ability to have separate feeds for any categories you like

and also, exclude certain categories from being redirected.

oh, and multi author blogs can allow their authors to have their own feedblitz feed :-)

I’ve finished the logic and will be giving it a run through the testing mangle next week.

you might want to go and check out FeedBlitz , it’s better than feedburner. without doubt.

You for hire?

As I mentioned above, I’m in the market to hire some freelancers

mainly to do with wordpressy things

if you’re a freelancer or keyboarder for hire then get in contact by leaving a comment or submitting a support ticket.

actually, submitting a support ticket would be best.

that way I can tag you and find everyone who is tagged with ‘freelancer’ when I have some work.

when the new payment system comes in for commentluv I’ll have a lot of work to outsource

mainly to do with content creation for instructions for the plugin


  1. Great article Andy, glad to know that you use news theme form studiopress. i am also using Genesis with “copyblogger” and it seem quite impressive to me, there is a very good scope of customizing with genesis child theme.
    i more thing.., your blog looks great.., good customization and descent look.., i think i should move on to “news theme from studiopress”
    Rohit recently posted…Largest Palindrome from the Product of two 3-digit numbers(Solved)My Profile

  2. This looks better and simpler now Andy. I think I prefer this to the former theme

  3. Andy I like your previous theme better, but ot said this comment was SPAM. BTW CommentLuv doesn’t seem to work either.

  4. Hi Andy
    I like the simple themes better as they convert well for me. The home page looks great now! You just need your logo..
    mitz recently posted…How To Create A Mobile WebsiteMy Profile

  5. Haha – I just posted on your other post about a new theme ( the one with the theme from Themeforest) that the site looked great and that I was glad it was on something other than Studiopress because that is what everyone uses. Then I find out that I was wrong and THIS is the explanation of the new appearance. How funny.

    Apparently, everyone who raves about StudioPress must know what they are talking about because it here is another site on studiopress that looks great. Man, I really need to start setting some money aside for a major theme upgrade I guess!

    BTW – ComLuv looks great! I like what you did with the appearance!

  6. This theme looks brilliant Andy…Hell lot better than the previous one….Good move….
    Saqib Razzaq recently posted…101+ Ways To Dramatically Increase Blog Traffic Part IMy Profile

  7. Like the new theme Andy,

    So now the battle between thesis and genesis rages on.
    Darnell Jackson recently posted…How to use Content Marketing to choose a Primary Keyword for your website.My Profile

  8. I might have to install SEOPressor, I’ve been using Squirrely but I’m not too happy with it so far…
    Dave recently posted…Halo 4: Did 343 Live up to Expectations?My Profile

  9. Alan Petersen says:

    Hey Andy, I agree with the other comments, the new theme is much better. Clean and simple. Nice. Thanks for the info on google authorship.

  10. Liked the homepage a lot … Very easy to navigate !
    Salman recently posted…Why use VPN on iPhone?My Profile

  11. I like the Genesis theme and thought about using it on one of my sites. I still have Thesis 1.85 though, which works pretty well, so haven’t decided if I’ll step up or not. SEO Pressor looks really promising… I just visited their site and like the way it basically walks you through SEO and alerts you to things like “over-optimizing.” And I wish that sites like Squidoo would allow for Google Authorship on our articles, but I’ll be setting it up for my other posts anyway now that I found and read your page… it seems pretty easy to set up. Thanks for the info and kudos on the new look… I like it, too!

  12. Hahaha, my face is there. :)

    By the way, Andy, I personally think this is a better theme compare to the previous one. Still, I like the one before the previous one better. It was more straight forward.
    Michael recently posted…5 Steps To Make Money With Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

    • hey yes, or your babys face is there anyway. :-)

      I had to change the original because of the increase in mobile traffic the site was getting and it wasn’t great on mobile devices.

      I quite like this one now though. You’ll get used to it!
      Andy Bailey recently posted…CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

  13. Lahaul Seth says:

    Hi Andy,
    Love the new theme on comluv.
    BTW, there is a easier way for you to update all the posts for SeoPressor. You could just ask all the guest authors who has ever written a post on comluv to update their own posts. That way it will be done more efficiently, since the original authors will be updating their posts. Better than outsourcing to an outsider, I think. :)

  14. Choosing a theme for our blog is not an easy task. I think Genesis is good choice for customization and optimization both. It takes less effort as compared to other themes.
    Prakash recently posted…Top 5 Free and Best Virtual Assistant for Android | Siri AlternativesMy Profile

  15. Changes are going to work well for you now.

    The new look and the theme from Genesis will be a good fit :P
    Samuel recently posted…3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  16. Who uses genesis says this is the best ,Who uses studio press says this is the best ,Who uses theme junkie says this is the best i don`t know which is the best cuz i am on blogger :) .
    Tayyab recently posted…THE POWER OF 301 REDIRECT AND HOW TO USE IT IN BLOGGING ?My Profile

  17. your blog is looking better now

  18. this new theme look so much neater and better compare to the previous theme. The previous them is really messy.
    WInson Yeung recently posted…How To Get A Google Adwords Promotional CodeMy Profile

  19. This new theme is much easier to navigate. I had a heck of a time scrolling down the page with the previous one. Pages seem to load fast and it is much more user friendly. Nice work.
    Ray recently posted…Captchas Are So Annoying And WorthlessMy Profile

  20. Its much better now, clean, fast, and yes beautiful too !
    Just an suggestion, what do you think about increasing the width of the theme..?
    chatung recently posted…One Day I Would be Yours HeroMy Profile

  21. Good choice. I use News theme by SP on several sites and love the theme. It’s minimal but displays a ton of information in a nice display. More importantly is how easy the Genesis framework is to use. There’s a reason tons of A-list bloggers are switching to Genesis.
    Jon recently posted…My OMG Machines Review Reveals $9,339.69 In Profit in 3 Months [Screenshots and Video Provided]My Profile

  22. New theme is very very very very simple :) Choice is good but i think previous one was better :)
    Syed Danial recently posted…15 Easy Web Design Layout Photoshop Tutorials for BeginnersMy Profile

  23. theme look good. I have seen this theme on other blogs too but i didn’t recognized it from home page :) slideshow widget making it attractive
    Guppu Boss recently posted…Download 17 Best Free Logo Design PSD Template FilesMy Profile

  24. I’m planning on starting a new blog. I used elegant themes before but wasn’t totally satisfied with it. Does studio press have any bug/code problems for anyone?
    Leslie Edwards recently posted…The Basics On How To Make Electronic Music: Drum LoopsMy Profile

  25. deepak mehra says:

    Hi Andy,

    It is really nice theme. it is best for previous one!!

    Thanks for share with me!!

  26. I wish I was lucky enough to sort out my Theme issues in one afternoon. I have been using feedsmith plugin but then the redirect which was going to feedburner was not what I liked. I wanted to have direct links in my RSS feed so that I can do some marketing with its help.
    Keral Patel recently posted…The Best Server Options For ColocationMy Profile

  27. Glad you’re using Genesis again, I am building genesis for clients too and they love it!

  28. Dawn Marrs says:

    Hey Andy! Your site looks great… nice and clean, and super simple to navigate.

    I just switched to Genesis Metro Theme (from Thesis 1.8) and was amazed by how easy it was to transition… I was worried about plugins breaking etc. but everything just worked! I build a lot of niche sites, and since switching to Genesis, I’ve noticed the sites seem to index faster… what’s your professional opinion on that? Do you think the theme can make that much of a difference? I’d be interested to hear what you think :)

    Thanks for all the great content and high five on the new theme!

  29. Here mostly to check out the commenting issue you mentioned today, April 14. I am a big fan of Studiopress and Genesis – I’ve used it for a few sites and very happy with it. Just haven’t changed my own site over yet, though.

  30. I used Genesis theme in one of my clients blog. It looks good.

  31. i ause seo by yoast but this plugin looks promising. i will try it for my new blog.

  32. Being a battered veteran of trying lots of themes, I can say with some confidence that:

    Thesis 1 is good, Thesis 2 is painful

    Studiopress / Genesis is lovely. I’m using the Balance theme on a site I am just setting up now. I just didn’t have the energy to fiddle about with Thesis 2, (although I am using Thesis 1 on another site and it is OK).

    I do want to give a plug for the Watson theme from TheThemeFoundry. It is unsurpassed for styling sections of a post or page.
    David Bennett recently posted…A Plain Guide To Google+My Profile

  33. you did the right thing. i am using genesis with latitude and i must say genesis is great
    prabhat recently posted…Best Tablets Under $400 or $450 in 2013 (Android): iEatTrafficMy Profile

  34. yeah great i also used it and it is quite good, i m also using Yoast SEO plugin and must say it surely very helpful. thanks.
    santosh recently posted…Spice smartphone with dual-core processorMy Profile

  35. We are currently using Headway Themes and have recently purchased Genesis to try it out. Great to see so many major blogs (like yours) using Genesis, I’ve heard great things about it. Thanks for the tip about Feed Blitz…..bummer that I’m going to lose my Google Reader soon! Cheers
    Shannon Ryan recently posted…Can I Install Radiant Heating In My Basement?My Profile

  36. SEO Pressor is superb. I’ll have that too on my blog now. You’ve done a useful review of that. Next thing is that it took only an afternoon to you for setting up theme. Very impressive. For me, it takes about 1-2 days. :(
    Anirudh recently posted…Get MORE “Email subscribers” for your Blog!My Profile

  37. Eddie Gear says:

    Good Move Andy, Genesis is the most optimized and the most effective WordPress theme and design framework out there. I cant think of any other theme that would be much simpler to edit and make tweaks to without spoiling the design. I am sure you will find a huge difference in usability and improve overall user experience on the site.

  38. Hi Andy,

    I also use News Theme from Genesis and Comment Luv Premium. Can you please let me know how did you added up some space in between website and twitter field in 3.0 style? I can get the field to display but it sticks to the website field and it looks ugly. You can have a look in the comment form of any post on my site for an idea about my problem. Thanks in advance.
    Naser recently posted…Welcome To Tech AudibleMy Profile

    • hey Naser, I added the field manually by putting some code in my functions.php file because the news theme wasn’t great with the basic way. if you submit a support ticket I can send you the code
      andy recently posted…CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

  39. I totally agree with you when it come to Genesis. It’s a great framework. We just made the switch on our blog, and have had some great feedback. We adapted the Metro theme.

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